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  • A-level Accounting

    Succeeding in Accounting Exams

    The examination is the final chance that you will have to prove to yourself (and others) how capable you are. This is what you...
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

    Jorge Luis Borges

    'Have you read Borges?' This is an advert you see in the windows of bookshops across Buenos Aires. Argentinians are obsessed...
  • Classical Piano

    Practice Techniques and Strategies

    As musicians, we spend most of our lives practising. It is the most important part of our preparation for performances, and...

Freshest Articles

  • No 'one way fits all' method

    Susan33 Classical Violin Teacher (Birmingham) Picture Keeping pupils’ (especially younger ones) learning enthusiasm seems to be one of the tricky issues that most tutors face at some point. Some may blame this on a lack of...
  • Teaching piano beginners

    Yingying Classical Piano Teacher (South West London) Picture Every famous musician, painter, or actor started learning things from the beginning. No matter how good or how famous they are now, they all were beginners. The most remarkable...
  • Music and Meaning: a Historical Outline

    Simone Spagnolo Classical Theory/ Composition Teacher (East London) Picture 1. The ethical and hedonistic conceptions of music Music is not universally considered as a language and the debate about the meaning of music is a recurring discussion...

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  • Saxaphone teacher Dudley Beginner lessons
  • Marketing Tutor London Acton W3 second year Business BSc student
  • Modern Greek Tutor Hampton Beginner
  • Art Tutor Stanmore GCSE
  • Handwriting tutor London SW17 (Wandsworth) 7 year old
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