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  • Rock lead techniques

    Jeremy Hunns Rock/Pop Guitar Teacher (Ipswich) Picture
    Great book for various lead techniques . Written by Danny Gill (lick library tutor) and Nick Nolan. Comes complete with cd, exercises at half and...
  • The Accordian

    Zivorad Accordion Teacher (Enfield) Picture
    My favourite quote about the accordian was said by Sofia Guaidulina:'Do you know why I love this monster, so much? - It breathes'.
  • Use your imagination!

    Dr David Chalmers A-level Maths (Further) Tutor (North London) Picture
    Solving quadratic equations has been an important aspect of mathematics since Babylonian times, 3000 years ago. However, as you’re no doubt...

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  • Physics IB higher year12 London Teacher who knows well the IB exams
  • maths chemistry physics tutor Near Barnet/ london A level
  • lamda Grade 7 Tutor Sevenoaks/tonbridge/Orpington For 17 year old a level student
  • A Level Environmental Studies online or West Wales AQA revision help
  • MATHS KS2 tutor clapham/ wandsworth mature teacher for bright 9 year old
  • AS Level Psychology tutor AQA North West London For my 17 year old son
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