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GCSE English

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How your parents can help you out!

Ok, let's be honest, when your little darlings are going through their GCSE exams, things can...
GCSE English

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English A-Level Reading List Advice

Reading for Pleasure … and Preparation: Advice to A Level English Literature Students "The man...
GCSE English

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"Before you were mine", by Carol Ann Duffy

BEFORE YOU WERE MINE by Carol Ann Duffy I think this is a very moving poem. A daughter...
GCSE English

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In Search of Originality

In Search of Originality In terms of progressing pupils to improve GCSE Examination standards...

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  • Shakespeare for Children

    Poppy Hulse GCSE English Tutor (South East London) Picture As part of my second year studying English at degree level I spent four months closely examining a different Shakespeare play every week. I read what felt like every Shakespeare play referred to in popular culture. Studying and writing about them in great depth. Reading one 16th century play a...
  • Private Tuition - How do I know who to hire?

    Laurence Dalton GCSE English Tutor (Coventry) Picture Private tuition is something that most parents entertain at some stage of their child's education. Most parents feel that private tuition is something that will help complement learning that is taking place at school and make a significant difference to examination outcomes. They are correct....
  • How to think - for essay writing and for life

    Henry Dingle GCSE English Tutor (Bristol) Picture I feel like I have something of a genuine revelation to make to you all in this article, for those of you working in education, with an interest in education, or both! It is THE secret key for guaranteed success in all academic performance. What makes it a revelation, as I am sure you...


  • English: A Precious Art Form

    Molly Cowell GCSE English Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture "Shakespeare is boring." "When will I ever need to know what an adjective is?" Just two examples of quotations that you could pluck from an English class anywhere in the country at any given moment in a school day. I've heard variations of this before, and, in the moment, it is really hard to...
  • Tips on analysis

    Emma Pajak-Sim GCSE English Tutor (Gloucester) Picture In my 14 years of teaching English, one of the most frightening things for students is how to analyse language effectively. This is clearly very important for English Literature GCSE but also for English Language. The quality of your analysis also makes the difference between an A* and a G! It...
  • Formal and Informal writing

    Louise Swain GCSE English Tutor (Milton Keynes) Picture When it comes to writing in English, there are two main styles of writing - formal and informal. Consider these two examples: Example 1: Thank you for taking the time to meet with our team regarding the role of Administrator. Unfortunately, our team did not select you for further consideration...