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Jazz/ Pop Singing

Editor's Pick

Singer Or Reality TV Show Wannabe?

Every year I receive emails and phone calls from people wanting singing lessons, so that they...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Vocal Technique vs. Jazz Musicianship

On the one hand: posture, alignment, breath support, vocal placement, resonance, tone, dynamics,...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

Editor's Pick

Perfect Pitch: Asset or Hindrance?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by aspiring jazz vocalists is: How do I know...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Why do we want to sing?

Today there is so much around us that implies that singing is about image, money and fame. A lot...

Fresh Articles

  • A Natural Voice?

    Kate Mullins Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture I teach so many students who come for lessons feeling very deeply about all areas of their life; work, family, love, loss; the whole emotional spectrum. But despite ‘feeling it’ and wanting to release it through song, they're frustrated that they can’t initially deliver this emotion through their vocal performance; essentially,...
  • The Art of Imitation leads to Individuality...

    Kate Mullins Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture If somebody wants to learn music, it must be because they love listening to and playing music. In my case, as a singing teacher, it's usually because they love to sing and find out how a vocalist can influence the instrumentalists who are playing with them. I think it's very important to build some bridges between instrumentalists and...
  • Why do we want to sing? Editor's Pick

    Emilia Martensson Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture Today there is so much around us that implies that singing is about image, money and fame. A lot of my younger students want to be singers because of all the glitter and glamour there seems to be around it. But singing is about so much more than that. Wanting to learn or develop your singing, to me, should be about learning about...
  • Why do we sing?

    Claire de Belloy Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture Why do we sing? In every continent, from the biggest to the smallest country, there are singers, influenced by their own culture, expressing their feelings through the vibration of their vocal folds. Why? Simply because singing is about digging into ourselves and finding our personality. It is about expressing ourselves and letting...
  • Don't practise to the point of being in pain!

    Lizzie Kirwan Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Exeter) Picture Music is such a beautiful and amazing subject but sometimes when training and practising we put our body, muscles and joints under too much strain. I know so many musicians, including myself, to push themselves to the limit, which sometimes can result in RSI or severe muscle pain. If at any point your muscles/joints/voice start to...
  • Perfect Pitch: Asset or Hindrance? Editor's Pick

    Jessica Radcliffe Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture One of the questions I am most frequently asked by aspiring jazz vocalists is: How do I know what note I'm singing? Learning how to 'hear' as a singer is one of the most fundamental skills to acquire, particularly if you are interested in improvising. Determined to overcome this hurdle, many vocalists go on an agonising and...
  • Interesting Book on Singing and Theatre

    Ashley Joseph Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture I have recently been reading a book called 'Everything you ever wanted to know about acting, and more, dear'. it's written by the famous twitter legend who is the anonymous. 'West End Producer' In it, one can learn about: 'Getting into drama school (learning how to sit in a circle) Auditioning (perfecting the neutral...
  • The Inner Game Of Music

    Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (West London) Picture The Inner Game of Music is a wonderful book for any musician or vocalist looking to expand their creative and performance skills. Highly recommended!
  • Developing Your Voice

    Anthony Marsden Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Birmingham) Picture Learning to sing is often seen as a daunting task, even by people who are already musicians. However, developing your voice is easy as long as you understand what you would like to achieve. Once you decide this you can begin your journey towards developing your own personal style. Jazz and pop singers are well known for their...
  • Expressing Yourself Through Singing

    Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East Central London) Picture There is a quote I love that says, "Everybody that talks can sing, and everybody that walks can dance". For me this quote shows the absolute potential in all of us. I am sure we need some help to develop the skills with which we are already born already. I have been studying classical singing for many years but it was in jazz that I...

Jazz/ Pop Singing Teachers

  • Rosalie Genay

    Rosalie Genay Picture My personal approach helps you to achieve your goal,whether you are preparing for an audition or exam,want to gain confidence or acquire new skills. I tailor my tutoring around...
  • Jamie France

    Jamie France Picture My name is Jamie France and I have over 15 years experience within the music industry. Music has been a passion of mine all my life and I find it very rewarding working my...
  • Music at The Hap'ning Place

    Music at The Hap'ning Place Picture Free the Music Within You! Encouraging, fun and challenging lessons with us at The Hap'ning Place help you to find your musical voice.
  • Helen-Rose Field

    Helen-Rose Field Picture Whether you want to just sing, play or dance for fun, improve your technique, expand your repertoire or increase your self-confidence, I offer lessons shaped to suit each...
  • Angela Durrant

    Angela Durrant Picture Wales' only certified Speech level tutor. singing lessons & vocal coach to bands, music theatre, pop, classical and opera; Mentoring and training she is one of the top vocal...
  • Toby Hunt

    Toby Hunt Picture Hi, I'm an experienced, reliable and friendly teacher based in South London. I provide fun and engaging lessons for any level whether preparing for an exam or learning just...
  • georgenaylor

    georgenaylor Picture I am an enthusiastic and approachable graduate, and I relish the opportunity to teach.
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  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • banjo lessons Wyre/Fylde beginner
  • piano tutor east london dbs check preferred
  • violin tutor wanstead, london experience essential
  • Piano Teacher to join team Battersea/ Balham, SW London beg/int children, 1:1, 8-12 lessons/week
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