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GCSE Maths

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The Benefits of the Khan Academy

The Khan Academy, ( is a non-profit, free, online learning tool which I...
GCSE Maths

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Why Do Bright Pupils Have Difficulty with Maths?

How is it that many bright, hardworking and ambitious students struggle so with maths? After...
GCSE Maths

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Mindset Adjustment For Developing Confidence

"I'm not good at maths. I just don't have that kind of brain. Some people are wired that way. I...
GCSE Maths

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Constructivist Teaching and Learning

Constructivist Teaching and Learning In a transmissive learning environment, the tutor directs...

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  • Gcse Maths tutor harrow

    Kamal Patel GCSE Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture Toughest changes hit Maths curriculum in London Schools from September 2016!  Dear Parents / students, Yes, you read that right! Let me explain. My new scheme of work requires me to teach Factorising Quadratic expressions to year 7 and year 8 students!! Are you joking? Well, No. I am not. Until...
  • Growth Mindset in Maths

    Trish Dooley GCSE Maths Tutor (South East London) Picture One of the key aspects of successful coaching is enabling your client to have a sense of self belief, to overcome their saboteurs, the negative 'I should, must, ought' thoughts and to evoke a transformation, change in themselves. This is related so keenly with the way in which children learn and...
  • Learning Maths With Less Than Helpful Teachers

    Kyle Edmond GCSE Maths Tutor (Cardiff) Picture I'm sure everyone has come across this problem at least once; for whatever reason, you just can't understand what your teacher is telling you, no matter how many times you ask them to repeat the question or explanation they've just gone through. It's especially irritating when the rest of the...


  • Outmoded and Obscure Maths

    Ciaran O Briain GCSE Maths Tutor (Redhill) Picture Should we continue to subject this generation to outmoded and obscure maths content? Well my answer is no we should not. I am sure there is lots that is relevant in the secondary maths curriculum, but I question some content that still remains, i.e. multiplication and division of fractions. Let...
  • You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Do Well At Maths

    Ada Learn GCSE Maths Tutor (South West London) Picture It started when I got what was the equivalent of (O Level) GCSE Mathematics aged nine. I was home educated by my Dad. People would say, "You must be very bright or child prodigy," and yes, the word genius has been used. I would always shrug my shoulders; Maths is now something that comes...
  • Reasons for turning to Private Maths Tuition,

    David J Winstanley GCSE Maths Tutor (South West London) Picture There’s no getting away from the current crisis in the education system today, especially within the UK. With that comes a shortage of Maths teachers suitably skilled to teach our children. I speak from both a professional and a parental perspective. With the intense pressure put on teachers...