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Last updated: 11/04/2018
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Will voice lessons really help my voice? I know how to speak, surely that is enough.

Yes, they really will. Many people underestimate what their voice can really do. Even if you don't have an obvious issue with your voice, lessons will extend your voices limits, encouraging flexibility in the breath, helping stretch its range, encouraging further resonances and allow you to understand how to use it efficiently and effectively.


Will I come out with a voice that doesn't sound like my own?

No, hopefully you will sound like the best version of YOU. I discourage trying to make any of my students move away from their natural voices as it is unsafe and unnecessary. What we want to encourage is a voice that can work for you in any circumstance. One that is efficient, flexible and confident, but one that still sounds like you.


How long will it take to make my voice sound better?

It completely depends on you as the individual. The more time and effort you are willing to put in at home, practicing in between lessons, will certainly help achieve a quicker result. Just like athletes need to train their muscles to become stronger, so do you when it comes to your voice. After the first few lessons, you will become more aware of what is happening with your voice and awareness is half of the battle. After this, it is just a matter of working together to find an easy and enjoyable solution.


Is it just for performers?

Absolutely not. I work with all voice professionals, including teachers, actors, CEO's etc. I can even work with someone who doesn't use their voice professionally but needs to use it effectively for one occasion (such as a best man speech). 


I don't enjoy hands on work, does that mean voice lessons are pointless?

Absolutely not! All of my voice lessons can be and have been adapted for students who prefer learning without the tactile teaching. You will still get the most out of it as I can teach through mirroring you rather than adjusting you myself. If you are comfortable with it, then there is also the possibility of filming the class to remind yourself at home.


I don't live in London, can you still teach me?

Of course. I teach through Skype at jessica.tobert. Luckily I have been tutoring my students for 3 years already over Skype so I am a bit of a dab hand and know a few tricks of the trade. As long as there is a strong internet connection either side, it should be fine! So wherever you are based, don't feel like you can't get in contact. Where there is a will, there's a way!


Do you do Speech Language Therapy?

No, I am not an SLT. I have anatomical training so I know a good deal about the scientific side of the voice, but I would never diagnose you. If you come to me and I believe that an SLT would be a better fit for your voice, then I will recommend one to you. Once the problem has been sorted out, you can come back to me and we can work together to make your voice even better!

JessicaT Vocal Coaching Tutor (Croydon)

About The Author

I am a highly enthusiastic and diligent tutor, a fully qualified Voice Coach specialising in Public Speaking, Accent Adjustment, Articulation, Vocal Health and Voice for Theatre and Film. Here to help for confidence, clarity & communication skills.

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