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Classical Singing

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Today's tools for learning singing

From the chanting of religious orders to grand opera and current pop music, using the voice...
Musical Theatre

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The Musical Theatre singer - auditions.

Preparing for auditions and Musical Theatre exams. It is vital to be thoroughly prepared for...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Why do you want to sing?

Today there is so much around us that implies that singing is about image, money and fame. A lot...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Singer Or Reality TV Show Wannabe?

Every year I receive emails and phone calls from people wanting singing lessons, so that they...

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Singing Articles

  • Singing: Hearing And Feeling The Sounds.

    Carly Massimino Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (North West London) Picture Two aspects that many people underestimate about singing are hearing and feeling the sound. Being able to listen to yourself and your body is extremely important in order to overcome several other issues, such as pitching and timing. Developing a good ear is the first step to improve your...
  • Thoughts On Mindset and Character Analysis Editor's Pick

    Corinne Cowling Classical Singing Teacher (East London) Picture I find that vocal freedom comes from commitment to the journey of the character. Exploring the character opens up the physical and vocal boundaries for expression, although often the mind can sabotage this process. One of the most prominent influential factors in the rehearsal and practice...
  • Singing - A Few Useful Facts!

    Jane de Florez Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture There is a commonly-held belief that good singers must be born with wonderful voices. On the contrary, good voices are developed with training and dedication. Many people are born with pleasant voices and innate musicality, but that will quickly fade if the voice is not used correctly and...


  • Why do you want to sing? Editor's Pick

    Emilia Martensson Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture Today there is so much around us that implies that singing is about image, money and fame. A lot of my younger students want to be singers because of all the glitter and glamour there seems to be around it. But singing is everything BUT that!! Wanting to learn or develop your singing, to me,...
  • Good breathing improves your life

    Fabienne Borget Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture I am passionate about teaching singing, and I always start with breathing exercises. We might breath 24/7 but over the years of stress, talking and running we have lost the ability to breath calmly and use our diaphragm to get the best breathing possible. It needs to be a lot like in yoga; deep...
  • Learning music as a beginner

    Lucinda Scott Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture To learn to sing can be the most exhilarating thing in the world! You are communicating in a very personal way but you can communicate with anyone and everyone in the world this way. It is just an extension of speech, but it can touch people in ways they have never been touched before. It can...