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GCSE History

Testing Historical Interpretations

Testing historical interpretations can be a difficult concept for students to grasp - so here's...
GCSE History

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Success in GCSE History

Many students study Modern History and it is of course important to prepare well for the...
GCSE History

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Exam Preparation for GCSE History

Preparing for a GCSE history exam can be very daunting. All those dates to remember, key people...
GCSE History

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Five Top Tips for Exam Success

As an examiner, I have read literally hundreds of students’ answers to GCSE History questions....

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  • Jon Heath Stourbridge, DY8 Gold Member

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    I am 33 years old and have been teaching A Level and GCSE English, History and Maths at sixth form for 12 years; my results have surpassed national pass rates and been rated "outstanding".
  • Philippa Rumsey Ponders End, EN3

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    As a qualified teacher I work with all exam boards and know exactly how to get you through your exams. I have passion for my subjects and am highly experienced.
  • Susan Sale Arbury, CV10

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    I am Primary and Secondary trained with a specialism in English Language and Literature. I have been teaching for twenty years both in the UK and abroad and have covered all age ranges from 6 to 18.
  • Peter Thomas Consett, DH8

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    If you are struggling with aspects of GCSE or A Level History or Sociology feel free to contact myself for a free consultation about your requirements.
  • Julie Roberts Efford and Lipson, PL3 Gold Member

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    I am teacher that specialises in tutoring - this can be for a short period to target a specific concern; longer term subject specific: extra help for a specific need such as dyscalculia; SAT's tuition, tutoring for the 11+ and proofreading.
  • Poppy Hulse Rotherhithe, SE16

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    I am an English student in my final year of University, and trainee teacher committed to sharing my passion for reading and writing with young people.
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GCSE History Articles

  • Book review: Growing up Poor by Anna Davin

    GCSE History Tutor (Reading) Picture Growing up poor: Home, School and Street in London, 1870-1914 by Anna Davin What does this book tell us about childhood gender roles amongst the working classes during the late Victorian age? Anna Davin’s, Growing up poor: Home, School and Street in London, 1870-1914 (1996), makes use of a wide...
  • Testing Historical Interpretations

    Gary Mitchell GCSE History Tutor (Bournemouth) Picture Testing historical interpretations can be a difficult concept for students to grasp - so here's a tip. Take one of their popular movies like 'Titanic' - or TV series like 'The White Queen' - and play 'spot the mistakes'. Then ask them to consider why the producer felt the need to make these...
  • Making History Fun Editor's Pick

    GCSE History Tutor (Exeter) Picture History can be challenging both to teach and to learn. The combination of dates, names and events, means that occasionally it can be a dry subject. Fortunately when presented correctly it can be both engaging and, perhaps most importantly, reflect on the world the student can see around...


  • History exams: Know your mark scheme Editor's Pick

    GCSE History Tutor (Southampton) Picture In my teaching and examining experience, rightly or wrongly (alas not for discussion here) success at History GCSE boils down to two elements: Understanding and remembering a good deal of events, causes and consequences, facts and dates and applying it all correctly in the exam. ...
  • How To Please Your Examiner Editor's Pick

    GCSE History Tutor (Northampton) Picture I have been an examiner for 12 years and here are some tips. Some of these might seem obviously but you would be surprised by the number of candidates who forget them. a. Do remember to number your questions clearly and, if necessary, complete the front of any answer booklet. b. If you...
  • Ben Walsh - OCR GCSE Modern World History; Review Editor's Pick

    GCSE History Tutor (North West London) Picture This is a review of the Ben Walsh textbook OCR GCSE Modern World History. It is part if the range of textbooks that this author has issued via Hodder Education, not only for the OCR exam board, but also for the Edexcel and AQA boards. This article will be focussing on the OCR version, as this is...