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Thoughts on (Piano) Practice

The art of practising is a huge subject that people devote their lives to. Here are some...
Jazz Piano

Mark Levine Jazz Piano Book

I recommend Mark Levine's Jazz Piano Book. I would strongly suggest that any person wishing to...
Jazz Piano

Instrumentational Techniques of Jazz-Rock Fusion

Instrumentational techniques and characteristics of jazz-rock fusion between 1968 and 1975 Jazz...
Jazz Piano

How To Improvise On The Piano

Improvising in the jazz idiom is very much like a language. We learn words and phrases and...

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  • Svaya Gravesend, DA12

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    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am experienced, professional saxophone and piano teacher working with all ages and abilities.
  • Anthony Esland Aylesbury, HP19 Silver Member

    Anthony Esland Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I offer friendly and professional tuition to all levels of learners for piano and music theory and I help prepare students for GCSE and A Level Music. I also have expertise in other musical areas - please see my teaching subjects list.
  • Peter Falconer Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Beginner, improver, or seasoned professional - I can help you get more out of music! You won't just learn how to play the piano or sing: you'll also get a wide and varied education in music creation and performance; gain confidence, and have fun!
  • Tom Niblock Central Birmingham, B16 Silver Member

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    I am a Saxophone, Piano and Music Theory tutor based in Birmingham with a large amount of experience performing.
  • Tim Farnhill Acomb, YO26 Gold Member

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    from £33.00/hr View Profile
    Hi! I am an experienced and highly qualified musician with a passion for teaching. I teach all ages and all standards. So, if you are a serious music student or just learning as an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby then please contact me.
  • Jessica Friend Aston Cantlow, B95 Gold Member

    Jessica Friend Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    If you would like singing lessons, whether that be on your own or with a friend. I teach levels from beginner to intermediate and cover a wide range of repertoire. I love to inspire students, whether that be working towards an exam or a fun hobby!
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Jazz Piano Articles

  • Practice and the myth of 'the gift'

    Sam Crowe Jazz Piano Teacher (East London) Picture As a musician you often get met with the phrase 'Oh you're so lucky to have that gift'. It's an interesting insight into people's misconceptions about what it takes to become good at something. It does seem to be the case that different people are born with certain propensities towards...
  • The Art of Improvisation Editor's Pick

    Jazz Piano Teacher (Manchester) Picture The main problems most students face when they embark on studying improvisation is how to come up with something that sounds convincing in the spur of the moment, and how does one practise this? As a classical student for the first 15 years of study I suddenly found myself becoming more and more...
  • Books, theory and inspiration

    Will Butterworth Jazz Piano Teacher (South East London) Picture Can you learn to play music from books? An excellent book on jazz piano is Mark Levin's Jazz Piano book. This book describes in a relaxed and entertaining way, how jazz harmony works. Unfortunately it can't tell you how to play jazz. In fact no book can. The beauty of jazz is that it is about...


  • Album recommendations

    Alexander Maydew Jazz Piano Teacher (East London) Picture Here's a list of excellent piano trio albums which have inspired me: Marcin Wasilewski - January Bill Evans Trio - Live at the Village Vanguard Keith Jarrett Trio - Life Between the Exit Signs Brad Mheldou - Art of the Trio Volume 1 Cedar Walton - Naima
  • The influence of place on jazz

    Jazz Piano Teacher (South East London) Picture One of the wonderful aspects of music is how the locale of a musician directly influences their playing. This is certainly true in jazz, where many different styles have been captured in various cities throughout the world. Since jazz became a popular artform in the 20th Century, it has seen a...
  • How To Improvise On The Piano

    Sam James Jazz Piano Teacher (South East London) Picture Improvising in the jazz idiom is very much like a language. We learn words and phrases and eventually speak truths to one another. Just in the same way, we learn and listen to the jazz greats of history, taking things we are drawn to (words, phrases) and and making them our own. I strongly...