Thoughts - Instrument learning and Computer Games

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Subject: Saxophone
Last updated: 13/12/2017
Tags: computer, enjoyment, flute, fun, games

Every time I see someone, young or old, playing a console game it reminds me what it felt like as a child to play on my favourite games. I could spend hours by myself playing one level, slowing getting better at it until I completed it, and it would feel like minutes and like i'd achieved something.

As a teacher and musician, I believe learning an instrument should feel like this. Just like a computer game, there are levels with varying degrees of difficulty and helpful hints along the way to help you improve in different areas. At first you're giving a lot of help and guidance to learn controls and what its all about. When learning an instrument, it's the same method. Slowly the levels, pieces you play get harder. You start with learning the right buttons to pressed and when to press them. All the way through your instrumental learning, your skills and dedication become greater and it becomes easier and more enjoyable.

The aspect that I think often gets missed out of instrumental learning and not games is the Fun, excitement and therefore a want to complete a level. If learning an instrument is fun and exciting from the beginning, a pupil is more liking to stick at it and have a much faster rate of improvement. If you play a game that, at the start is too complicated, too hard or has too many rules, it instantly becomes an unwanted challenge with low levels of enjoyment.

This is why I think enjoyment should be a huge aspect of learning an instrument right from the beginning so that when you practice the hours will feel like minutes and you can complete all the levels, achieve great results and most of all Enjoy it!

Sam Miles Woodwind Teacher Classical Saxophone Teacher (Cambridge)

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When teaching, I like to create a friendly yet productive atmosphere where the pupils can learn at their own rate but also be challenged in a suitable way. I encourage musicality and creativity in lessons, whatever genre, to build a love for playing.

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