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Editor's Pick

Breathing for Woodwind Players

The playing of wind instruments, as the name suggests, is dependent on the use of and control of the breath. The... More »

Editor's Pick

Clarinet Fundamentals, by Reine Wehle

Reine Wehle, a most highly regarded orchestral clarinettist throughout Germany and professor at the Musikhochschule... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Scales, arpeggios and long notes

    Liam Clarinet Clarinet Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    A good clarinetist should always study their scales and arpeggios. In addition, it is very important to practise long notes; this will improve our sound and will some day shape our own and personal sound.
  • Resources for Beginner Clarinet

    Rachel Coe Clarinet Teacher (East Central London) Picture
    If you an absolute beginner, getting the right first book is really important! Below are titles of books that I used when I first started learning the clarinet, and they are still highly recommended and used today. Clarinet Basics - Paul Harris (best first book to have) Learn as you play -...
  • Benefits Of Learning A New Instrument

    Emily Moran Clarinet Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    A Chinese philosopher named Confucius once said that "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." Playing a musical instrument has a vast amount of benefits which not only brings a sense of achievement and joy but also, a better appreciation of music. 1. Elevates ...
  • Nuvo Clarinéo - Thoughts after six months

    Greg Hearle Clarinet Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Launched in 2009, the Nuvo Clarinéo is a small, lightweight Clarinet that is ideal for young beginners. Featuring a simplified key system which is made entirely from plastic, the Clarinéo's mechanisms are much more durable and easy to handle in comparison to conventional instruments....
  • Breathing for Woodwind Players Editor's Pick

    Greg Hearle Clarinet Teacher (South West London) Picture
    The playing of wind instruments, as the name suggests, is dependent on the use of and control of the breath. The variety of methods of sound production within the woodwind family mean that breathing technique varies from instrument to instrument. Although the idea of what is considered ‘good...
  • Multiphonics On Woodwind Instruments

    Gerardo Gozzi PhD RAM Clarinet Teacher (North West London) Picture
    Multiphonics (or multiple sounds) on woodwind instruments are a topic that many young composers feel afraid and insecure about. As a composer and clarinet player I have researched a lot on the subject and served as adviser for many fellow composers. The most important thing to know is that...
  • Clarinet & Sax Society Article On Synthetic Reeds

    Michael Pearce Clarinet Teacher (North West London) Picture
    Below is an extract from an article I recently wrote for the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain, discussing my experiences trialing the latest brand of synthetic clarinet reeds – a very niche topic for a very niche audience! The full article can be found by following this...
  • Adult beginners- is it child's play?

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    ‘I have always wanted to play the flute’ ‘I’d love to learn a musical instrument but I think I’m too old now’ Does this sound familiar? There seems to be a stigma around adults learning a musical instrument. Some think that they are too old, and that because they didn’t learn an...
  • Clarinet Books for Beginners

    Diane Hammond MMus Clarinet Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    Here are some good resources for beginners:Learn As You Play Clarinet by Peter Wastall (has a CD accompaniment to play along with)A Tune a Day for Clarinet (Book 1) by C. Paul HerferthCreative Clarinet by Kellie Santin and Cheryl Clark (beginners guide to improvisation and jazz - with CD...
  • Reiner Wehle's Clarinet Fundamentals

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    There are a wealth of clarinet tutor books, study book and methods on the market. It can be quite a task to find the 'right' one and they are often expensive and written in such a a way that they are very difficult to learn from effectively. However, recently Reine Wehle has published his...

Clarinet Teachers

  • Jerry Wigens

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    I am an experienced guitarist and clarinetist, composer and improviser with an interest in all forms of music. I hold a PhD in music composition awarded by Goldsmiths...
  • Greg Hearle

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    I am a young and enthusiastic teacher who is committed to bringing enjoyable learning to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you wish to play in a group or tackle graded...
  • Lawrence Wootten MA

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    My aim as a tutor is to create a relaxed learning atmosphere tailored to the needs of the individual pupil - I do not expect all pupils to learn in the same way or at the same...
  • Victoria Benjamin

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    Hello! My name is Victoria Benjamin. I am an experienced and well qualified saxophone teacher based in Berkshire.
  • Rachael Chesney

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    Hello my name is Rachael, I currently live in West London and really enjoy teaching. I am looking for more pupils to share the enjoyment I get out of playing a musical instrument.
  • Helena Kay

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    I am currently studying alto saxophone on the BMus Jazz course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
  • Sam Healey

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Bolton) Picture
    Thank you for taking a look at my Tutor pages profile. I offer the highest standard of tutoring and musical guidance for students of all ages and backgrounds so that results...
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  • Harp Teacher Cambridge or London Beginner
  • Violin beginner lessons South Kensington/Fulham Beginner level teaching for 18 year olds
  • Drama and dance teachers North and South London teaching 7-10 year olds - primary schools
  • Vocal Tutor for 16 year old Swansea-Plasmarl DBS/CRB check, proof of ID, CV
  • Profess. Musician Teachers across UK Piano or Recorder, & sing with children
  • Arts and Crafts tutor Lewisham, London Teaching 6-8 year olds
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