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How to start out as a young flute player

Over the the years I have listened to many flute teachers discuss the best time and way to start...

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Why Do I Need to Practise?

Frequent practice is crucial if a pupil is to progress. Practice helps a pupil to...

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Tips for Efficient Practice

Practice makes perfect! Or does it? During my time at music college, I spent much of my time...

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A Cross Cultural Musical Adventure

After many years of orchestral playing in the Hallė in Manchester, a period as a mature...

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  • Udita Everett Central Brighton, BN1 Gold Member

    Udita Everett Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Flute & Recorder Tuition (Dip.Mus.Vienna). I am a friendly and very patient teacher. I love teaching both children and adults of all ages. My rates are reasonable, and I can help with instruments.
  • Daniel Mawson Moss Side, M13

    Daniel Mawson Picture
    from £20.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a jazz and classical clarinet and saxophonist based in Manchester with a wide spectrum of musical experience: orchestral, solo, folk and pit playing where I also have experience on the flute.
  • Alice Perrin Catford, SE6 Gold Member

    Alice Perrin Picture
    from £20.00/hr View Profile
    I love making music and teaching students of all ages. I feel that the knowledge I have gathered from my teachers is invaluable and I enjoy sharing it with my students.
  • Miss Julie Twite Funtington, PO19 Gold Member

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    from £31.00/hr View Profile
    I am a flute specialist qualified music teacher and deliver lessons from my music room at my home in Chichester, West Sussex. I am very passionate and very enthusiastic about music - in particular the flute! Feel free to book in a free trial lesson.
  • Tom Harrison Oval, SW8 Gold Member

    Tom Harrison Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am a keen and passionate performer and instrumental teacher. I take great pride in imparting knowledge and skills in a logical, concise and digestible fashion.
  • Meritxell Bulbena West Harrow, HA1

    Meritxell Bulbena Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Let's feel and enjoy the music together!
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  • The Importance of Practice

    Lindsey Ellis Flute Teacher (Bromley) Picture When learning a musical instrument, there are obvious important factors to consider, such as having a good instrument and taking regular lessons with an inspirational teacher. However, something often overlooked is the importance of knowing how to practise effectively and committing to do so...
  • Why Teach Music?

    Kate Bateman Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture On Monday I woke up at 7 AM, hopped in the shower with my toothbrush in hand, gobbled my breakfast while I was still standing in the bathroom drying my hair and walked out the door before 8. I was scheduled to start work at Swansfield Elementary School at 8:15. My assignment: elementary school...
  • Performance Practice- Mozart Flute Concerto in D

    Jemma Freestone Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture Applied Performance Practice- Style and Context Mozart Flute Concerto No. 2 in D major Written during Mozart’s time in Mannheimbetween 30th October 1777 and 14th March 1778, his Flute Concerto No.2 in D major was part of a commission for the Dutch physician and amateur flautist Ferdinand de...


  • Moyse Updated for Flute

    Matt Mockford Flute Teacher (Bristol) Picture I recently brought Robert Winn's book Melodies for Developing Tone and Interpretation. It contains 133 beautiful tunes ranging from jazz to opera arias. The book encourages one to link the voice to playing, the first chapter being all about singing the tune first and then playing it, in order to...
  • Singing through the instrument

    Simon Williams Flute Teacher (North London) Picture As instrumentalists, it is easy and all to common to get lost and bogged down in the technicalities of our instrument. As valuable as our technique is, the difference between a good player and an outstanding musician is rarely technical. We all know what good, musical playing is, but how many of...
  • J. J. Quantz's 'On Playing the Flute' Editor's Pick

    Flavia Hirte Flute Teacher (West London) Picture J. J. Quantz's On Playing the Flute is one of the most important works in the history of flute teaching. This seminal work provides an insight into the history of the flute, its making, its techniques, and its use in performance. It also offers expert advice on general musicianship, which is...