Practise The Trombone? How?

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Subject: Trumpet
Last updated: 27/05/2018
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I am often asked "How do I practise?". There are multiple answers to this, I'm going to just cover the basics.

Little and often

It is better to practise 5 minutes every day rather than 35 minutes once a week. Your mind will be in difference places on different days of the week (Monday you might be tired, Wednesday you might be motivated and Friday you might be full of self evaluation).

Plan your practice

Write down what you want to practise before you start, often your teacher may write down what you need to practice. You can tick off each task during the week and can see your progress.

Practise without your instrument

You might be on the train, in the car or walking to school/work and it's not appropriate to take out your instrument and play. As a brass player you can practice finger patterns or slide positions on the go, when you get to your instrument the muscle memory will take over and that tricky passage will feel much easier!

Don't panic practise

You have an exam next week and you don't know your scales!! Don't panic! Break down the list of scales into manageable chunks and practise them slowly. It's much better to play your scales slowly and correctly rather than fast and wrong.

Michael Thomas Trumpet Teacher (South East London)

About The Author

I am busy brass tutor based in London who freelances on Trumpet.
I am passionate about teaching and prepare pupils in gaining the skills to not only pass grades but play in ensembles with their peers.

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