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Tips for 'playing in' clarinet reeds

It is important when playing the clarinet to select your reeds carefully. When preparing for an...

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Breathing for Woodwind Players

The playing of wind instruments, as the name suggests, is dependent on the use of and control of...

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Ten Tips for Making the Most of Practice Time

It is often said that the more you practice, the better you will get. Why then do some pupils...

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Learn an instrument: you'll never be lonely

You don't have to be a professional musician to enjoy the benefits of music-making with...

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  • Catherine Gunnett Wickford, SS12 Gold Member

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    Welcome to my page and thank you for your interest.
  • Adrian Poon Hanwell, W7 Gold Member

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    I am a professionally trained clarinettist. I have had 12-year teaching experience mainly helping pupils for their exams and competitions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your tuition requirements and needs.
  • Tom Thorp Gorse Hill, M41 Gold Member

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    I'm a full-time professional musician an experienced instrumental Teacher. I believe in patient, methodical and thorough learning and I like to instil a passion and enthusiasm for organised practise and relaxed performing in my students.
  • Richard Mulhearn Johnstone, PA12 Gold Member

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    Hi. I'm Richard Mulhearn, musician and teacher. I hope my enthusiasm for performing is passed onto anyone that I have the pleasure to teach.
  • Alice Williamson Palmers Green, N11 Gold Member

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    Cambridge educated clarinettist available for teaching beginners to grade 8 clarinet - both classical and jazz. As well as preparing for exams, I enjoy following and guiding each student's own personal interests in music, such as a style or composer.
  • Sam Jones Acton, W3 Silver Member

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    Hi, I'm Sam and I'm a clarinet and saxophone tutor based in Ealing, West London. I recently graduated from a Composition for Screen masters at the Royal College of Music.
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Clarinet Articles

  • How to prepare for your practical exam

    Samantha Christopher Clarinet Teacher (Colchester) Picture You took the plunge and entered for your first graded music exam; so what’s next?   It is likely that there are less than six-weeks before the exam period starts. Understandably, some candidates might feel pressured that they may not have enough time to prepare or that they won’t be...
  • How to care and maintain your reeds

    Samantha Christopher Clarinet Teacher (Colchester) Picture A reed can last between two-days and six-months depending on how you care for it.  A reed breaking on the day of an exam or important recital can be a nightmare for any reed-wind player.  I once had the misfortune of witnessing a young student break their reed minutes before an exam, there was...
  • CASS Article: Synthetic Reeds

    Michael Pearce  BMus (Hons) MA Clarinet Teacher (North West London) Picture Below is an extract from an article I recently wrote for the UK Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain magazine, discussing the merits and pitfalls of synthetic, plastic clarinet reeds – a very niche topic for a very niche audience! I am delighted that to this day, the article remains...


  • Learning a new instrument

    Myles Christian Clarinet Teacher (East London) Picture Learning an instrument is great fun and a positive personal challenge in many ways. For some people who are beginners, it can be slightly daunting taking up an instrument. This seems to be more the case with adults. My advice to you is don't worry! There is absolutely no pressure or unfair...
  • Slow and steady wins the race!

    Clarinet Teacher (West London) Picture "With many little strokes a large tree is felled" - Japanese Proverb When I was younger and starting to take clarinet lessons, I wanted everything 'NOW!'. Technique, stamina, sound etc..I was impatient and failed to see that healthy development takes a great deal of time and sometimes progress...
  • Warm Up Exercises for Wind Instruments

    Victoria MacLachlan Clarinet Teacher (Harrow) Picture Warm up exercises Although this article is largely going to be focused on clarinet warm up technique, the various methods described can be easily transferred onto any wind instrument and can be made easier or more difficult dependant on the individual. At this time of year especially (cold,...