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  • Practice and the myth of 'the gift'

    Sam Crowe Jazz Piano Teacher (East London) Picture As a musician you often get met with the phrase 'Oh you're so lucky to have that gift'. It's an interesting insight into people's misconceptions about what it takes to become...
  • Basics of Maths

    Gillian Crimp Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (Exeter) Picture Children who miss out on lessons in basic mathematics will struggle in later years. Children may miss out on such lessons because of illness, absence, or simply not...
  • French Perfect tense or Past Definite?

    Annie Marrec A-level French Tutor (Bath) Picture Comparing The Perfect tense and the Past definite or Historic Past    The Perfect tense is for written and spoken French. It describes an action completed in the past. It can...

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  • Kumon Senior Class Assistant Kingston upon Thames maths and English to GCSE level
  • KS2 to KS5 Science Tutor Austria Interest in snow sports, Drivers Licence
  • English Language training Feltham Adult business learner
  • English language tutor Cambridge Adult learner
  • English Language tutor Hatfield Advanced Business learner
  • English Language tutor Central London Advanced Business learner
  • German tutor Brixworth, Northamptonshire Adult learner - Beginner
  • key stage 3 English tutor Stanmore, NW London for 10 year old
  • Math and science tutor Eastbourne Year 8
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