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  • 11+ exam

    All Work And No Play

    In Stanley Kubrick’s horror film The Shining the main character, Jack Torrance, repeatedly types the sentence “All work and no...
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

    Improving your pronunciation

    One thing I hear so often from students of English is that they want to improve their pronunciation. Many people attend EFL...
  • Clarinet

    The Importance of Being Learners

    It is a truism universally echoed that "practice makes perfect". However it is all too rarely that this well-meaning sentiment...

Freshest Articles

  • Learning and Learning Theories

    Miss L Nathan A-level Biology Tutor (Harrow) Picture The school of psychology proposed many useful perspectives of learning (Scaife, 2008 and Glassman – Hadad, 2009) which are called learning theories (Scaife, 2008). The main...
  • Importance of Music

    Leanne - Oboe and Piano Classical Theory/ Composition Teacher (Manchester) Picture Music is an essential part of a child’s development. It encourages creativity and helps with listening skills. Music also improves memory and concentration, and builds...
  • Election 2015

    Stephen Challis A-level Politics Tutor (Brighton) Picture Check out the BBC 'manifesto watch' page. It's great for a summary of party values and policies.

Tutors Wanted

  • maths key stage 2 tutor southam for 11 year old child
  • KS2 English Tutor London - Kensington & Chelsea Weekly Saturday & twice weekly over hols
  • 11+ exam tutor Amersham Dbs, previous 11+ exam exp, advanced
  • 11+ verbal/ non verbal tutor London w8 DBS, experienced with groups of children
  • help with homework 2x a week Birmingham for 9year old child
  • Trumpet &piano teacher London, SW4 DBS rqd or willingness to obtain
  • Drum tutor, Hatfield Heath/ Bishops Stortford 10 year old studying grade 3
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