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  • A-level History of Art

    Review of FACE TO FACE talk at Tate

    It's not often an interviewer is interviewed. You have to be a pretty big-time interviewer to be interviewed; for people to...
  • Elocution/ Accent Reduction

    Is Elocution Relevant?

    Elocution? That's a bit old-fashioned, isn't it? Do people actually WANT that stuff? How now, brown cow... that sort of thing?...
  • Songwriting

    Sense Orientated Writing

    We’re all familiar with the five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. In addition to these, there are body and...

Freshest Articles

  • Group Teaching the Cornet

    Matthew James Williams Trumpet Teacher (Harrow) Picture With lessons consisting of 7 young children and a very short amount of time it would be difficult to achieve all the ambitions of a lesson without organizing certain aspects...
  • Using the Cloud to make Learning Fun

    Jim Baker A-level Chemistry Tutor (Lincoln) Picture Teachers do their best to leave a permanent impression every lesson, but what they teach doesn’t always stick. I must begin by giving my definition of ‘learning’. ...
  • 'The Oboe' by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes

    Sami Taylor Oboe Teacher (North London) Picture I highly recommend this book, 'The Oboe' by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes, for all oboists. It is an interesting read which explains the history of the oboe, from shawms up...

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  • Suzuki method tutor Bromley Suzuki tutor for toddler - any instrument
  • Reading tutor Crawley down, West Sussex for Early years
  • Warwickshire 11+ tutor Rugby for 10 year old
  • Eleven plus tutor Wirral Tutoring Experience
  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • drama, dance and yoga coaches South East London dbs check required
  • choir teacher for school club South East London dbs check required
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