Which Saxophone and Mouthpiece?

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Subject: Saxophone
Last updated: 15/12/2017
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Starting on the saxophone can be quite daunting for a number of reasons. There are so many different products to choose from, a whole host of essential accessories that need to be bought and everything seems very expensive. My advice would be to track down your nearest music shop and get hold of a Yamaha or Trevor James model on a rent-to-buy scheme. In my opinion these two makes provide the best value and quality and using the rent-to-buy scheme you are not having to part with hundreds of pounds before you even know if the saxophone is the instrument for you. 

Try to avoid using the mouthpiece that comes with the instrument. Most of the time these mouthpieces are very badly made and make things so much more difficult when starting out. Try and go for an Otto Link (Ebonite) with a small lay (say a 5 at the most) and 1.5 strength reeds. This set up will get you going and really make a difference in the quality of the tone you are producing. 

Duncan E Eagles Saxophone Teacher (Kingston upon Thames)

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I am a professional saxophonist that specializes in Jazz and Improvisation. Experienced in teaching at all abilities and ages.

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