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  • GCSE Maths

    Pythagoras' Theorem Proof

    All students studying GCSE Maths will learn Pythagoras' Theorem. This is it. For any Right Angle triangle the square of the...
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

    Jorge Luis Borges

    'Have you read Borges?' This is an advert you see in the windows of bookshops across Buenos Aires. Argentinians are obsessed...
  • Electric Guitar

    Should I Start With Classical Guitar?

    Over the years, this is a question that many students and their parents have asked me and it is certainly a topic that divides...

Freshest Articles

  • Why Is A Tutor Important?

    Sandra Moore A-level Chemistry Tutor (North West London) Picture In essence, for the individual attention, which is almost impossible to obtain in a classroom of 20 pupils or more. Indeed, having someone to answer questions in a safe,...
  • Unconventional Instruments and the Musical Saw Editor's Pick

    Austin Blackburn Musicianship Teacher (Reading) Picture Your musicianship can be significantly broadened by searching for enlightening musical hobbies that will keep the musical brain always expanding and developing. Some good ways...
  • Stop trying so hard!

    Sadhbh Dennedy Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture It's all about trust! That seems a simplistic basis for describing how to sing well, but I do believe it's one of the founding factors for singing freely and confidently....

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  • Piano Tuition South Manchester Adult Beginner
  • Product Design A Level South East Northumberland year 13 student
  • IELTS preparation tutor South/East of England,London one to one at tutors home -homestay study
  • Russian tutor London beginner / conversation&grammar
  • university English tutor online for a reasonable price
  • A-level Biology Tutor Chiswick First degree in Biology/related subject
  • PGCE SEN maths tutor KS2/3 London w2 16 year old girl on autistic spectrum
  • ABA TUTOR FOR 16 YEAR OLD ASD London w2 Social skills and pragmatic language
  • Full Time Private Tutor Weybridge Prep Level for two children
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