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Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Singing at a Jazz Vocal Open Mic evening

Singing at an open mic night is one of the best ways for singers to build their performance and...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Singing is Psychological

What most beginner singers don’t realize is that singing is actually psychological as much as,...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Singer Or Reality TV Show Wannabe?

Every year I receive emails and phone calls from people wanting singing lessons, so that they...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Is Classical Training good for Jazz Singers?

Very often we hear that jazz and pop singing should not be taught simultaneously with classical...

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  • Singing Helps Your Health

    Cash Taylor Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Ilford) Picture Singing is a powerful and best way to boost your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter how good or talented you are, the process of singing has a range of benefits. As well as helping to boost self-esteem, singing has many benefits to other areas of your life. As someone who experienced low self-esteem...
  • Why Singing Lessons Should Be Music To Your Ears Editor's Pick

    Jenny Green Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Croydon) Picture Six reasons why singing lessons should be music to your ears It’s obvious to me, I live and breathe music. Always have, always will. To me the freedom, expression, emotion, creativity and enjoyment that I get from singing is like nothing else. But what also drives me is being able to pass this...
  • Where Is The Voice Coming From? - The Vocal Sound

    Nicola Farina Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (North West London) Picture There are two main factors involved in the creation of a vocal sound: 1. The vibration of the vocal cords, caused by the air passing through them.2. The resonances, that will modify and amplify the original vibrations arriving from the vocal cords. Once the glottic sound has been created, it...


  • Brazilian Music and Bossa Nova

    Candida L. Borges Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture The Brazilian Culture is made a huge diversity of styles and rhythms. It's a very rich tradition well known around the world. One of the most important styles is Bossa Nova, this gentle jazz style, that seduced the world since 1950. There are many other movements in the Brazilian culture that...
  • Know Your Song

    Mrs Rebecca Othen Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Doncaster) Picture Being a singer for many years, there is something that is the most important tip that I can't emphasise enough; learn your song. Whilst singing your brain is trying to remember all those words ... where the chorus starts , where the verse finishes, the rhythm AND SO ON. At the same time you are...
  • Singing: Hearing And Feeling The Sounds.

    Carly Massimino Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (North West London) Picture Two aspects that many people underestimate about singing are hearing and feeling the sound. Being able to listen to yourself and your body is extremely important in order to overcome several other issues, such as pitching and timing. Developing a good ear is the first step to improve your...