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  • Celtic

    the older Celtic peoples. Proto-Celtic language Celtic languages Celtic nations, the modern territories in North-West Europe where Celtic languages and
  • Celtic nations

    The Celtic nations are territories in western Europe where Celtic languages or cultural traits have survived. The term "nation" is used in its original
  • Celtic languages

    The Celtic languages (usually pronounced /ˈkɛltɪk/ but sometimes /ˈsɛltɪk/) are descended from Proto-Celtic, or "Common Celtic"; a branch of the greater
  • Celtic music

    Celtic music is a broad grouping of music genres that evolved out of the folk music traditions of the Celtic people of Western Europe. It refers to both
  • Celtic F.C.

    The Celtic Football Club (/ˈsɛltɪk/) is a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland, which plays in the Scottish Premiership. The club was
  • Celtic art

    Celtic art is associated with the peoples known as Celts; those who spoke the Celtic languages in Europe from pre-history through to the modern period
  • Celtic mythology

    Celtic mythology is the mythology of Celtic polytheism, the religion of the Iron Age Celts. Like other Iron Age Europeans, the early Celts maintained
  • Celtic fusion

    Celtic fusion is any modern music which incorporates influences considered "Celtic," or Celtic music which incorporates modern music. It is a syncretic
  • Celtic League

    the ice hockey league, see Celtic League Cup. Not to be confused with the Celtic Congress. The Celtic League is a pan-Celtic organisation, founded in 1961
  • Celtic polytheism

    Celtic polytheism, commonly known as Celtic paganism, comprises the religious beliefs and practices adhered to by the Iron Age people of Western Europe