Saxophone Sound Production

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Subject: Saxophone
Last updated: 11/05/2017
Tags: embouchure, saxophone, sound

This is an area of the saxophone I have lots of interest in and am always trying to enrich myself with more information about it. I find this method the most interesting: 

The main principles for a good saxophone embouchure and for a good sound are:

  • frowning lips
  • dropping the lower jaw 
  • good air support from low in the breathing
  • low pressure 
  • low pressure especially from the upper jaw (as like playing double lip but still with your teeth seated on the mouthpiece)
  • an open throat 
  • low larynx (as if singing a really low note)
  • firm mouth corners being supportive and making a seal round the mouthpiece 

Lewis Borland Saxophone Teacher (South East London)

About The Author

Im a highly experienced performer and player but also an experienced and passionate educator wanting to pass on my knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way!

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