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Kathryn Wells GCSE English Tutor (Blackpool)

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  • Last Logged In: 07 Jun 2018
  • Sex: Female
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  • Professional Qualification B. A. Hons English and History ( 2i) University of Leeds
  • Professional Qualification Post Graduate Certificate of Education
  • Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS, formerly CRB) Check I had an up-to-date DBS at my last school, where I taught for over 30 years. I can provide a reference from the Headmaster, confirming my suitability for working with children.
  • References References are available upon request


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Personal Message
I offer a personal tutoring service tailored to meet the specific needs of your child. Whether it be gaining more confidence in the subject, working towards higher exam grades or the desire to be challenged to attain A* grades, I can help you.
Which subject(s) do you teach?
Key Stage 3 English (Years 7-9):
Your child will be guided through a range of non-fiction texts and quality fiction to develop his/her reading skills and to introduce him/her to skills and techniques that can be used in the child’s own writing. He/she will learn how to develop a range of writing styles for a variety of purposes. Whilst fostering creativity, the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary extension will be covered to help improve technical accuracy.

G.C.S.E. English Language and G.C.S.E. English Literature:
An individual learning programme will be devised to enable your child to respond appropriately to both fiction and non-fiction texts, in order to develop key skills assessed in the final examinations. Writing skills will also be developed; writing needs to be controlled, sustained, well developed and technically accurate.

Your child will study prose, poetry and drama, which will include Shakespeare, 19th century and modern texts, for G.C.S.E. English Literature. Aspects of plot, characterisation, events and setting must be explored and students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of how writers use language to achieve specific effects and consider both explicit and implicit meanings. Themes need to be considered and an understanding of the writers’ social, historical and cultural contexts developed.

As your child’s personal tutor and mentor, I will be able to guide him/her through the exacting demands and complexities of the syllabi.

AS and A Level English Language:
Students are expected to combine creative work with critical analysis, developing their expertise in exploring key language concepts and engaging with a range of texts and discourses. As a personal tutor, I will help the student develop the necessary skills to analyse textual variations and representations, when considering language in relation to the individual and society. Language diversity is also studied, including analysis of texts from different sociolects, covering topics such as Language and Occupation and Language and Gender. In addition, the student will develop a clear appreciation of Children’s Language Development and Language Change, other key areas studied at A level.

I also help students to demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of English in their own writing. Coursework at A level consists of two pieces: a language investigation and a piece of original writing and commentary. Clearly, coursework must be the student’s own work, but key skills and concepts can be targeted and the marking criteria highlighted and explained to enable the student to perform to the very best of his/her ability. Exam practice and feedback plays a vital role in helping each student achieve his /her full potential.

AS and A Level English Literature:
By offering one-to-one tuition, I can provide guidance and support to enable students to develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the set texts, thereby developing their confidence in the subject and helping them to engage fully with the texts.
I also develop their ability to undertake detailed textual analysis and carefully consider a variety of related contextual issues. In addition, students are given expert guidance on how to use a range of critical interpretations to help them develop informed personal responses to set texts.

In this way I help students acquire the necessary skills to develop informed, personal and creative responses to a range of challenging and demanding texts, using appropriate literary terminology and accurate written expression.

The non-exam assessment of A level students encourages students to read widely and to apply different theoretical and critical methods to their study of literature. Students will complete two essays, one based on a prose text and the other a prose text. Their responses should refer closely to the AQA Critical Anthology, which supports the exploration of different meanings in literary texts and offers different ways of reading. Clearly, all coursework must be the student’s own work, but by ensuring he/she has a clear appreciation of the demands of the assessment objectives and knows how to effectively structure and develop a formal essay, I can ensure that the student is able to work to his /her full potential.

Higher Education:
Expert advice is offered on how to write an effective Personal Statement which is well structured, technically accurate and clearly reflects the applicant’s strengths, aptitudes and experiences. It is well worth investing time and money into ensuring a student’s application will be seriously considered by admissions tutors in this increasingly competitive market.
Advice can also be given at undergraduate level on how to structure essays and dissertations.
Tell me about your qualifications.
My A-Levels in English Literature, History, Geography and General Studies enabled me to study at the University of Leeds, where I attained an Upper Second B.A. Hons Degree in English and History. I then undertook a Postgraduate Certificate of Education course at St Martin’s College, Lancaster in order to become a teacher.
What kind of experience do you have?
As a classroom teacher for over 30 years, I have a wealth of experience in teaching English to pupils from a wide range of ability levels and learning needs. During this time I have been consistently judged to be “Outstanding” or “Good” by Ofsted and school management teams and received excellent feedback on my performance as a GCSE English Examiner.

In addition, I have been a successful private tutor for many years. I have taught students at Key Stage 3 level as well as G.C.S.E. and A-Level students.
How much do you charge?
My standard rate is £30 per hour. My fee includes preparation of materials, marking of work that I set and regular updates on the student's progress.
Where do you teach?
I usually teach in my own home, where I have access to my extensive range of books and teaching resources. It is a friendly, welcoming learning environment where peace and quiet is guaranteed.
When are you available?
I am happy to teach between the hours of 8 a.m.- 9 p.m., Monday to Friday. I am willing to teach weekends, as individually negotiated.
Which ages and levels do you teach?
Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)
G.C.S.E. English Language and English Literature
AS and A Level English Language
AS and A Level English Literature
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
I had an up-to-date DBS at my last school, where I taught for over 30 years. I can provide a reference from the Headmaster, confirming my suitability for working with children.
Do you have a personal message for students?
I am passionate about my subject and committed to making your learning experience both enjoyable and stimulating, in order to unlock your true potential.
Developing good working relationships with students is crucial to success. Patience, understanding and flexibility of approach are key qualities required for effective teaching, as is the ability to listen. These qualities will enable me to help you attain your learning goals.
You will develop a clear sense of purpose, direction and motivation as we work together using a range of tailor made resources in a friendly and welcoming learning environment.