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  • Dr Michael Murphy Lancaster, LA1 Silver Member

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    I am a professional editor, proofreader and writer. I have a PhD in English Literature and have published works on different topics, both academic and creative. I have taught English Literature and Creative Writing for many years in Higher Education.
  • Michael Ball Blakelaw, NE3 Gold Member

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    I am a tutor and proofreader. I primarily tutor in the North-East of England. I am prepared to take on students of any disposition, from the nervous and struggling type to the confident and capable type.
  • Dr Robert M Ellis Great Malvern, WR14 Silver Member

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    I'm an experienced and qualified teacher of philosophy and related subjects, with a Ph.D. and a PGCE. I have lots of experience of helping students prepare for university admission.
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University Religious Studies Articles

There are currently no University Religious Studies articles.

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    of Religious Studies 1995 22/3-4  Sharf, Robert H. (2000), The Rhetoric of Experience and the Study of Religion. In: Journal of Consciousness Studies, 7
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