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University Statistics

Who are Statisticians?

Statisticians collect information from a carefully specified sample and extend the results to an...
University Statistics

Tutoring and Marking

Within the setting of a small group, tutorials enable students to understand thematerial...

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  • Dr Peter James Chirton, NE29

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    I try to encourage my tutees. I work closely with them, identifying topics for which they need help and providing plenty of examples for them to practise on.
  • Raakesh K Clerkenwell, WC1H Gold Member

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    I'm a Ph.D and an experienced private tutor. I help ambitious students stand out from the crowd with insightful analysis, original arguments, and exceptional essays.
  • Olivia Grigg Thundersley, SS6 Silver Member

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    Hi, I tutor by post & email in maths and statistics from GCSE prep up to AS/A-level. As I have a PhD in Statistics from Cambridge University and 5 yrs+ experience in statistics research I can also assist with degree level statistics and consultancy.
  • Emmanuel Aluko, CFA, MBA, MSc Camden Town, NW1 Gold Member

    Emmanuel Aluko, CFA, MBA, MSc Picture
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    London Business School MBA; CFA Charter holder with advanced quantitative ability due to engineering background. Professional tutor offering the highest quality tutoring, customized to your needs.
  • Hemant Agrawal Central London, W1K Gold Member

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    from £80.00/hr View Profile
    I have wide experience of teaching students from a wide range of different nationalities in London, for example: Russian, European, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Middle-East, American, Latin American and African.
  • Stathis Stefanidis, Director Chiswick, W4 Gold Member

    Stathis Stefanidis, Director Picture
    from £90.00/hr View Profile
    With undivided attention and carefully designed courses, Stathis' students get the help they need to achieve high performance in their GCSE and A-level exams.
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  • Who are Statisticians?

    Nasira University Statistics Tutor (Leeds) Picture Statisticians collect information from a carefully specified sample and extend the results to an entire population. Sample surveys might be used to: * Determine which disease is spreading more rapidly * Discover what foods teenagers prefer for breakfast * Estimate the number of...
  • Tutoring and Marking

    University Statistics Tutor (Leeds) Picture Within the setting of a small group, tutorials enable students to understand thematerial introduced in lectures deeply, provided that they come prepared. Hubbard (1991) categorised mathematics tutoring into the following forms: 1- Tutor walks around the room answering individual...

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