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Tips for Efficient Practice

Practice makes perfect! Or does it? During my time at music college, I spent much of my time...

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Does mental practice help musicians or not?

I was introduced the idea of 'Mental Practice' when I got to music college. It is definitely a...

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A Cross Cultural Musical Adventure

After many years of orchestral playing in the Hallė in Manchester, a period as a mature...

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The Importance of Breath Control

Good breathing or breath control is the fundamental basis of good flute playing. The first thing...

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  • Always practise success Editor's Pick

    Simeon Wood Flute Teacher (Huddersfield) Picture Whilst studying flute at music college I sat in on a masterclass given by Geoffrey Gilbert. I remember little of the playing that went on that day but have held on to the maxim he mentioned and that was to “Always practise success”. Don't waste time playing things wrong. Be diligent and...
  • Music is Play: the Importance of Improvisation

    Katy Ovens Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture  There is an unmistakable magic to making up a story on the spot for a child. The landscapes, characters, smells and sounds that take form and live in your imagination are all brought to life through the transportation of words. You may have a vague idea of where the story might go but...
  • How Yoga Can Help Your Flute Playing

    Elizabeth Marr Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture As part of my Masters Degree which I have recently completed I had to do a Master Research Paper.  The topic I chose was if and how yoga can be used to benefit flute playing with specific interest in the effects on posture and breathing.  What I have found has been a revelation to me and my...


  • Three Points of Good Teaching

    Vicky Yuan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture There are three key areas that I think are important when considering how to be a good teacher. A good teacher must endeavour: To understand and build up a good relatioship with their student The teacher should get to know their student's personality and build a good relationship with their...
  • Taking Up An Instrument

    Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture Flute Lessons : Taking Up The Flute Children: It sounds obvious, but a student needs to be big enough to hold the flute, which is why so many teachers recommend the starting age to be 8 years old (can stretch to 7 years if the child can manage it)! A bad experience struggling to hold a flute can...
  • Tips for Efficient Practice Editor's Pick

    Helena Gourd Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture Practice makes perfect! Or does it? During my time at music college, I spent much of my time practising in a small, windowless practice room whilst the birds whistled outside and normal, civilian life continued. Practising is, of course, necessary but we can save a lot of time by knowing how to...