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Kumon Study Centre Scunthorpe Key Stage 1 Maths (Scunthorpe)

Kumon Study Centre Scunthorpe

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Personal Message
Kumon maths and English can certainly give your child a good start in life. As the Instructor for this Kumon Centre, I am passionate about learning and offer my committment, knowledge and experience to ensure your child develops at Scunthorpe Kumon.
Students arrive with their completed homework, collect their worksheets for the days ahead, complete that night's work, have it marked, amend any errors (if needed) and receive any support they need to ensure successful completion of the Kumon worksheets. Maths students have the opportunity to complete timestables and English students are encouraged to read out loud to the Instructor/Kumon Assistants. A warm welcome is assured at the Centre and all staff are supportive are encouraging towards the students.
Ages and Levels Covered
All ages are welcome at the centre. I do not limit the youngest age as I believe this depends on the parents and the individual child.
Opening Times
Thursday 4-6pm Saturday 9 - 11am
Tuition Fees
Registration fee £35 Subject fee £58

Tutors in: Ashby, Axholme, Barton upon Humber, Brigg and Wolds, Broughton, Brumby, Burringham, Burton upon Stather, East Halton, Ridge, Scunthorpe