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    If you're interested in learning Chinese, here's a great way to get started. I have lots of experience and my lessons are fun. I guarantee your Chinese learning will be interesting and that you will overcome your obstacles to learning.
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    Do you wish to master Mandarin Chinese the quickest possible? As a highly qualified, professional and enthusiastic Mandarin instructor, I'll show you how!
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There are currently no University Mandarin articles.

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  • Mandarin Learning Center

    Chinese Culture University Mandarin Learning Center (CCU MLC - 中國文化大學華語中心) is a sub-division of Chinese Culture University, the largest institute of Continuing
  • Mandarin Chinese

    This article is about the entire group of Mandarin Chinese language varieties. For Standard Mandarin, the official variety, see Standard Chinese. For the
  • Mandarin orange

    The mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata; Chinese: 橘子 or 桔子; pinyin: júzi), also known as the mandarine, is a small citrus tree with fruit resembling other
  • Lower Yangtze Mandarin

    Lower Yangtze Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 下江官话; traditional Chinese: 下江官話; pinyin: xiàjiāng guānhuà) is one of the most divergent and least mutually
  • Southwestern Mandarin

    Southwestern Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 西南官话; traditional Chinese: 西南官話; pinyin: Xīnán Guānhuà), also known as Upper Yangtze Mandarin (simplified Chinese:
  • Old Mandarin

    with Guanhua, the old Mandarin koine of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Old Mandarin (Chinese: 古官話; pinyin: Gǔ Guānhuà) or Early Mandarin (Chinese: 早期官話; pinyin:
  • Mandarin (bureaucrat)

    A mandarin (Chinese: 官 guān) was a bureaucrat scholar in the government of imperial China. The term is generally applied to the officials appointed through
  • Singaporean Mandarin

    Singaporean Mandarin can be classified into two distinct Mandarin dialects: Standard Singaporean Mandarin and Colloquial Singaporean Mandarin. These two
  • Mandarin duck

    The mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) is a perching duck species found in East Asia. It is medium-sized, at 41–49 cm (16–19 in) long with a 65–75 cm (26–30 in)
  • Taiwanese Mandarin

    Taiwanese Mandarin is the Standard Mandarin spoken in Taiwan. Its standard lect is known in Taiwan as Kuo-yü (Chinese: 國語; pinyin: Guóyǔ; literally: "National