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Music, Drums & Life: Talent Or Hard Work?

We're all equally talented. I don't think that anyone is more talented than you, and I do not...
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What sets great drummers apart from the rest?

There are certain traits that across the board all great drummers have in common, no matter what...
Drum Kit

Is Youtube the new music teacher?

I regularly update a drumming blog which includes educational videos and interesting approaches...
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The Musical Genius of James Brown

Known as 'The Godfather of Soul', James Brown was an American musical genius that controlled...

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  • Simon Valentine Drum Teacher Ramsgate, CT11 Gold Member

    Simon Valentine Drum Teacher Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Welcome and thanks you for viewing my page! If you are looking for a fun and exciting journey into the vast world of drumming or if you want to dust off that old guitar and do it some justice, then I'm the teacher for you!
  • Matt Raymond Hythe, CT21 Silver Member

    Matt Raymond Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional drummer and drum teacher currently based in Hythe, near Folkestone, Kent.
  • Benjamin Rimmer Bethnal Green, E2 Silver Member

    Benjamin Rimmer Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    Hello! I'm a composer, multi-instrumentalist and a graduate of The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I'm an experienced teacher of violin, music theory and Composition. I am passionate about helping others to succeed and to establish their goals.
  • Gareth Buckland Acton, W3 Gold Member

    Gareth Buckland Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Good day to you and many thanks for viewing my profile. I have been an active teacher in Piano (Jazz/Classical/Latin) and Percussion (Classical) for over 15 years now all around England, to people of all ages and levels.
  • Angela Hui Holborn, WC1R Gold Member

    Angela Hui Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a very passionate person and I enjoy teaching and music-making very much. I can teach all ages and levels on percussion. Please feel free to get in contact and discuss with me your aspirations in Music and Percussion!
  • Laurence Hill West Greenwich, SE10 Gold Member

    Laurence Hill Picture
    from £13.00/hr View Profile
    I'm Laurence Hill and I run music classes for children aged 6-10, called Greenwich Young Musicians. I teach children how to think musically with singing, clapping and percussion lessons before teaching instrumental lessons.
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  • A Short Essay About Pratice..

    Dominique Pizzinat Drum Kit Teacher (South East London) Picture Music is an aesthetic form of knowledge but without skills it can't be performed - which defeats the purpose.   We must keep up the right balance between knowledge and physical skills.  It is the urge to create something beautiful which triggers the desire to practice. The purpose is the...
  • Paradiddle Variations

    Andy Ball Drum Kit Teacher (West London) Picture Ask any drummer to think of a rudiment and most likely it will be the Single Paradiddle that first comes to mind. The word is pretty much synonymous with the term "snare drum rudiments". I remember the first time it was demonstrated to me on the counter of my local drum shop when I was just a...
  • The Musical Genius of James Brown

    Simon Valentine Drum Teacher Drum Kit Teacher (Canterbury) Picture Known as 'The Godfather of Soul', James Brown was an American musical genius that controlled every part of his career from his song writing to the members in his band. He grew up through troubled times of racism, oppression and inequality and pushed the boundaries of black musicians performing...


  • What sets great drummers apart from the rest? Editor's Pick

    Alex Storksen-Coulson Drum Kit Teacher (North London) Picture There are certain traits that across the board all great drummers have in common, no matter what the genre. From great rock drummers like Keith Moon, John Bonham and Dave Grohl, to jazz legends like Elvin Jones and Tony Williams,and even modern Gospel drummers like Thomas Pridgen and Ronald...
  • Creative Lessons: how to put art into discipline

    Andy Turco Drum Kit Teacher (North West London) Picture Playing has always been about sharing emotions, expressing feelings, having fun, being curious, pushing musicians boundaries. Now the question is: how is it possible to match those aspects with a process like one on one tuition, which involves concentration, discipline, motivation and...
  • The Mindset You Need to Succeed

    Drum Kit Teacher (North West London) Picture There is a single and most important thing that determines your success:   What you think of yourself will determine your reality.    I believe that is extremely important to create a positive and constructive image in your mind. Recently I discovered a precious book named 'Mindset' by Dr...