Why have singing lessons?

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Last updated: 01/02/2017
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Everyone can sing! Some are more talented than others. Some of them know it, and others don’t. Some think they are awesome but they have much to learn, and some sing quietly because they don’t believe they are that good. In every case, singing lessons will be beneficial!

Singing, as with many other things, is an endless journey. You can never say that you’ve learned everything there is to learn, or that you have improved as much as you can. However, many singers never have singing lessons. They think they are unnecessary either because they think they are good enough, or because they think it won’t make a big difference.
However, I have never met a student who didn’t improve after a few months of weekly singing lessons.
Singers sometimes seem to work less hard compared to instrumentalists. That’s because it requires a minimum amount of effort in order to achieve a basic level of performance. That means, of course, that there are millions of people reaching that level since it’s that easy. If you want to take that extra step that will set you apart you from others, help you earn the appreciation of fellow musicians and make a difference, I cannot recommend singing lessons or vocal coaching enough.
I have met students who could barely sing in tune and students who had a great voice, were highly educated in singing or were already singing professionally. In each case there are always things that can be improved. People will learn to sing in tune if they work enough on it and talented or educated singers can find new, less strenuous ways of singing, discover new sounds they can produce, or expand their range, repertoire and knowledge. 
You might want to be a superstar professional singer or you might like to sing for your friends or your own pleasure. If you love singing you will probably want to improve. If that’s the case, singing tuition with the right teacher is the best gift you can offer yourself!

Dimitris Panagiotou Vocal Coaching Tutor (South West London)

About The Author

Hi, I'm a musician and music tutor with a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance and I teach about 15 students of different ages and levels. I love to share what I know and show them the way to achieve their goals! All levels and ages are welcome!

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