How To Beat Procrastination With 3 Easy Steps

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Last updated: 18/02/2018
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Many of us have a tendency to do an activity, anything other than work on that impending coursework deadline or use our crucial time for exam revision. Leaving it to the very last minute is a very common habit and one that us all can relate to.

I am sure while reading this article, there must be something more important that you could be working on. But this will be the most useful 5 minute procrastination of your life as we tackle how to rid this timeless and forever old human habit.

So what is procrastination, according to Dr Joseph Ferrari, procrastination is "the purposive and frequent delay in beginning or completing a task to the point of experiencing subjective discomfort, such as anxiety or regret." While many of us occasionally procrastinate, 20% are chronic procrastinators.

According to research, those of us who procrastinate usually live a life that leads to "broken marriages, lost jobs, deflated dreams, financial disarray and self-esteem issues." This is a real problem and a habit we must all learn to manage.

So what exactly is procrastination? Simply put, it is a habit of lying to yourself. Telling yourself that you have plenty of time to work on an important task, while you carry out other activities that are not at all related. In an age where we all have mobile phones, Facebook and Instagram, it is very easy to get distracted and be carried away.

I have put together 3 easy steps you can take to stop procrastination now!

Step 1: Break up a large task or project into smaller chunks, by setting yourself; short terms goals and regular milestones. Progressively work on achieving those goals and reward yourself as you go along. Set yourself small deadlines and put effort to meet those milestones. This will keep you motivated and on track.

Step 2: Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. If you are going to do revision for 2 hours, plan your revision with regular breaks, e.g. (Study 30min – Break 15min – Study 30min – Break 15min – Study 30min). You must stick to the times and take a rest during the breaks. Sometimes it also helps to have a clock in front of you with a timer that you can look at. It is important to stick to the times and to take a break. If you carry out a task without any breaks, you will lose interest and most likely put it off.

Step 3: TURN OFF all distractions while you are revising, this means turning off your phone, all social media, and turn off the outside world. You need to zone out and focus on your revision. Some people put on headphones and listen to music, but if this can be a distraction, you can also listen to concentration music. Otherwise, find somewhere quiet with ZERO distractions.

Carry out the above 3 steps for every task that you have been putting off and defeat procrastination once and for all.

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