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Early Years Music

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An approach to music teaching for 4-7 yr olds

Whilst teaching pre-school music classes for under 5s I became aware that there are not so many...
Early Years Music

Early Years Education

Childhood is an exciting, fun and challenging period of life. Every new experience is an...
Early Years Music

Music making for the early years

Having recently completed a Creative education course, I have been made aware how important and...
Early Years Music

Teaching Early Years Music

I love teaching Early Years music - it's a fun, explorative and experimental environment that...

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  • Emily Kate Holland Bletchley, MK17 Gold Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Hello!I am based in Great Brickhill, close to Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes. I've been teaching for many years and enjoy a busy career in performing. Please get in touch to have a chat if you or your children are interested in taking up lessons.
  • Emily Askew Wandsworth Town, SW18 Gold Member

    Emily Askew Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a friendly, enthusiastic and engaging music teacher and professional musician. I have 10 years of teaching experience of all ages and abilities.
  • Sophie Crawford Wandsworth Common, SW18 Gold Member

    Sophie Crawford Picture
    from £45.00/hr View Profile
    I offer lessons to students of all ages and abilities from absolute beginner to post grade 8/music college standard. My teaching approach is friendly and patient, tailored to the needs of each individual.
  • Eloise Riddell Kilburn, NW6 Gold Member

    Eloise Riddell Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a passionate qualified double bass and music theory teacher who studied at the Royal Academy of Music. I love being able to share my knowledge of the double bass with others and and am happy to teach all ages and abilities.
  • Alison Rowley Eastville, BS5

    Alison Rowley Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a friendly and enthusiastic teacher with seven years of professional teaching experience. Lessons are relaxed and fun, whatever the age or ability of the student.
  • Charlie Roberts Barnes, SR3

    Charlie Roberts Picture
    from £10.00/hr View Profile
    Hi there, my name is Charlie Roberts. I have been playing Bass for well over a decade now, and I am an experienced sight/chart reader. I studied at BassTech in West London.
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  • Teaching Early Years Music

    Rebecca Colclasure Early Years Music Tutor (South East London) Picture I love teaching Early Years music - it's a fun, explorative and experimental environment that can not only engages the children - but enables the adults and helpers to see their children being very creative. The Early Years music lesson is a space for children to move, learn, listen, copy,...
  • Kodaly Concept

    Early Years Music Tutor (Harrow) Picture The Kodaly Concept is an extremely effective and interesting method of musical training which is applicable in early years music training and professional musician level. For any teacher who is eager to try out something new and make the way of teaching more versatile, this is a method that can...
  • The Power Of Music With Children

    Early Years Music Tutor (North West London) Picture Babies are musical since they born. They react to voice tone, musical sounds and rhythmic movements. By instinct parents sing their babies lullabies to sleep, talk to their kids with a different tone of voice and swing them to make them feel calm. Parents know what scientists have proven in many...


  • Music with Early Years

    Early Years Music Tutor (Canterbury) Picture Sometimes as musicians we can get so weighed down with the stresses of practice and performance preparation that we can sometimes lose some of the love that made us first pick up the instrument, or start singing. The reason why I love spending time with very young children in a musical setting...
  • Choosing an Instrument

    Early Years Music Tutor (Birmingham) Picture It is my belief that you should play the instrument you want to, and you should love your instrument. There is nothing worse than teaching a student who is on that instrument because it is what their school gave them, what their older brother/sister played or what their mum or dad always wanted...
  • An approach to music teaching for 4-7 yr olds Editor's Pick

    Sarah Leong Early Years Music Tutor (Bristol) Picture Whilst teaching pre-school music classes for under 5s I became aware that there are not so many music making opportunities for the next age group up - 4-7 year olds. Schools generally do not allow children to take up an instrument until they are in Year 3, ie aged 7 or 8, so there is often a...