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Last updated: 12/09/2017
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Going on holiday is so much more fun if you do at least have some basic knowledge of the language. I taught a married couple Spanish because they wanted to be able to communicate more with hotel staff waiters shopkeepers. They started 6 months before they were due to go on holiday and learnt the basic phrases and expressions with the help of Pasos 1, a very down-to- earth Spanish course book which is excellent at introducing everyday language. They had a one hour class once a week and learnt via Skype. They also recorded important class material during the class and listened to it two to three times per week, usually for only ten minuets to keep the language as fresh in their mind as possible.

They found that this way of learning suited them down to the ground as they learnt only what they were going to use on holiday and felt that they were preparing themselves for an enjoyable holiday in the best possible way. They were also supplied with listening exercises which I recorded on iTunes and sent them by email so that they could practice the most important phrases each month. This kept them up to speed with the most useful language and helped them realize that they were doing well and on track to be able to speak the language they most wanted to.

The classes were usually situations such as ordering drinks and tapas in bars, ordering a meal, booking a room in a hotel, asking directions and buying food and clothes in shops. They were completely happy to practice the language in these situations as many times as were necessary until they felt confident enough to use them when they went to Spain. By the time they did go they were prepared in all the basic phrases and told me that they coped very well. Their accent may have had English overtones but that didn't stop them making themselves understood and they remembered that they had had great fun laughing at their own mistakes during the classes. They proved that language learning can be fun and that it can help make a good holiday great. So enrol now, have fun learning and enjoy your holiday more.

Paul Grace Spanish (general) Tutor (Manchester)

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Hi, my name is Paul Grace and I have successfully prepared students from GCSE to professionals working in the corporate world who need to speak French and Spanish. I have had a great success rate which is why clients continue to use my services.

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