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A-level English

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The Power of the Noun Phrase

Journalists use them all the time and headline writers couldn’t live without them: noun phrases....
A-level English

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Differences Between Spoken & Written English

   What are the main differences between spoken English and written English? Are they the...
A-level English

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Literacy and Democracy

In recent years Britain has tumbled in the international league tables of literacy despite...
A-level English

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Analysing Poetry

Analysing a poem, particularly under exam conditions, can prove a daunting task. Here I have...

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  • Analysing Poetry Editor's Pick

    Alex Deamer A-level English Tutor (North West London) Picture Analysing a poem, particularly under exam conditions, can prove a daunting task. Here I have outlined a basic approach that I find useful. It is not intended to be exhaustive, a poet may utilise additional literary devices; nor is it exclusive, there are numerous ways to read a poem....
  • The Curious Case of A-Level English

    Hannah Knight A-level English Tutor (North London) Picture Thousands of 17-18 year olds will be receiving their A-Level results tomorrow. A good proportion of these will be collecting English Literature grades and amongst them will be two of my students.  Both of them were diligent, conscientious and engaged in our lessons. They both enjoyed exploring...
  • Essay: Clothing in Woolf's Lappin & Lapinova

    Hannah Lawrence A-level English Tutor (Enfield) Picture Below is an extract from an essay considering Virginia Woolf's use of clothing in Lappin and Lapinova: A preoccupation with clothing is inherent across the body of Virginia Woolf’s writing: from her novels to short stories, critical essays to letters. This essay will examine the importance of...


  • Good Books

    I.  Gardner A-level English Tutor (Liverpool) Picture The Great Gatsby by  F. Scott Fitzgerald . The second is The Old man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. When you have finished studying these two books, look back at your own reading history and pick out what you think is a well written book. Examine three separate instances where you find it...
  • Shakespeare and Romantic Love

    Kate Julia McCarthy A-level English Tutor (North London) Picture The poetry of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is dynamised by an interanimation between passion and death. As a Tragedy, this dynamic provides the emotional force of the play, but also serves to show the Tragic potential inherent in the structure of loving itself, whilst exposing the difficulty...
  • Page to screen: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Tristessa Moore A-level English Tutor (Hull) Picture The following is my blogged response to the BBC's recent adaptation (2015) of Susanna Clarke's novel, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (2004) which was part of my Masters thesis on magicians in literature and film, including Christopher Nolan's The Prestige (2006) starring Hugh Jackman and...