Is 'Luck' A Matter Of Preparation And Opportunity?

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Last updated: 21/05/2018
Tags: exam technique, exam stress, revision skills

Students who do well in exams tend to be the ones who have put in the time and effort to fill in their knowledge gaps. However, even for most capable and contentious students, just knowing your stuff is usually not going to be enough to get all those target grades unless they are exceptionally bright. In the run up to the exams, preparation is a significant factor contributing towards success. Having a revision strategy and at your fingertips an array of exam technique tools will ensure success is attainable.

Surprisingly when preparing for exams, most challenges arise from areas that are easy to understand and rectify. Listed below are examples of a few pitfalls to avoid: 

  • Have a revision strategy and a timetable. You need to make the best use of the time made available for revision.
  • Be physically active during the revision period. It helps change your mood, relieves mental stress, and makes you feel tired before it's time to sleep.
  • Exam papers and exam style questions will help you locate knowledge gaps and enable you to practice exam technique.  Aim to start this process as early as possible.
  • Deal with tiredness, boredom, procrastination by taking an unscheduled 5 minute break to regain focus.
  • When you are not at school work, up to six good quality hours a day.
  • Stay hydrated and nourished to help avoid tiredness. Your brain consumes a lot of energy when concentrating.
  • Avoid late nights. Start your days early a few months prior to the first exam.
  • When doing a paper, read the question twice and once more when you write the answer.
  • Always check the answer. Those mistakes are there. It's just a matter of finding them.

Thereafter, put practice exam techniques into practice and complete papers within the allocated time frame. This is the only way to get used and eventually alleviate the stress of an exam - you learn how to cope with time constraints long before it is time to sit the first paper. 

Sometimes you may hear students telling each other how lucky someone was to get a better than expected result in a subject. Or occasionally students will say very humbly that they were lucky to get a great result in a particular subject. More often than not being 'lucky' was simply a matter of that student being prepared for an opportunity.  The opportunity I am referring to is the exam itself.

If you want to be lucky in exams then prepare yourself for the opportunities that lie ahead. Best of "luck" with your exams.

Karim Allidina 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow)

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Hello, my name is Karim.
I'm an enthusiastic, friendly, well qualified and experienced teacher of Maths, Verbal Reasoning, non Verbal Reasoning, Mental Arithmetic, Revision Strategy and Exam Techniques.

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