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  • Dyslexia

    What does skilled reading and spelling look like?

    What does skilled reading and spelling look like? In order to effectively analyse the implications of research into how...
  • Spanish (general)

    Reading Spanish

    Reading in a language that you are studying can have huge benefits in terms of integrating and experiencing new grammar and...
  • Jazz Improvisation

    Making It All Up

    'Improvisation' is a word that seems to strike terror into the hearts of many a pupil, no matter how experienced and no matter...

Freshest Articles

  • A mindful & ergonomic approach to violin playing

    Rob Campkin Classical Violin Teacher (South East London) Picture A personal approach to Violin playing with consideration to ergonomic movement and Mindfulness Economy of movement: finding the most ergonomic way to play the violin Over the...
  • The importance of Good Posture

    Judy Duff Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Good Posture and its Importance in the Singing and Speaking Voice Every one of us is physically unique. No two people will have the same speaking or singing voice. That is a...
  • directing Lyistrata, or, at least, trying to

    Pete Goodland A-level Expressive Arts Tutor (Sheffield) Picture Setting ? Let's go for 1963 Mod and Rockers. How about the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Cuban what?' replied one ( she wasn't studying history - personally, I believe drama and...

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  • Psychology Tutor Hayes middlesex Degree level
  • Dance, drama and yoga coaches around London for schools clubs dbs check required
  • Spanish tutors school clubs london needs a dbs police check
  • A level Philosophy Tutor London For Boy about to do A2 level exams
  • A level Politics Tutor London For Boy about to do A2 level exams
  • maths key stage 2 tutor southam for 11 year old child
  • KS2 English Tutor London - Kensington & Chelsea Weekly Saturday & twice weekly over hols
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