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Classical Guitar

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The Road to Happiness in Playing Music

We hear a great master of the guitar, and say to ourselves, "I want to be able to play like...
Electric Guitar

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Recording Yourself Practising

Recording yourself practise is a habit well worth encouraging in your students. Not only does it...
Classical Guitar

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Why play scales and arpeggios?

To many students, scales and arpeggios are seen as a chore; the boring bit before playing...
Bass Guitar

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Listening To The Experts - Soulful Bass Players

One of the best teachers you’ll ever find as a bass guitarist (or any musician for that matter)...

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  • Thomas Emery Catford, SE6 Gold Member

    Thomas Emery Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I believe that, as a teacher, my role, is to inspire a passion for music in my pupils. Together we can achieve an excellent standard of music making together, with solid technique, passionate musicianship and a hard work ethic.
  • Vinnie West Greenwich, SE10 Gold Member

    Vinnie Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Hey, my name is Vinnie and I am a musician since I was very little. I love writing and making music. Sharing my passion with my students is another side of being a musician that can be very rewarding. Ask me anything you would like to know!
  • Tibo Maidenbower, RH10

    Tibo Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Guitarist (grade 8), music teacher, performer, song writer, arranger and producer (studied at the SAE Institute). Native French speaker graduated with degrees in Law and Economics. Flexible approach.
  • Aubin Vanns Harlesden, NW10 Gold Member

    Aubin Vanns Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a sincere and enthusiastic teacher as well as a passionate musician. I have performed all over the UK and Sweden in various jazz, pop, soul and folk groups. I'm now living and working in London.
  • Andres Razzini Highbury, N5 Gold Member

    Andres Razzini Picture
    from £28.00/hr View Profile
    You've been wanting to learn to play guitar or come back to it for a while now but don't know where to start? Learn what you want to play with a tailor made programme based on your taste, your pace and your availability. First lesson free.
  • Huw V Williams St. Albans, AL1 Gold Member

    Huw V Williams Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Stringed instrument Tutor North London, Hertforshire.
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Guitar Articles

  • Posture and Classical Guitar

    Gareth Parker Classical Guitar Teacher (Bromley) Picture I would highly recommend that any study of classical guitar also entails a study of how one holds oneself. Over the years, classical guitarists have always sort to find the best position in which to sit and whether to use a footstool, A-frame, cushion or any other support device. Having tried...
  • The Electric Guitar

    Tibo Electric Guitar Teacher (Redhill) Picture Since its invention in the 1930s, the sound of the electric guitar has evolved significantly. Over the years, guitar players have made full use of its components, from the bending the strings to tweaking the pickups, to generate music like never before. Electric guitars bring an unlimited...
  • What Bass do I buy?! Editor's Pick

    Charlie Roberts Bass Guitar Teacher (Sunderland) Picture You walk into a music shop, and they are stacked to the rafters on either side with Guitars and Basses, astronomical price tags and more "Please ask for assistance" signs than you can shake a stick at.  But do not fret! (no pun intended). This article should nudge you in the right direction of...


  • Entry level guitar

    andrew mcdowell Electric Guitar Teacher (Edinburgh) Picture Entry level guitar is one of the most flexible, and easily grasped musical instruments available. TAB and chord charts can be easily understood as they have their basis in logic rather than previously learned knowledge, therefore a student can instantly begin playing basic chords and melodies....
  • Making arrangements for the classical guitar Editor's Pick

    Antero Pellikka Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture Making arrangements and transcriptions for the guitar and other plucked instruments is a long established tradition. Already in the 16th century there were arrangements of polyphonic vocal music for vihuela and lute, possibly the most famous example being the arrangement of Josquin’s motet Mille...
  • Plucking Hand Technique on Electric Bass Guitar Editor's Pick

    Dunstan Langrish Bass Guitar Teacher (Exeter) Picture Plucking hand technique on electric bass guitar is incredibly important, and often overlooked as people are starting to learn the bass. We rely on the right hand (99% of the time), to initiate every note we play. It controls the impulse that is used to excite the string, the dynamics, greatly...