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  • 11+ exam

    Tips for Your First Session with a New Tutor

    What to Expect:The first session should begin with at least a 15 minute conversation between yourselves and your tutor. The... More »

    59 seconds

    The IELTS reading and writing tests are challenging. Both exams require you to complete a great deal in a relatively short... More »
  • Cello

    Inspiring quotes

    'Music will save the world' Pablo Casals If you’re going to make a mistake, why not make it a nice, big, fat juicy one?…... More »

Freshest Articles

  • Tempo: An Invaluable Asset

    Jacob Lang Violin Teacher (North West London) Picture
    Tempo: An invaluable asset in the rendition of the J. Brahms Violin Concerto Op. 77 in D Major When Tempo becomes a main subject of discussion,...
  • Some Essential Books For Cello Players

    Hetti Price Cello Teacher (Birmingham) Picture
    There are several books about the cello which are very interesting to those interested in, or who are studying the cello. Julian LLoyd Webber's...
  • Improving your language skills

    Sam Little A-level Spanish Tutor (North London) Picture
    I have always had a passion and flair for modern languages, and I feel they come very naturally to me. I strongly believe that the best way to...

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  • French tutor for GCSE North London, N8 For male GCSE student
  • Science Tutor Stalybridge year 11 GCSE, DBS
  • Year 4 English tutor Mottingham Comprehension &creative writing
  • Maths Tutor KS2 Battersea Dyscalculia experience Y4 child DBS
  • Religious studies Tutor Cardiff or hereford A2
  • Business Studies Tutor Cardiff or hereford A2 and As
  • Psychology A2 Tutor Harrogate A2 level
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