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Drama School Auditions

Editor's Pick

The Revelation of Self

As an acting teacher with a successful career as a director I have a unique perspective on what...
Drama School Auditions

Editor's Pick

Choosing Audition Pieces

Choosing your audition pieces can be a daunting process but it is worth taking the time and...
Drama School Auditions

Editor's Pick

The Perfect Audition?

For 95% of actors, auditioning is something they will be doing throughout their careers (the...
Drama School Auditions

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Do's and Don't's of Drama School Auditions

The dreaded audition is a staple of most drama schools. It is the smallest big chance you’ll get...

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  • "Can You Just Sit Down And Do That Again...?" Editor's Pick

    Nathan Mark Gordon Drama School Auditions Coach (West London) Picture “Can you just sit down and do that again...? It was the first of my auditions for drama school and it was a biggie: one of the most famous drama schools in the world. I was nervous, but I felt ready. I'd worked really hard on my monologues and I knew exactly what I was going to do. This was...
  • 'Me, Myself And I' In Drama School Auditions Editor's Pick

    Theresa White Drama School Auditions Coach (Leicester) Picture Auditioning for drama school is one of the most forced and unnatural processes. A passionate young student who desperately wants to be trained in their chosen field is expected to perform like a professional to get the chance to do just that... so how is that possible? Firstly when students...
  • Don't Fall In Love With Your Potential

    Ellie Rose Drama School Auditions Coach (Manchester) Picture This week a group of my students auditioned at one of the UK's leading drama schools. We had worked on their pieces, we had torn them to shreds, asked and answered a lot of questions and then put all that work away and just played. They had all prepared, worked hard and now were all nervously...


  • How To Get Into Drama School? Editor's Pick

    Caolan Byrne Drama School Auditions Coach (South East London) Picture "How do I get into Drama school?" is a question that would challenge any actor or academic, no matter where they are based or whatever background they are from. And it can quickly be followed by the question, "Do I need to go to drama school to be a professional actor?" There is no definitive...
  • Just Be You

    Alexander Capon Drama School Auditions Coach (North London) Picture As someone who’s gone to drama school not just once but twice (BA and MA) I have been through more than my fair share of drama school auditions. I have done it as a young naïve teenager desperate to get into my dream school and as a calm, already professional, actor who’s been through it all...
  • How To Speak Shakespeare?

    Calum Finlay Drama School Auditions Coach (North London) Picture The short answer is: nobody knows. That said, there are lots of things you can do to make up your own mind about how best to ‘speak Shakespeare’! Let’s take the prologue to Romeo and Juliet, for example. In Baz Lurmahn’s famous film it was spoken by a news reporter; in Rupert Goold’s...