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GCSE Maths

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The Problem with Maths!

I find the biggest problem that pupils have with maths is that they tell themselves that it is...
GCSE Maths

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A teacher’s view of the value of private tuition

Working towards a prosperous future In 1987 I qualified as a teacher and started my career in an...
GCSE Maths

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Some thoughts on taking GCSE Maths exams

I think that GCSE exams are probably the hardest set of exams (not the hardest exams...
GCSE Maths

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Why maths should be your friend

Young people often have many frustrations with maths, from "it doesn't make any sense" to "I'll...

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  • Toughest changes hit London Schools in Sep 2016!

    Kamal Patel GCSE Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture Toughest changes hit Maths curriculum in London Schools from September 2016!  Dear Parents / students, Yes, you read that right! Let me explain. My new scheme of work requires me to teach Factorising Quadratic expressions to year 7 and year 8 students!! Are you joking? Well, No. I am not. Until...
  • You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Do Well At Maths

    Ada Learn GCSE Maths Tutor (South West London) Picture It started when I got what was the equivalent of (O Level) GCSE Mathematics aged nine. I was home educated by my Dad. People would say, "You must be very bright or child prodigy," and yes, the word genius has been used. I would always shrug my shoulders; Maths is now something that comes...
  • Reasons for turning to Private Maths Tuition,

    David J Winstanley GCSE Maths Tutor (South West London) Picture There’s no getting away from the current crisis in the education system today, especially within the UK. With that comes a shortage of Maths teachers suitably skilled to teach our children. I speak from both a professional and a parental perspective. With the intense pressure put on teachers...


  • 10 Tips to help concentrate and focus

    Vandana Gupta GCSE Maths Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture Here are 10 tips to help you work more effectively! Work for 20/30 minutes and take a break; Take a 5 minute break, have a stretch, drink water, walk around; have a treat or eat a piece of fruit; Go back to your work, test yourself and carry on; Congratulate yourself; Study some more –...
  • Changes in GCSE contents and examination

    Maths Teacher GCSE Maths Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture As most of you are aware, the GCSE contents, examination and grading system is changing from 2016-17. More content has been added from A-level maths and the focus has changed to understanding and application rather than content learning. There will be three papers;one non-calculator and two...
  • Where To Become Addicted To Learning New Things

    Christine O GCSE Maths Tutor (Croydon) Picture 1. Become a coder in minutes! Codecademy – Learn how to code really cool websites, you will see results in no time. 2. Beat the spreadsheet before it beats you edX– Learn how to be an Excel Wiz or an awesome online marketing guru from the world’s best universities! 3. Learn a language every...