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Folk Guitar

Editor's Pick

Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerpicking is a hugely popular technique in the folk genre and has experienced a resurgence...
Bass Guitar

Editor's Pick

What Bass do I buy?!

You walk into a music shop, and they are stacked to the rafters on either side with Guitars and...
Classical Guitar

Editor's Pick

Making arrangements for the classical guitar

Making arrangements and transcriptions for the guitar and other plucked instruments is a long...
Classical Guitar

Editor's Pick

Why play scales and arpeggios?

To many students, scales and arpeggios are seen as a chore; the boring bit before playing...

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Guitar Articles

  • How to Listen Editor's Pick

    Tom Gamble Classical Guitar Teacher (East London) Picture When was the last time you listened to music? I mean, really listened? In our contemporary urban living we are surrounded by music, sounds and noises 24/7. It engulfs us everywhere, so much so that often when we are in a place which is truly silent we can feel uncomfortable, uneasy and confused....
  • Learning Guitar Tabs Or Notation?

    H Stewart Folk Guitar Teacher (Glasgow) Picture Many guitar students avoid learning music theory and guitar tutors often say that it's not necessary to read music if you want to play tunes on the guitar. This is true, and I suppose it goes for other instruments too, but it does impose a limit on how fast you can learn and how deep your...
  • Guitar Practice Tips

    Adam Hooton Electric Guitar Teacher (South West London) Picture Sitting positionWhilst seated, place both feet on the floor and keep your back straight. Put the waist of the guitar on your right leg if you are right-handed (this is the hand you hold thepick with) and hold the back of the guitar against your stomach and chest. Keep the neck of the guitar...


  • Visualising The Fretboard In Intervals

    Dan Smith Guitar Electric Guitar Teacher (Manchester) Picture If like myself you are a guitarist interested in becoming a 'well rounded' player and all that comes with that, you will have no doubt encountered the hundreds if not thousands of scales, chords, arpeggios, diagrams, chord boxes and chord sheets with chord names longer than your arm, that you...
  • The Importance of being creative

    Rob Guitar Classical Guitar Teacher (Chelmsford) Picture I have taught alongside many great players/teachers, many of whom studied music at prestigious universities, and I have learned a great deal from them. However, take away the sheet music and ask them to improvise and a surprisingly large percentage of them freeze up! This is because formal...
  • What Guitar To Buy?

    Nick Jones Guitar Classical Guitar Teacher (Harrow) Picture People often ask me what type of guitar to buy for their child as a first/beginner guitar. Unfortunately, some parents don't ask me this before taking lessons and end up buying an unsuitable guitar. So heres my opinion... I think most children, if they are a beginner, should start with a 3/4...