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Trish Almlof - ASD, SEN, Maths and Science Specialist in Wimbledon

Trish Almlof Special Educational Needs (SEN) Tutor (South West London)

Trish Almlof Gold Member

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  • Last Logged In: 07 Jun 2018
  • Sex: Female
  • Can Travel To: Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames, Wandsworth

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  • Professional Qualification 1st BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UCL
  • Professional Qualification MRes Modelling Biological Complexity from UCL
  • Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS, formerly CRB) Check Hold Current DBS
  • Professional Membership Extensive SEN experience
  • References References are available upon request


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Personal Message
Experienced, Innovative, SEN, ASD & Dyscalculia Specialist Tutor

14.5.18 Now taking bookings for half term & the summer hols. V v busy so please be patient.

"Trish is the Mary Poppins of maths. She makes learning fun."
- Stephanie Gruner Buckley
Which subject(s) do you teach?
Multi-Sensory Education Specialist

• Does your child struggle with school work ?
• Are they slipping behind or developing maths anxiety ?
• Do they seem to “get” a concept one day only to “lose it” the next ?

I’m Trish Almlof and I may be able to help.

“Trish is the Mary Poppins of maths. She makes learning fun. My daughter, 7, has gone from dreading maths to genuinely enjoying it, and her teachers say her attitude has improved 100%.”
- Stephanie Gruner Buckley (*)

I’m an engineer and former research scientist who specialises in helping people who struggle to learn. I’ve been focussed on special educational needs since 2007, when I started work at Blossom House SpLD School. There I was extensively trained in many areas of special educational needs, particularly in supporting dyslexics and those on the autistic spectrum. Whilst at Blossom House I supported kids as diverse as non-verbal 3 year olds and 17 year olds working towards their GCSEs. In my fourth and final year, I was in-house supply teacher covering the en-tire curriculum for the whole of the school. I spent 2012/2013 supporting SEN kids in mainstream settings.

Since 2014 I’ve been working privately in the Wimbledon area providing holistic tuition and support to a number of families with a wide range of needs, from mainstream through complex and statemented. I’ve been having loads of fun cycling round leafy suburbs, playing games with kids and opening their eyes to the joy of logical thinking. I have the best job in the world.

Each person I work with is a new research project to me. Each one is a unique individual, with much more to them than just a diagnosis or set of problems. I analyse where the difficulties lie through games and dialogue. Usually there are gaps in understanding some of the fundamentals, so I employ a mix of games and multi-sensory blended learning activities to fill these gaps in. I constantly reassess and adjust my approach as we go, responding to the child moment-by-moment. I'm also on the autistic spectrum myself, so I have a unique level of understanding of my students and how they think.

I’m particularly good with girls and those who think they hate maths. I love nothing more than to take a student who thinks they "can't do maths" and prove them wrong. I find a lot of students find maths "scary" or "ugly". I'm all about building strategies and boosting confidence to conquer these demons. I don't mind explaining some-thing a hundred times in as many different ways if that's what it takes. I just love helping people do things they didn’t think they could.

I'm a bit off the wall, definitely eccentric, but I have a knack for making maths fun and infinitely do-able. I get a huge buzz taking a student from terror in the face of unintelligible squiggles through to "oh, that was easy!!" I al-ways find ways to make my student laugh and I won’t give up till I make them see I'm right, maths is just like puz-zles. I teach the skills to take questions apart, so they aren't so ugly and scary. I also work explicitly on the cogni-tive and metacognitive skills that underpin all academic work and learning. Long story short, I boost confidence and get results.

I cover maths and the sciences from KS1 dyscalculic through GCSE. I also run literacy interventions for dyslexics, covering English through Key Stage 2.

Please note, I really don't take mainstream kids anymore. I'm an interventionist, not someone you go to to raise a C to a B. Thanks for understanding.

I sometimes work out of SLT practices by special arrangement and I offer bespoke training on using apps in multi-sensory interventions to both families and schools. Contact me if you’re interested.

(*) included here by the kind permission of Stephanie Gruner-Buckley
Tell me about your qualifications.
• I’m the mother of three 20-something sons and step-mum to two 30-somethings lads. For my sins, I raised teenagers continuously from April 1995 till January 2016. I’ve also got two beagles and an enormous cat.
• I have A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and AS levels in Discrete Maths and Electronics.
• I achieved a 1st in my BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (specialising in Medical Physics) from UCL in 2004, receiving the Fleming Centenary Prize for best final year project.
• I also have an MRes in Modelling Complex Biological Systems, also from UCL in 2005.
• I am not a qualified teacher but completed 1/2 of a Secondary Physics PGCE in 2006/2007 at the Institute of Education, prior to leaving for family reasons. I completed my first placement at Tiffin Boys’ in Kingston.
• I received extensive specialist training in working with SEN, and ASD in particular, during my time at Blos-som House (2007-2012). I have certificates in a range of relevant areas, such as working with dyslexia and child protection.
• I completed the first year of a Biochemistry degree at King's College London before falling pregnant with my eldest son.
• I’ve undergone Unicorn Maths training in multi-sensory strategies.
• I’m a familiar face on the London Ed Tech scene and am known to be an innovator in the use of education-al apps. I advise a number of companies in this area, working as a beta tester for several. For more details, please email me.
• My Top Ten Maths App list has been circulated widely amongst teachers who don’t have the time to analyse apps themselves.
• I’ve attended numerous SEN and Ed Tech seminars and have been asked to run my own.
• In 2014 I worked with teachers at Orchard Hill Special Needs College in Wallington to help embed practical multi-sensory maths and English into their curriculum. I also worked with the teachers on improving their own maths skills, taking one mature female maths-phobe from tears to skipping in the space of an hour.
• Extensive references available on request.
For more details regarding interventions, please contact me.
What kind of experience do you have?
From age 3 - 54, mainstream through complex and statemented, KS1-GCSE.

If you would like a reference for any specific area, I can generally oblige. Just ask.
How much do you charge?
£50 an hour locally, £60 if I'm having to travel further
Where do you teach?
I teach students in their homes but can meet in a library or cafe or similar by special arrangement.

I'm a cyclist and reserve the right to add a travel surcharge for journeys of half an hour or more.
When are you available?
I'm available over school holidays and have a few spaces available during term time. Please contact me for details.
Which ages and levels do you teach?
I have experience working professionally with kids from age three up to and including A level. I also work with adults who struggle with maths and/or are preparing to sit the QTS Numeracy Skills test.

I am as comfortable with a three year old autistic working on one-to-one correspondence and basic maths skills as I am with an 18 year old struggling with trig. I really enjoy kids - all kids - and I love maths and science. Pretty well any combination works for me.
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
Tell me about some of your current students.
I've been working s a tutor for a long time now, and it surprises me how many tutors take on students with no expectations of the students improving to the point of not needing them anymore.

I'm not a tutor you go to to raise a C to a B. I'm who you come to if maths doesn't make sense.

I've had a student go up three sets in two terms, with no further need of me by the end of the year. I call that a success. Wherever possible I aim to fill in the gaps, teach them to think logically, give them some practice and eventually send them on their way with no real further need of me.

The majority of my students have gone up at least one set in maths this year.

Many of my students have statements and complex needs. In those cases we work on strategies that play to their strengths to try to compensate for their difficulties. I've never met a person I couldn't help on some level, whether it was purely maths, improving focus and concentration, working on processing speed or strategies to support memory ( working, Visio-spatial or general).

I love the complex kids and they seem to love me back. :-)
Do you have a personal message for students?
Maths is fun. No one ever believes me at first, but they usually will grudgingly concede I'm right by the time we're finished.

More importantly, ANYONE can learn maths. If you think I'm wrong, try me. ;-)