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  • A-level Maths

    Revision tips for March

    March is the month for not panicking! Don't panic! (Old cultural reference.) I am going to start by saying that exams are not...
  • French (general)

    Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

      Learn a new word each day It may not sound much, but that’s 7 new words a week or 30 or so per month, which soon adds...
  • Trumpet

    Principals of Teaching Essay 2013

    "I find teaching beginners really dull. The pieces are so easy and don't demand any real imagination or musical insight and...

Freshest Articles

  • Review on 'Defining Beauty' at the British Museum Editor's Pick

    Jo Lee Art and Design Teacher (East London) Picture In a metaphoric sense, The British Museum’s exhibition is an event of human bodies confronting the ideals of a different set of human bodies from eras 2000 years apart. We,...
  • Improvising Options

    Daniel Friend Jazz Trumpet Teacher (Norwich) Picture What are the options when improvising? Put simply: Higher/Lower, Faster/Slower, Louder/Quieter. The most important however is to leave space in your solo, the main 'sin' of...
  • Practice Makes Perfect?

    Dave Hornberger Cello Teacher (Manchester) Picture In my years of watching concerts I have never seen a perfect performance - why? Because it doesn't exist! Every performance is personal, emotional, different! That's what we...

Tutors Wanted

  • KS3 (Y8) Science teacher Online Tutor reqd for Wed morning online class
  • AS Physics + Computer Science online Female preferred. Ability to help with AS
  • Early yrs/ handwriting tutor Dulwich, London For five-year-old boy going into year one
  • GCSE English tutor Barnet For 15 year old, home tutoring
  • A2 Economics tutor Online CIE examiner for A2 Economics
  • A2 Business tutor Online CIE examiner for A2 Business
  • IELTS Tutor (EFL) Leeds Advanced level
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