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GCSE French

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Strategies for improving understanding

Strategies for understanding (reading and listening) Read the questions first Start by...
French (general)

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6 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

  Learn a new word each day - It may not sound much, but that’s 7 new words a week or 30 or...
French (general)

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How to increase exposure to a foreign language

As a language learner, you can increase exposure to a foreign language and culture simply, even...
GCSE French

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Do girls do better than boys at French?

Statistically speaking, it is true that girls do better than boys in French when the GCSE...

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  • A trick to learn French !

    Simcha Parienti A-level French Tutor (North West London) Picture It is shown by scientific studies that one needs a special kind of motivation to learn a language, which mainly comes from two different sources: need and pleasure. The more important this motivation is, the quicker and the better one will learn the language. Now the question is, if you need to...
  • How do you become a good learner? Editor's Pick

    French (general) Tutor (North London) Picture The best student I have ever taught had booked a four-day intensive one-to-one course with me and his objective was to speak French by the end of it. He wanted to go from zero-knowledge to being able to communicate in just four days. He was preparing himself to go to Paris for a concert, he was...
  • Strategies for improving understanding Editor's Pick

    Daniele Bourdais GCSE French Tutor (North London) Picture Strategies for understanding (reading and listening) Read the questions first Start by reading the questions, they’ll give you an idea of what the text is about and what you’re supposed to look out for. Read the text once through, keeping in mind what you’re asked to do with it. Remember,...


  • Advice for learning a language

    Hannah Lee French (general) Tutor (South East London) Picture Appreciate the learning experience and remember how far you’ve comeI’m not sure there is a subject where learning is so evident and quantifiable as in languages. Every new word or item of vocabulary is a new item of learning. It is easy to see and count exactly how much you have learnt, to...
  • Why do people learn French?

    Guillaume Key Stage 1 French Tutor (South West London) Picture France and French culture have been major players in Europe as we know it today. France has contributed massively to the common cultural heritage of humanity. In theatre and literature, poetry and philosophy, painting and sculpture, architecture and music, some of the greatest names in...
  • "I don't geddit sir"

    Gareth Robson GCSE French Tutor (South East London) Picture Why do so many struggle to make progress when learning an additional language in a classroom? Why do they not "geddit"? A better question would be "what's to get?"  I've thought about this a lot as I've observed language learners. Those who progress well seem to accept the additional language,...