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Clarinet Fundamentals, by Reine Wehle

Reine Wehle, a most highly regarded orchestral clarinettist throughout Germany and professor at...

Editor's Pick

Ten Tips for Making the Most of Practice Time

It is often said that the more you practice, the better you will get. Why then do some pupils...

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Breathing for Woodwind Players

The playing of wind instruments, as the name suggests, is dependent on the use of and control of...

Editor's Pick

Tips for 'playing in' clarinet reeds

It is important when playing the clarinet to select your reeds carefully. When preparing for an...

Fresh Articles

  • Ten Tips for Making the Most of Practice Time Editor's Pick

    Alison Hockings Clarinet Teacher (Slough) Picture It is often said that the more you practice, the better you will get. Why then do some pupils return to lessons week after week making the same errors? Why do some pupils make slower progress than others? What if you have very limited practice time? The answer is to make the absolute best of whatever time you decide to invest in...
  • Slow and steady wins the race!

    Jordan Black Clarinet Teacher (West London) Picture "With many little strokes a large tree is felled" - Japanese Proverb When I was younger and starting to take clarinet lessons, I wanted everything 'NOW!'. Technique, stamina, sound etc..I was impatient and failed to see that healthy development takes a great deal of time and sometimes progress is taking place, even when we can't see...
  • History of Contemporary Techniques

    Sabina Heywood Clarinet Teacher (South East London) Picture History of Contemporary Techniques Where did contemporary techniques for the clarinet originate? -       In Greek museums there are engravings of people playing double pipe instruments. These were engraved around 3000BC. The modern version of double pipe playing has been transformed into ‘double clarinet playing’. In 1977 a...
  • How to inspire pupils to practise with enthusiasm Editor's Pick

    Sabina Heywood Clarinet Teacher (South East London) Picture It is important to understand why a particular pupil may not be enjoying their music practice and once this has been identified, we can begin to resolve the issue. From my experience as a teacher, I have noticed the most common reason for lack of practice stems from the pupil not progressing enough from their private practice. It is...
  • Practice and how to minimise frustration.

    Poppy Beddoe Clarinet Teacher (South West London) Picture A very effective way of getting students to practise is to offer rewards if they do well. This can come in various forms. For the younger students stickers are excellent ways of encouraging the children to practise. If they have practised well and succeeded in learning a piece or a technique then they can be rewarded with a sticker....
  • What effect does good/bad posture have on tone?

    Greg Hearle Clarinet Teacher (South West London) Picture Tone production on the clarinet is the result of the combined activity of various parts of the body, causing the reed to vibrate by means of a directed, pressurised air column. The body’s natural breathing mechanisms (facilitated by the intercostal muscles, diaphragm, rectus abdomnis and lateral abdominal muscles) provide the...
  • Recommended Reading List for Clarinet

    Gaetano Nenna Clarinet Teacher (North West London) Picture Here is a short list of interesting books useful for those who want to learn the clarinet: 'Enjoy Playing the Clarinet' by Ruth Bonetti, Oxford University Press (Piano Accompaniment book also available) I heartily recommend this book if you want to start learning the clarinet in a fast and enjoyable way. I personally use this...
  • A window of opportunity..?

    Abi Heath Clarinet Teacher (East Central London) Picture Music has been a vital part of human culture ever since people first lived together in groups. Until the dawn of technology, making music was a prime form of entertainment, but today, in an age of instant access to music (on disc, on television, on radio, and online) there is less reason to actually play music ourselves. Set against...
  • The Importance of Being Learners Editor's Pick

    David Mears Clarinet Teacher (Oxford) Picture It is a truism universally echoed that "practice makes perfect". However it is all too rarely that this well-meaning sentiment is critically unpacked. One essential element of effective teaching is the ability to empathise with the situation of the student, all the better to provide appropriate advice, lesson plans, and balance of...
  • Tips for 'playing in' clarinet reeds Editor's Pick

    Charlotte Jolly Clarinet Teacher (Ipswich) Picture It is important when playing the clarinet to select your reeds carefully. When preparing for an examination or performance many students are let down by their choice of reed. It is incredibly important to "play in" your clarinet reeds gently otherwise they can become water-logged. The best way to do this is to take a new box of 10...

Clarinet Teachers

  • Mike Brogan

    Mike Brogan Picture I'm an experienced, professional musician and teacher based in central Edinburgh. Please feel free to browse my profile and contact me if you have any questions.
  • Lucille Price

    Lucille Price Picture Classical saxophonist studying for a Masters in Performance and Pedagogy at Birmingham Conservatoire.
  • Sophia Thwaites Woodward

    Sophia Thwaites Woodward Picture Experienced music teacher and freelance clarinetist, saxophonist & pianist based in West Sussex
  • Hannah Robinson

    Hannah Robinson Picture A motivated, enthusiastic and committed teacher and performer. I have experience and enjoy teaching in many different situations, including 1 to 1 and groups.
  • Elliot Drew

    Elliot Drew Picture I am a Saxophone, Woodwind and Piano tutor working in and around Birmingham. I am a recent graduate from the Birmingham Conservatoire and I have lots of performing experience.
  • Matt Davies

    Matt Davies Picture I am a committed, enthusiastic and highly experienced music teacher and performer, and i'm keen to pass on my passion for music. Students of all ages and standards are welcome!
  • Rachael Chesney

    Rachael Chesney Picture Hello my name is Rachael, I currently live in West London and really enjoy teaching. I am looking for more pupils to share the enjoyment I get out of playing a musical instrument.
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  • Vocal coach London Group lessons for j-pop group
  • Dance tutor-school club South East London 3.30pm till 4.30pm- dbs check required
  • Suzuki method tutor Bromley Suzuki tutor for toddler - any instrument
  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • banjo lessons Wyre/Fylde beginner
  • piano tutor east london dbs check preferred
  • violin tutor wanstead, london experience essential
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