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Graham Prior GCSE Maths Tutor (Reading)

Graham Prior

  • Whitley (RG7)
  • Last Logged In: 07 Aug 2018
  • Sex: Male
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Personal Message
For GCSE Maths and QTS Numeracy, I explain the maths in understandable terms and give confidence to my students to pass the exam.
For French, I enable my students to speak and hear French with understanding, using no textbooks.
Which subject(s) do you teach?
I teach Maths to GCSE level,

QTS Numeracy and

French to any level.

I can also help with strategies for teaching Primary School Maths.
Tell me about your qualifications.
I have a from London University in Maths, French and Psychology.

I also have a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Bristol University, for teaching Maths and French.
What kind of experience do you have?
I have taught in Secondary Schools in England for over twenty years and I have also taught in an Engineering College in France.

Currently I have my own business tutoring in Maths and French.

My testimonials will show how successful my clients are in achieving their aims.
How much do you charge?
My fees are £25.00 per hour for individual tuition.

For individual French tuition, I recommend only 30 minutes for beginners, as it is requires more sustained concentration, which will then increase quite naturally as they become more at ease with the language. My charge would then be £13.00
Where do you teach?
I teach at the home of my students and, residing in the Reading area, i am prepared to travel up to 30 minutes from my home.
When are you available?
I am available Monday to Friday at any time of the day or early evening. I will do the occasional Saturday daytime appointment for emergencies only.
Which ages and levels do you teach?
I am able to teach Maths from 11 plus to GCSE.

Also, QTS Numeracy Skills for Trainee Teachers and Adult Numeracy.

In French, I am able to teach French conversation from a complete beginner to complete fluency.

I am also able to give ideas for teaching strategies in Primary school maths.
Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?
11+ Maths

GCSE Maths & French

QTS Numeracy
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
My DBS Certificate has expired since I no longer work in schools, as I care for my partner in Reading.
Tell me about some of your current students.
Currently I am tutoring students for GCSE Maths Papers. They are of varying abilities and all develop confidence with my tuition and support, finding that a good grade in GCSE Maths is at last attainable.

I also tutor QTS Numeracy Skills for Trainee Teachers, helping recapture lost calculating skills and learning exam techniques peculiar to the QTS Numeracy tests.

As for French, I teach people, without using a textbook, to be able to hold a conversation, speaking and listening, when they previously have found this impossible. Now, they find it so much easier and they are amazed.

Please view my testimonials to see the success of my clients.
Do you have a personal message for students?
I am able to help you understand and have confidence in your Maths and, if you wish to hold a conversation in French. I can help that happen as well.