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Key Stage 3 Science

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What Are Units?

One of the easiest mistakes to make when teaching anything is to simplify it to the point of...
GCSE Science

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10 Revision Tips

Love it or loathe it, revision is an important part of your studies. So how can you make sure...
GCSE Science

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Literacy in Science

One key to achieving the most marks possible in exams rests not just with your knowledge, though...
GCSE Science

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Things to Remember When You See Your Paper!

Whenever an important test or exam is looming, my students worry about just how much they...

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  • Francis Norman Plympton, PL7 Gold Member

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    I coach students to help them to perform well in exams. If I take you on, I will do my very best to help you to achieve outstanding success. I will offer you top quality tuition as an individual. I will try to help you to achieve your very best.
  • Dave Lock Central Bedford, MK40 Gold Member

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    I'm an Ex-head of Science and Head of Chemistry from a top, vibrant North Bedfordshire Upper School. Need to hit the top grade for university? Or struggling with the basics? @onlinechemistrylessons is online or face-to-face, to help you.
  • Bristol Maths Tutor Fishponds, BS16

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    My name is Lucy and I have always wanted to teach maths but I have found I prefer tutoring as working on a one-to-one basis gives me a better chance to help students reach their highest potential.
  • Philippa Rumsey Ponders End, EN3

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    As a qualified teacher I work with all exam boards and know exactly how to get you through your exams. I have passion for my subjects and am highly experienced.
  • Dr Gordon Braddock Emsworth, PO10

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    I am principally an educator, experienced and fully qualified, I tailor my lessons to the individual student. I normally expect the student to prepare and inform beforehand on what topics or aspects of their work they want help.
  • Mrs. Preeti Baviskar North Finchley, N12 Gold Member

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    I am proud of my excellent teaching methods and I am passionate about working with pupils to achieve success.
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Science Articles

  • Teaching Electricity

    Emma Nichol Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture The three sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Biology require different mindsets to excel. Students are normally better at one than another, and this applies equally to teachers. Teachers are trained to teach all 3, but most teachers specialise in one or two, and a good school science department...
  • 10 Revision Tips Editor's Pick

    Dr Austin Booth GCSE Science Tutor (Nottingham) Picture Love it or loathe it, revision is an important part of your studies. So how can you make sure that your revision is effective? Make sure you're in an environment that's conducive to study. So no studying on your bed, make sure you're at a desk or table where you've got plenty of space for all...
  • Why Private Tuition?

    Raj Jain GCSE Science Tutor (Harrow) Picture Private tuition runs as a support mechanism to the students supplementing them in their school curriculum, there by overcoming school inadequacies. Since school hours are limited and the syllabus to be covered is vast, time available for students is very limited. Also, students are unable to...


  • Storyboarding a science module

    GCSE Science Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture The basis for all revision techniques is understanding; without this, revision is fruitless. Understanding is developed in the classroom through months of questioning, tasks and homework; and from a teacher’s perspective, months of marking and corrections. Through my years in science education...
  • What Are Units? Editor's Pick

    Dr James Lambert Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (West London) Picture One of the easiest mistakes to make when teaching anything is to simplify it to the point of incoherence. Anyone who has tutored physics or maths for any length of time has had the following experience: Q: A car travels 30 miles in half an hour, find its speed. ...setting in motion...
  • Key questioning

    GCSE Science Tutor (Cambridge) Picture Questioning is a useful tool to challenge your child and help them think about topics for themselves. This will help develop confidence and enthuse students to relate what they know with confidence and interest. Talk about simple ideas during your day to day life, such as; what happened to the...