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Classical Violin

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Developing Musicianship

When playing any musical instrument (such as the violin or viola) it is good to start developing...
Folk Fiddle

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Studying Classical & Folk Technique is Beneficial

I teach both Classical violin and folk violin, and I notice that there is a widely held...
Classical Violin

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Musician On Tour!

Standing on my local platform, Southport, waiting for the Manchester train, bright autumn sun...
Classical Violin

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Baroque Violin: Not Just Gut Strings

The relatively recent rediscovery of Baroque music and performance practice has enabled most...

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  • Vincenzo Castronovo Gloucester Road, SW7 Gold Member

    Vincenzo Castronovo Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Professional violinist with 10 years experience in teaching students of all ages and all levels both in private and schools. I teach with a professional and friendly approach looking to develop the skills and the love for music of my students.
  • Jade Brightwell Abbey Wood, SE2 Gold Member

    Jade Brightwell Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I love teaching all ages and abilities and aim to inspire a sense of achievement and enjoyment for all my students.
  • Tereza Privratska Sloane Square, SW7 Gold Member

    Tereza Privratska Picture
    from £45.00/hr View Profile
    Experienced violin teacher for all ages. I am happy to teach anyone who is curious about music!
  • Xandrija Beckenham, BR3 Gold Member

    Xandrija Picture
    from £37.00/hr View Profile
    Hi, well done for making the first step - studying music/languages is fulfilling and something which can benefit all areas of your life :)
  • Vita Martinenko Hampstead, NW3

    Vita Martinenko Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Hi, I am experienced, friendly and flexible teacher who prepares children and adults for ABRSM exams! Contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • Benjamin Rimmer Stepney Green, E1 Silver Member

    Benjamin Rimmer Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a composer, multi-instrumentalist and a graduate of The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I'm an experienced teacher of violin, music theory and Composition.
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Violin Articles

  • Playing 'in tune' to yourself

    Tzu-Fan Classical Violin Teacher (South East London) Picture All the well-known classical violinists have their own personal, identifiable tone. There are people that sound similar because of how they were trained, but everyone has different techniques, fingers, hands, arms, and brains - even if they played on the exact same instrument and with the same...
  • Baroque Violin: Not Just Gut Strings Editor's Pick

    Cara Williams Classical Violin Teacher (Bristol) Picture The relatively recent rediscovery of Baroque music and performance practice has enabled most modern violinists to develop an awareness of many of the fundamental principles of performing early music. Whilst this is a positive development in itself, an unfortunate result of the widespread...
  • It's Never Too Late To Learn An Instrument

    Laura Harriet Riley Classical Violin Teacher (South West London) Picture Have you always harboured a hankering to play the violin? The piano? It is never too late to learn and to experience the joys of getting to grips with a musical instrument. Do you really want to regret never having mastered Meditation by Thais, or Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata? With a wealth of...


  • Advice For Effective Violin Practice

    Claire Gullan Classical Violin Teacher (Glasgow) Picture It is a common perception is that "practice makes perfect", but how helpful is this saying? This article aims to give top tips for effective practice. Firstly, I believe we should change the saying to "practice makes PROGRESS"! There is nothing more demoralising than practising for hours only...
  • Play Violin For Your Friends

    Joanna Forna Classical Violin Teacher (North London) Picture When I was a child, at the beginning of my violinist 'career', my mom would always ask me to play for the guests we had. At the beginning, when I was about 7-8, I was really enjoying showing off my talent. However, after a few years, I was dreading it, even hiding sometimes so that my mum...
  • The Importance Of Personal Musical Interpretation Editor's Pick

    Vincenzo Castronovo Classical Violin Teacher (South West London) Picture Some violin tutors fall into the habit of tutoring their students mainly in the theoretical aspect of learning violin. However, what is sometimes overlooked and under-valued is for the student to learn the importance of combining their own individual interpretation with the theory. When...