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  • The Way Forward

    Jim Baker GCSE Chemistry Tutor (Lincoln) Picture Throughout my teaching career of 43 very successful years at the chalk-face, I have always looked for ways to improve theĀ learningĀ of my pupils. Check out my latest 'Prezi' -...
  • Understanding Cardiac Cycle

    Tom Whitburn - Biology tutor A-level Biology Tutor (Southampton) Picture There are many concepts in A level Biology where a small adjustment in thought process and understanding can lead to sudden clarity. This is certainly true of the cardiac...
  • Starting drums: all you need is a pair of sticks!

    Ralph Wyld Drums/ Percussion Teacher (Hemel Hempstead) Picture Although percussionists are expected to play a vast array of instruments requiring a wide range of techniques, for beginners it can all be pared down to one thing: snare drum....

Tutors Wanted

  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • drama, dance and yoga coaches South East London dbs check required
  • choir teacher for school club South East London dbs check required
  • french tutor for school club Richmond area in London dbs check required
  • British sign language tutor Wiltshire Level 2
  • 11+ tutor Chertsey, surrey Going into year 5 in sept, need from aug
  • violin teacher Dagenham RM9 beginner
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