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  • Teaching Italian in a foreign land

    Domenico Gioffré Italian Tutor (South West London) Picture
    Teaching Italian it is satisfactory... particularly if done in a foreign land! One of the most interesting and successful practice is exercising...
  • 10 Jolly Good Reasons To Sing, Chant or Tone

    Trixi Field Vocal Coaching Tutor (Shrewsbury) Picture
    It’s official: singing is good for you – whether or not you think you can sing.   Here are 10 excellent reasons to sing, to chant, or to tone...
  • Comprehension: The Birds

    Elizabeth Waldron English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South West London) Picture
    My daughter is a writer. She lives at street level, in a basement, from which she can see the feet of passers by.  One day she was sitting at her...

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  • French tutor for GCSE North London, N8 For male GCSE student
  • Science Tutor Stalybridge year 11 GCSE, DBS
  • Year 4 English tutor Mottingham Comprehension &creative writing
  • Maths Tutor KS2 Battersea Dyscalculia experience Y4 child DBS
  • Religious studies Tutor Cardiff or hereford A2
  • Business Studies Tutor Cardiff or hereford A2 and As
  • Psychology A2 Tutor Harrogate A2 level
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