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Some advice on how to 'study' a foreign language in between classes:

Speaking: try to practise the foreign language orally repeating what you have learned during your last class. If you have done some conversation, repeat by yourself the whole dialogues.

Reading: read as much as you can, according to your level: comics, online newspapers, short stories, novels.  

Grammar and Vocabulary: consult your grammar book and your dictionary.

Listening: listen to songs, news channels online or on television, and the radio.

Watching: watch as many foreign films, TV programmes and series as possible; use also tools such as Youtube.

Culture: if you are interested not only in learning a foreign language, but also in familiarising yourself with a foreign culture, try to 'immerse' yourself in it, taking advantage of what London offers: go to the theatre, dance spectacles, art exhibitions, concerts, cinema, film festivals, lectures and restaurants.

When you do these activities, take note of what you find culturally and linguistically interesting, strange or different, of what you understand and do not understand, of new words and expressions you learn, and discuss it with your tutor in your next class.

Some useful websites for Spanish and Italian language:

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