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Tips for memorising music

Some people wonder what the best method is to memorise pieces of music. I believe the best way...

Editor's Pick

How to start out as a young flute player

Over the the years I have listened to many flute teachers discuss the best time and way to start...

Editor's Pick

Tips for Efficient Practice

Practice makes perfect! Or does it? During my time at music college, I spent much of my time...

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An Examination Of Posture In Flute Playing

The following article is the intellectual property of Eleanor Nichol. Please do not reproduce...

Fresh Articles

  • Taking Up An Instrument

    Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture Flute Lessons : Taking Up The Flute Children: It sounds obvious, but a student needs to be big enough to hold the flute, which is why so many teachers recommend the starting age to be 8 years old (can stretch to 7 years if the child can manage it)! A bad experience struggling to hold a flute can obviously hinder a child's first...
  • Tips for Efficient Practice Editor's Pick

    Helena Gourd Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture Practice makes perfect! Or does it? During my time at music college, I spent much of my time practising in a small, windowless practice room whilst the birds whistled outside and normal, civilian life continued. Practising is, of course, necessary but we can save a lot of time by knowing how to practise more efficiently. I could have...
  • A Holistic Approach to Playing the Flute

    Jane Fisher Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture I like to adopt a "holistic" approach to my teaching. Tone quality, posture, finger technique and breath control are all extremely important. When a student is starting to learn a new piece, I like to integrate these in the following manner: I will help the student find patterns in the music (such as scale and arpeggio fragments,...
  • How to start out as a young flute player Editor's Pick

    Ruth Leech Flute Teacher (Portsmouth) Picture Over the the years I have listened to many flute teachers discuss the best time and way to start playing the flute. As a student at a private school I was privileged to play a lot of recorder during my junior school years, including playing treble recorder in a consort group, which taught me so much about breathing, tonguing and...
  • Flute Beginners - Useful Information

    Rachel Shirley Flute Teacher (Sheffield) Picture If you or your child are thinking about playing the flute, there's lots of information out there - this is a quick summary of some of the most useful sites for flute beginners. Just Flutes are a great shop and site for everything to do with flutes. Their tips on choosing a beginner flute are a really good place to start if you're...
  • What to look for in buying your first flute

    Emily Hewson Flute Teacher (Stockport) Picture There are many different ways to buy a flute – eBay, 2nd hand shops/websites, private sellers, music shops or auction houses. With your first flute, it is a good idea to go to a music shop to buy a flute which they can guarantee has been fully serviced.  Another reason why this is a good idea is because you will need to talk to...
  • Nurturing wellbeing through music

    Ruth.flute Flute Teacher (Harrow) Picture I believe that each one of us has a musical voice and this sounds our emotions and helps us connect with each other. I feel that our health and wellbeing is nurtured by expressing our inner creativity through music. I hope to transfer my passion for flute and music to each one of my students and feel that each person should be...
  • Does mental practice help musicians or not? Editor's Pick

    Sirius Chau Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture I was introduced the idea of 'Mental Practice' when I got to music college. It is definitely a fabulous idea, not just because it saves much of your time when you might be sitting in the practice room but practising nothing, but it also prevents over-practising and therefore reduces the chance of getting hurt. For me, although I...
  • Useful Flute Links: Sheet Music, Magazines etc

    Alice Bancroft Flute Teacher (Sheffield) Picture Sheet Music You can buy sheet music and accessories in Sheffield. However, if you want something quickly that isn't available at local shops I recommend Jonathan Myall Music. They are flute specialists. If you phone in the morning and what you require is in stock it should come the next day. Alternatively, you can order from them...
  • Which beginner flute books are the best?

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture In my opinion, the best beginner book is Flute Basics by Sally Adams. It comes with a CD, a fingering chart, and a wide selection of tunes. It starts at absolute beginner level, and takes students up to about Grade 2.

Flute Teachers

  • Harry Winstanley

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture A holistic approach to music-making is key: aural and theory are used to develop rounded flute playing, and importance is placed on context, and seeing beyond the score! ...
  • Andrew Littlewood

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture Hi there! Just get in touch for a chat about how I can help you learn any aspect of music tuition. I can help you whether you are an absolute beginner flute player or a...
  • Rachel Shirley

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture I offer flute lessons in Sheffield for children and adults, from complete beginners to more advanced students and players returning after a break. I love helping people to...
  • Dan Milverton

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture Young, enthusiastic musician studying for a Master's in Performance and Pedagogy.
  • Flavia Hirte

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture I am an enthusiastic young musician and teacher, keen to adapt to any individual need, interest and standard of my pupils.
  • Sheng-Che Wu

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture I am a enthusiastic music and Mandarin teacher, who is based in Birmingham. My teaching experience is wide and varied.
  • Aimee Consiglia

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture I'm a young flautist with a keen interest in teaching. Learning an instrument teaches dedication, skill and creativity so I build my lessons on all 3- having fun at the same time!
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  • piano tutor east london (close to ec1v) able to teach piano to great standard
  • musical instruments/ singing London/ Greater London DBS checks, able to enter into exams,
  • Dance and drama cover teacher London in May and June after school clubs DBS required
  • Singing teacher London For an au pair working in London
  • Guitar teacher Plumstead London DBS needed and teaching exp
  • Flute teacher Twickenham Teach to a high level
  • Double Bass tuition Penge SE20 instrument required
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