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Lawrence Ball - Maths Tutor in North London

Lawrence Ball A-level Maths Tutor (North London)

Lawrence Ball Gold Member

  • Muswell Hill (N10)
  • Last Logged In: 07 Jan 2018
  • Sex: Male
  • Web site:
  • Can Travel To: Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest
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  • Professional Qualification BSc hons Computer Science with Mathematics


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Personal Message
My value to students is high, they often rise to the top of their class or set quite swiftly.

I have always loved maths, and it rubs off.

I now teach by skype (usually for age 13 upwards), with the first hour free.
Which subject(s) do you teach?
Mathematics - all levels to A level.

I can also help students who are challenged in maths, or who are considered to have dyscalculia.

I am more expensive than most, less experienced, tutors.
This is because my perceived value to young students is very high,
students often rising to the top of their class or set quite swiftly.

Skype lessons are £52 per hour, 30 minute minimum session.

See my website for Maths references, in-depth testimonials
including Baroness Hayman and other substantial appreciations.
Tell me about your qualifications.
B.Sc hons Computer Science with Mathematics from Queen Mary College, London 1972
4 A levels - Pure maths, Applied Maths, Maths with Computing, Physics Dulwich College 1969
9 O-levels
What kind of experience do you have?
Over forty years private maths tuition (see website for testimonials).
Solid experience in motivating students as well as imparting the mathematics.
Experience in helping students who are dyslexic or dyscalculic
I'm looking to see very substantial growth in confidence and ability.

See the video that shows my times table teaching technique on my profile,
plus one that deals with learning algebra via a trick to play on people (on youtube)

Addressed a large range of different needs and ages and types of student.
Taught Tutor Pages tutor Camilo Tirado and also Michael Tusch (over 6 years) who later became president of Balliol College, Oxford.
Have helped dyslexic students who were told they could not possibly pass Maths GCSE obtain an A.

I am a composer who has supported his musical work with maths tutoring.
Use maths in computer-generated music and graphic animation projects, so am constantly in mathematical mode!
Collaborator with Pete Townshend for 3 years on the Lifehouse-Method project.
How much do you charge?
Mathematics is £70 per hour payable in advance for 4 lessons.
(£55 per hour if you come onboard in July or August 2017)

Free first hour if you decide not to continue

Skype lessons: £52 per hour, minimum 30 minute session.

Once established, reductions available on committed longer arrangements.

Groups by negotiation.
Where do you teach?
Usually student's home, although I can receive students at my home in Muswell Hill.
Currently I travel to St Johns Wood, Hampstead, Willesden, Gospel Oak, Marble Arch, Golders Green, Barnet, Oakwood, Enfield, Hadley Wood, ....... for instance.
I can travel further, subject to negotiation, e.g. once a week I come to Battersea and Clapham.

Online/skype is also encouraged (see offer above), within and beyond the British Isles.
Skype lessons outside Britain, speaking in English, are also welcome
When are you available?
My timetable is flexible, subject to fitting with my other students.

4.30-9 pm in the week, 9-5 saturday, and many school holiday dates. Monday-Friday daytime by negotiation.
Which ages and levels do you teach?
Age 7-18 usually but no age limit, (have taught parents and grandparents)

From basic arithmetic to A level including Further Maths.
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
I have a DBS certificate up to date as of September 2014.
Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.
Skype lessons work extremely well when a student is motivated.
They also save burning fossil fuels, and are cheaper.
We can use Scribblar, which permits writing on a common screen with mouse/scratchpad.

A skype lesson is easier (but certainly not essential) if I have first tutored the student in person.
A skype consultation on a problem (by negotiation, or free if short & I visit you already).
Where and with whom did you train?
I learned to teach through teaching and must now have taught around 1000 students.
Tell me about some of your current students.
Y is very bright and needs, (along with regular tuition,) inspiring with tidbits of science and maths from beyond his age level, which I supply willingly.
S was already a good mathematician, but now is making big strides stretching himself further
F is a mature student who had/has big insecurities around maths since school, and she is now making strides, on track to pass a gcse.
O has struggled with maths, but is now keeping up very well with class lessons, and finding concentration easier.
J received a prize for being best in her class (year 3)
A is overcoming his inability to focus logically whilst making big strides in his final gcse year, in fact just received an A*, which for him is an achievement
D came top of his maths set in the mock gcse's with an A grade having been told by his teacher that that was impossible earlier in the academic year.
C has expanded her enjoyment and her ability enormously leading up to her gcse year.
A has proved to herself and her teacher that she is capable of the standard her school (and I!) expect she can attain.
Do you have a personal message for students?
Learning should be a blend of fun and focus.
Either on their own is nowhere near as effective.
You are likely to be inspired working with me.

The key to swift effective learning is to learn to look after your state of mind whilst working, and it helps to have a tutor like myself remind you when necessary about that. Posture is also worth being aware of. Then pressure and confidence can go hand in hand.

The approach is everything, remain happy (not always so easy!) then understanding is fuller and more accessible.

In my extensive experience the first difficulty students encounter is mood.
In tutoring good mood to me is equal first priority to content, all difficulties are dissolved there.

Having said that every student is a whole world unto themselves and will need a tailored approach to achieve with good strides.
Some may need firmness if they are too diffuse, in order to keep on track, some tough firmness.