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A-level Geography

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The Power of Geography

In 2012, Barack Obama made the (arguably) most memorable statement of his presidential...
A-level Geography

Slow Oil Disaster in Mexico

Oil Disaster Imminent in Mexico Pemex, the national oil company of Mexico, estimate they will...
A-level Geography

Exam skills for A level/IB/GCSE Geography

Most tutees receive private tuition from me for an hour a week or an hour a fortnight. In that...
A-level Geography

The Importance of Geography

Geography is the most invigorating and fascinating subject. For many people geography means...

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  • Rebecca Hutchinson Surbiton, KT5 Gold Member

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    Rebecca has worked as a private tutor and homeschool teacher since graduating from Cambridge University in 2007. She is an enthusiastic, passionate and multi-skilled tutor, specialising in 11+ and 13+, Biology, Geography and Oxbridge Applications
  • Clare Corcoran, MA Clapham Common, SW12 Silver Member

    Clare Corcoran, MA Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am an MA-qualified English as a Foreign Language subject specialist with teaching experience of GCSE & A Level English Literature and Geography.
  • Thomas Wigley Finsbury Park, N4 Gold Member

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    from £45.00/hr View Profile
    I am a 38 year old PhD student with some years teaching and tutoring experience at both secondary school and uni level. I have experience of tutoring all the GCSE sciences and all the exam boards.
  • Amanda Burns West Finchley, N12 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced teacher. I aim to teach students to understand concepts rather than just learn facts. During lessons I look at exam techniques, preparing revision materials, homework and any concepts that the students maybe struggling with.
  • Rebecca Woodward Berkhamsted, HP4 Gold Member

    Rebecca Woodward Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional oboist, and have been a music teacher and tutor for the past ten years. I teach music so it is enjoyable and fun, alongside grades and challenging pieces, to nurture musicianship in each pupil.
  • Simon JC Lawrence Kennington, SE11 Gold Member

    Simon JC Lawrence Picture
    from £69.00/hr View Profile
    I have tutored for 12 years and I really love it! I have managed a school in Brazil, trained and taught in London, both in Academy schools and at a private school, instructed as a Captain in the British Army and now run my own premium agency.
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  • The Power of Geography Editor's Pick

    Emma Williams A-level Geography Tutor (South East London) Picture In 2012, Barack Obama made the (arguably) most memorable statement of his presidential career:- “The study of Geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exist across continents....
  • Overgrazing and the causes of Syria's war

    Hannah Ellis - Tuition Matters A-level Geography Tutor (Gloucester) Picture This is a really interesting article for both biology and geography students. The article highlights the link between human and physical geography, ecological pressures in a fragile ecosystem, the need for conservation, and how this is deemed one of the primary contributing factors to Syria's...
  • Millennium Development Goals documentary

    Hannah Ellis - Tuition Matters A-level Geography Tutor (Gloucester) Picture AQA Geography Unit 1 Health, Unit 3 Development & Globalisation and Conflict & Challenge students will find this useful: The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were formed in September 2000 with an end date of September 2015. The end date is here, but hardly anybody has actually heard of the...


  • Exam skills for A level/IB/GCSE Geography

    Mr. David Poupart A-level Geography Tutor (Milton Keynes) Picture Most tutees receive private tuition from me for an hour a week or an hour a fortnight. In that time it has not been possible for me to go over all aspects of the A Level/GCSE or IB Geography Syllabus. When students have requested it, I have covered a particular topic or key question, but issues...
  • Study Advice: Good working habits

    A-level Geography Tutor (West London) Picture I’m often asked by my students about good working habits throughout the term, to ensure they’re well prepared come exam time. While there’s an element of personal preference, there are a few habits that most people will find very helpful in achieving their end of year goals. Firstly, make notes...
  • 10 Interesting Geography Facts Editor's Pick

    A-level Geography Tutor (Watford) Picture Some interesting geography facts for you: - The worlds smallest country is the Vatican City at only 0.2 square miles.- While Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain according to sea level, Mount Chimborazo is closer to the moon.- Alaska is the most Northern AND Eastern AND Western state...