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  • 11+ exam

    All Work And No Play

    In Stanley Kubrick’s horror film The Shining the main character, Jack Torrance, repeatedly types the sentence “All work and no... More »
  • French

    Confessions of a French Grammatician

    Language learning contains four main elements: speaking, listening, reading and writing, and grammar crosses over all of them.... More »
  • Classical Theory/ Composition

    Is Film Music Dying?

    Is there anything potentially as powerful as the combining of the musical and the visual? Whether this concept is realised in... More »

Freshest Articles

  • How to pass the 11+

    Mr.Tyley 11+ exam Tutor (South East London) Picture
    To pass the 11+, one need only try one's best, and recognise the achievement you have made;  Educational achievement should not be judged by...
  • The benefits of learning a foreign language

    Madeleine Gillies GCSE French Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture
    There are many advantages to learning a foreign language It increases your intellectual adaptability Speaking a foreign language improves the...
  • Shakespeare at A level

    Dr. Jacquie Mullender A-level English Tutor (Dudley) Picture
    Abstract of article to follow: I discuss here some features of the type of response expected by exam boards at A2 level, using The Tempest as an...

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  • French tutor for GCSE North London, N8 For male GCSE student
  • Science Tutor Stalybridge year 11 GCSE, DBS
  • Year 4 English tutor Mottingham Comprehension &creative writing
  • Maths Tutor KS2 Battersea Dyscalculia experience Y4 child DBS
  • Religious studies Tutor Cardiff or hereford A2
  • Business Studies Tutor Cardiff or hereford A2 and As
  • Psychology A2 Tutor Harrogate A2 level
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