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GCSE English

Editor's Pick

"Before you were mine", by Carol Ann Duffy

BEFORE YOU WERE MINE by Carol Ann Duffy I think this is a very moving poem. A daughter expresses the depth and... More »
GCSE English

Editor's Pick

Rhythm in Poetry - Can you read the metre?

Rhythm in Poetry There are lots of things to look for in a poem: similes and metaphors, images, rhyme schemes,... More »

Fresh Articles

  • English Teaching Philosophy

    Olivia321 GCSE English Tutor (North London) Picture
    Students will be always be given a reasonable amount of homework.   Homework is designed to help students learn – improve on their weaknesses and develop on strengths.   Students will be taught to focus on the big-picture.  Rather than just seeing their homework as a piece of paper that...
  • No Such Thing as CAN'T

    Maroulla GCSE English Tutor (Enfield) Picture
    The plaintive cry of 'Miss, I can't do this', is banned from my students' lips. They are simply not allowed to use it.  'Can't' implies defeat, an inability to complete a task, it's giving up.  Instead, the mantra is: ' I can do this, but I need a bit more help to understand it...
  • Animal Imagery in Of Mice and Men Editor's Pick

    Joanna Marshall GCSE English Tutor (Bath) Picture
    How are animals and animal imagery used in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men? Steinbeck uses a lot of animal imagery and symbolism in his novel. In particular, the character and physical strength of Lennie is often portrayed through the use of animal imagery. Have a look at these quotes and think...
  • The Challenge of Teaching Poetry

    EnglishTutor1052 GCSE English Tutor (North West London) Picture
    On both of my teaching placements I have observed a general difference in the way pupils feel about talking and writing in class about poetry as opposed to other types of literary text and non-fiction. Pupils and teachers seem to share an anxiety about discussion of poetry that is not found when...
  • Express Your Opinion

    Maroulla GCSE English Tutor (Enfield) Picture
    I must have taught 'Romeo & Juliet', 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' 'Of Mice and Men' 'Lord of the Flies' and WW1 poetry more times than I care to remember. "Isn't it boring?" I am often asked. No - it's not, because the literature is so good that there is always something else to learn, no matter...
  • speaking and listening....

    Laura Pasternack GCSE English Tutor (West London) Picture
    When Ofqual, the body that regulates standards of public examinations, announced last August that speaking and listening would no longer be allowed to add any marks to the overall grade at GCSE, there was a mixed response from students and teachers alike. Some teachers were relieved; it's almost...
  • Online Tuition in the Technology Age

    Ruth Mitchell GCSE English Tutor (East London) Picture
    How can online tuition be as effective as face-to-face? Can technology let the student and tutor become well connected? Won't the student be less focused? Won't the lesson be less formal? These are all issues that can concern a parent or adult learner who is considering online tuition. The...
  • Using Youtube for GCSE English

    Fiona Hamilton GCSE English Tutor (South West London) Picture
    When it comes to revising for your GCSE English or even A-Level English, there is a wealth of information on the internet. Youtube is a particulary rich source to help you revise your poems and set texts. If there are still parts of War Photographer that you just don't get, or you're missing...
  • Seven Simple Tips for GCSE English Writing Success Editor's Pick

    Claire Lancaster GCSE English Tutor (North London) Picture
    Whatever the writing purpose is (to inform, to advise, to argue, to describe, to explain or to persuade), it is essential that you follow the hints below. Miss out on these and you miss out on easy marks. 1. Paragraphs – They’re paramount! Why? Because they are the first things your...
  • Audio books - your secret weapon!

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    Audio books – your secret weapon! Getting students to read set texts can be a real challenge. Many students simply don’t ever read the whole book they are using as a set text and this can limit their understanding terribly. Writing an essay about how a character evolves throughout a story is...

GCSE English Tutors

  • Monica Janssens

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    A highly qualified, experienced tutor, I undertake short-term and long time roles and have prepared international children for entrance to Britain’s top schools, from...
  • Joanne Barry

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    I believe pupils learn best through lessons tailored to their interests and personality and that it is essential to promote self-esteem and motivation.
  • Anne Lovelock

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    Hello. I am an experienced, dedicated and well-qualified teacher, and I offer one-to-one tuition in the Worthing area. I really care about my students, I love my work and am...
  • Ade O'Brien

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    Hi. My name's Ade and I am an experienced private tutor based in Central London
  • Philippa Rumsey

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    As a qualified teacher I work with all exam boards and know exactly how to get you through your exams. I have passion for my subjects and am highly experienced.
  • Graham John

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    We may not hold their futures in our hands but we do hold their todays.
  • Will Cartwright-Harwood

    Stephen Challis GCSE English Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    I graduated in June from the University of Cambridge with a BA in English - where my special topics were Tragedy, Literary Theory and Visual Culture. I am available throughout...
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  • KS3 English and Maths teacher Brixton, London teacher needed for 2 hours a week
  • English 11+ CEMS online Skype AT LEAST 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE DBS/CRB
  • immigration + intl. trade law nottingham possible degree coursework
  • Information Studies Tutor London LIS tutor wanted, pref PHD graduate
  • classics tutor London or online Degree level essay writing
  • Microsoft Access Tutor London beginner, intermediate for adult
  • BVetMed year 1 tutor _ RVC London first year vet school
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