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Tips for 'playing in' clarinet reeds

It is important when playing the clarinet to select your reeds carefully. When preparing for an...

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Ten Tips for Making the Most of Practice Time

It is often said that the more you practice, the better you will get. Why then do some pupils...

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Beginner Books are Not Books for Beginners!

A common question from a begninner student in the first lesson is this: 'What book should i buy...

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Breathing for Woodwind Players

The playing of wind instruments, as the name suggests, is dependent on the use of and control of...

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  • Always music – never just notes

    Patrick Davies Clarinet Teacher (Birmingham) Picture There is  a big difference between performing a piece of music and playing the notes printed on the page, and we as musicians need constantly to be aware of this – from the day we first pick up the music to the day we are playing it from memory for the twentieth time: a composer notates real,...
  • Short but efficient practice tips

    Patrick Davies Clarinet Teacher (Birmingham) Picture Efficient and focused practice for the terminally short of time. Every musician – young, old, beginner, student, amateur, professional – will agree that there are never quite enough hours in the day to practise as much as we should like to. We must endeavour therefore to use such time as we...
  • Learn an instrument: you'll never be lonely Editor's Pick

    Lisa Devlin Clarinet Teacher (South East London) Picture You don't have to be a professional musician to enjoy the benefits of music-making with others. Have you ever thought about the community music opportunities available to anyone who can play an ensemble instrument? Have a quick search around the internet and you'll find a multitude of...


  • Ten Tips for Making the Most of Practice Time Editor's Pick

    Alison Hockings Clarinet Teacher (Slough) Picture It is often said that the more you practice, the better you will get. Why then do some pupils return to lessons week after week making the same errors? Why do some pupils make slower progress than others? What if you have very limited practice time? The answer is to make the absolute best of...
  • Slow and steady wins the race!

    Jordan Black Clarinet Teacher (West London) Picture "With many little strokes a large tree is felled" - Japanese Proverb When I was younger and starting to take clarinet lessons, I wanted everything 'NOW!'. Technique, stamina, sound etc..I was impatient and failed to see that healthy development takes a great deal of time and sometimes progress...
  • History of Contemporary Techniques

    Sabina Heywood Clarinet Teacher (South East London) Picture History of Contemporary Techniques Where did contemporary techniques for the clarinet originate? -       In Greek museums there are engravings of people playing double pipe instruments. These were engraved around 3000BC. The modern version of double pipe playing has been transformed into...