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Practising the Piccolo

Like many flautists, when I was learning flute as a school student the occasion would sometimes...

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Why Do I Need to Practise?

Frequent practice is crucial if a pupil is to progress. Practice helps a pupil to...

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The benefits of learning flute or recorder

Learning flute or recorder has many more benefits than meets the eye. I recommend younger...

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J. J. Quantz's 'On Playing the Flute'

J. J. Quantz's On Playing the Flute is one of the most important works in the history of flute...

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  • Andrew Littlewood Roundhay, LS8 Gold Member

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    Hi there! Just get in touch for a chat about how I can help you learn any aspect of music tuition. I can help you whether you are an absolute beginner flute player or a diploma flute student.
  • Jana Cadez Amali Flute Tutor Hanover, BN2 Silver Member

    Jana Cadez Amali Flute Tutor Picture
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    There's a reason he called it 'The Magic Flute!' It is an instrument that can take you on a wonderful journey and a companion in life like no other!
  • Kate Bateman Didsbury, M20 Silver Member

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    I am a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music with merit, and am a passionate teacher with experience in one-on-one lessons as well as working in schools. All ages and abilities are welcome!
  • Cherie Portchester, PO16 Silver Member

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    Patience and being understanding are probably my best qualities for being a teacher. That's not just what I think but a number of my pupils and pupils' parents have told me so. A sense of humour in the right situations can also be productive. Lots of people are good musicians but not all of them have the patience to teach people who struggle with the subject. I know from personal experience from when I was a child that the more someone shouts at a person who is trying hard but finding something difficult, the harder it becomes for that person to do well. That doesn't meant that I will be too soft with anyone messing about but am understanding towards those who are keen but not naturaly gifted in music.
  • Tim Farnhill Acomb, YO26 Gold Member

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    Hi! I am an experienced and highly qualified musician with a passion for teaching. I teach all ages and all standards. So, if you are a serious music student or just learning as an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby then please contact me.
  • Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip Godalming, GU7 Gold Member

    Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip Picture
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    Hello! I am a freelance flautist and flute tutor. I am deeply committed to deliver bespoke tuition to all of my students. I have 11 years of teaching experience... I teach all ages, different genres of music, and all standards, beginner - advanced.
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  • The Benefits of Improvisation for Young Musicians

    Siobhan Stone Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture   Improvisation is a highly creative activity, and the brain activity has been shown to be significantly different when improvising compared to playing learned or memorised music. Charles Limb’s study of 2008 (discussed in TED talk:...
  • Practising the Piccolo Editor's Pick

    Bronte Hudnott Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture Like many flautists, when I was learning flute as a school student the occasion would sometimes arise where I would be called on to play the piccolo, both in the school's wind bands and orchestra. Such an event would usually instill me with immense fear, which is of course not an ideal feeling...
  • The importance of Scales and Studies.

    Kristan Swain Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture Playing the flute, in the grand scheme of things, is really not the greatest challenge in the world. By this I mean, learning to play the flute is relatively easy - in comparison to its woodwind counterparts, and other members of the string family. It is relatively simple to 'get up and running'...


  • Learning an instrument: a musical journey

    Rebecca Carson Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture I believe that music is within us all and we are all capable of performing and sharing it,  if we are willing to put in time and effort. Beyond learning to play our instrument we also learn about commitment, patience and discipline which are useful tools in all aspects of life.   In music we...
  • Nightmare Passage?

    Ceri Wills Flute Teacher (Leicester) Picture As flute players, we are often faced with passages of music with an impossible looking amount of notes, or dozens of scales to prepare for examinations. Beginning practice of these passages (or scales) can be daunting. While endless repetition has some benefits, progress can be slow and practice...
  • Flute Playing, Breathing and Posture.

    Cara Garton Flute Teacher (East London) Picture In my experiences as a student and also as a teacher, attention to breathing and posture should be at the core of everything. It is my belief that having a natural posture and being aware of what the body is doing at all times is essential to developing a solid technique, and helps with the...