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  • French Perfect tense or Past Definite?

    Annie Marrec A-level French Tutor (Bath) Picture Comparing The Perfect tense and the Past definite or Historic Past    The Perfect tense is for written and spoken French. It describes an action completed in the past. It can...
  • The Art of Improvisation Editor's Pick

    Dean Stockdale Jazz Piano Teacher (Manchester) Picture The main problems most students face when they embark on studying improvisation is how to come up with something that sounds convincing in the spur of the moment, and how does...
  • Can you learn a language in 5 hours? Editor's Pick

    Maria A. French (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture The answer is: you can't. Of all subjects, foreign languages are the ones that require the longest learning period, as they are, in fact, more than mere "subjects". They are...

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  • KS3 (Y8) Science teacher Online Tutor reqd for Wed morning online class
  • AS Physics + Computer Science online Female preferred. Ability to help with AS
  • Early yrs/ handwriting tutor Dulwich, London For five-year-old boy going into year one
  • GCSE English tutor Barnet For 15 year old, home tutoring
  • A2 Economics tutor Online CIE examiner for A2 Economics
  • A2 Business tutor Online CIE examiner for A2 Business
  • IELTS Tutor (EFL) Leeds Advanced level
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