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Dru Yoga For A Healthy Spine

A healthy spine wants to move. We are built to flex forwards and backwards, tilt to the left and...

Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga is for everyone. Everyone can benefit, whether you are new to Yoga, a senior citizen,...

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What Can Meditation Do for You?

We rarely allow ourselves the luxury of stillness. We have too much to do and our minds are...

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1. Yoga Magazine: published since late 1970's, there is a vast amount of topics covered in this...

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  • Laura Turinetto Wimbledon, SW19 Gold Member

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    I run a school of languages "Ad Meliora Academy" and I am a qualified and experienced Italian teacher with Ditals certificate (certificate to teach Italian as a foreign language). My students improve their languages learning different skills.
  • Rebecca Moden Ealing Broadway, W5

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    *I can only take on students interested in long term study (min. 6 classes), thank you.* I taught English at UCL for 6 years, and also other top universities. I am a calm, committed teacher and enjoy helping students achieve their goals.
  • Trixi Field Ellesmere Urban, SY12 Gold Member

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    As a patient and encouraging teacher, I warmly welcome all enquiries and look forward to nurturing your love of music, languages and/or yoga. Do feel free to browse through my information and contact me if you have any further queries.
  • Mo Leytonstone, E11

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Yoga Articles

  • The Path Of Kindness

    Yoga Teacher (South West London) Picture My first yoga class was over ten years ago, I remember taking to the practice straight away. I went in search of something to replace my previous hobby which was Irish dancing. I had enjoyed some success with Irish dancing; dancing in the famous dance show Lord of the Dance and I had some...
  • Dru Yoga For A Healthy Spine

    Trixi Field Yoga Teacher (Shrewsbury) Picture A healthy spine wants to move. We are built to flex forwards and backwards, tilt to the left and the right, and to twist freely in both directions, all without pain or tension. We should be able to balance our head on the top of the neck in such a way that we’re not placing our neck and...
  • Starting yoga

    Yoga Teacher (North London) Picture Starting yoga can be intimidating for some people who are not used to doing physical exercise or working and practising in a class situation.  Those coming to yoga for the first time should be encouraged to learn that yoga is non competitive and that students should work at their own pace and...


  • My Approach to Yoga and Meditation

    Yoga Teacher (West London) Picture My approach to Yoga and Meditation Techniques It took me some time to set my point of view of myself and human beings as the so-called bodymind complex. Our bodies are the recipients of our being, the tools of manifestation for our individuality. In our bodies lie health, movement, emotion,...
  • A gentle way to find the perfect balance in life

    Yoga Teacher (North West London) Picture Dru Yoga and Meditation will offer you a fresh way to become fit and healthy and relieve stress. Meditation also gives you the opportunity to connect with your inner self and reach that beautiful, calm still point where you can make better decisions. If living your life fulfilling your...
  • What Can Meditation Do for You? Editor's Pick

    Yoga Teacher (Twickenham) Picture We rarely allow ourselves the luxury of stillness. We have too much to do and our minds are constantly interrupted by mobile phones, i- pods, computers and TVs.  We are so used to being stimulated that we don’t allow ourselves to rest; we have developed the habit of doing and forgotten the...