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Vocal Coaching

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Why have singing lessons?

Everyone can sing! Some are more talented than others. Some of them know it, and others don’t....
Vocal Coaching

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What does Voice Training involve?

Voice training involves becoming aware of and developing all the parts of the body involved in...
Vocal Coaching

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Freeing the Voice

For the voice to be free it relies on one fundamental thing and that is a steady supported...
Vocal Coaching

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Achieving Your Full Vocal Potential

Most of us are lucky enough to be born with the ability to make sound, and our voice quickly...

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  • Looking After Your Vocal Health

    Simon Atkins Vocal Coaching Tutor (Worcester) Picture It wasn't until I began to train as a voice teacher that I realised just how important vocal training is in helping performers to maintain their vocal health. Fundamental to this is breathing and in particular re-training the body to breathe in a natural, relaxed way, encouraging physical...
  • Thoughts on improving the singing voice.

    Maggie Boyd Vocal Coaching Tutor (North London) Picture It’s interesting that singing students are so very different and yet the basics of singing lessons are so very similar. This weekend two new students came to me to improve their singing voice. Both students needed help with voice quality, volume and projection, so the approach was the same,...
  • Labelling in the Classroom - Effects and Dangers

    Karoline Gable Vocal Coaching Tutor (South West London) Picture Labelling, positively or negatively is never commendable. Teachers who categorize their pupils allow their own subjective opinion to take over, ignoring the individual character and the individual needs that lie beneath the surface of every person. There is no such thing as an intrinsically poor...


  • Why have singing lessons? Editor's Pick

    Dimitris Panagiotou Vocal Coaching Tutor (South West London) Picture Everyone can sing! Some are more talented than others. Some of them know it, and others don’t. Some think they are awesome but they have much to learn, and some sing quietly because they don’t believe they are that good. In every case, singing lessons will be beneficial! Singing, as with many...
  • Finding Your Voice

    Aisha Ross Vocal Coaching Tutor (Twickenham) Picture What is so important about having a ‘strong’ voice? Isn’t projecting just shouting? Do I really need vocal training when I already feel like I have a loud voice? … The answers to these common questions are all fairly simple and stem from a few straightforward facts: Vocal training helps you...
  • Confidence is Key when Singing

    Hannah McLachlan Vocal Coaching Tutor (Manchester) Picture Singing makes an individual happy whether you are good at it or not. We all sing along to our favourite song and when no one is around we sing loud and proud. My belief is that most people can sing but it's our confidence that holds us back. At Christmas I listened to a primary school choir....