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Finding Your First Clarinet

Finding the right instrument is an important factor in starting to learn the clarinet. Instruments are very cheap... More »

Editor's Pick

Beginner Books are Not Books for Beginners!

A common question from a begninner student in the first lesson is this: 'What book should i buy for next... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Reiner Wehle's Clarinet Fundamentals

    Lucy Payne Clarinet Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    There are a wealth of clarinet tutor books, study book and methods on the market. It can be quite a task to find the 'right' one and they are often expensive and written in such a a way that they are very difficult to learn from effectively. However, recently Reine Wehle has published his...
  • The Clarinet

    Michael Perrett Clarinet Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    The clarinet - or 'misery stick' as it is less charitably known - is a relative newcomer on the woodwind scene. Although some pieces featuring the clarinet date from the late 17th century (most notably from that towering figure of Western music, Johann Melchior Molter) its early incarnation...
  • Selecting Clarinet Mouthpieces... Difficult Task?

    Mari Carmen Clarinet Teacher (Bristol) Picture
    It is said that having a good mouthpiece is essential to reach a good tone quality and that having a not-so good clarinet is not so important. In addition to this, I can add that the mouthpiece is the main part of the clarinet; it is where the sound starts in directly connection with our...
  • Playing Beyond The Notes

    Kirsty Tickle Clarinet Teacher (East London) Picture
    As a teacher, I have long strived to open students up to "playing beyond the notes" in front of them. It is challenging to perform a piece technically well, but even more challenging to perform a piece with your own individual flair and for that piece to have some meaning for you. Here are some...
  • Practising - It Need Not Be A Chore!

    Chris Hatton Clarinet Teacher (East London) Picture
    The dreaded P word.. You get to the end of your instrumental lesson, pack your instrument away and make your way to the door to leave when your teacher begins reciting an endless list of scales, arpeggios, exercises and pieces that you need to practise and perfect for the following...
  • Practice Makes Perfect!

    Kathryn Lomas Clarinet Teacher (Stockport) Picture
    Practice makes perfect but here are some ideas for how to make the most of it. 1. Little but often is the most beneficial.2. Find a safe but visible place to keep the instrument out and ready for action and your child will play it much more often.3. Very young children do not always need to...
  • Great Clarinet Book For Young Beginners

    Rob Cox Clarinet Teacher (Nottingham) Picture
    Just starting out and learning to play the clarinet! Have a look through "Clarinet Basics" by Paul Harris, it's great for young learners age 8+. Full of good content to keep the interest of young enquiring minds, this tutor book runs smoothly from initial concepts through to roughly grade 2...
  • Historical Clarinet Performance Recommendation

    Alexandra Heeley Clarinet Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    For students who are looking to find out more about historical performance and classical clarinet, recommended books are The Clarinet by Eric Hoepric and An Introduction to Historical Performance by Colin Lawson and Robert Stowell.
  • Advanced Study Book Recommendation

    Sam Woodford Clarinet Teacher (West London) Picture
    If I were to suggest an advanced study book for the clarinet then it would definitely be the 'Uhl book of Studies'. It concentrates on all aspects of your playing and will really help you improve.
  • The Origins of a Clarinet

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    Mozart was the first ever composer to include the clarinet within a symphony! The Clarinet originated from the instrument 'Chalumeau' (the first single reed instrument) around 1690 by Johann Denner and Jacob Denner. To form the Clarinet extra keys were added to the Chalumeau increasing the...

Clarinet Teachers

  • Esther Hayden

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I am very passionate about music and recognise the importance of a teacher demonstrating this to their students in order to get them excited about music, as well as learning.
  • Max Johnson

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    Hello, My name is Max and I teach the Saxophone and Clarinet. If you want to learn either instrument with a relaxed and patient teacher don't hesitate to contact me. As a...
  • Louise Ford

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I am a creative, enthusiastic, and committed person, and bring all of these aspects into my teaching. I have experience teaching all ages and abilities across a range of...
  • Catherine Gunnett

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    Welcome to my page and thank you for your interest.
  • Tom Harrison

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I am a keen and passionate performer and instrumental teacher. I take great pride in imparting knowledge and skills in a logical, concise and digestible fashion.
  • Michael Perrett

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I am an enthusiastic, patient and experienced teacher who has been through the exam system myself (though if exams aren't your thing, that's fine!). Do get in contact if you...
  • Ben Mallinder

    Mrs Leanne Sizer Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I believe that anybody can make music, no matter what age, so why wait? Start making music now and make that new years resolution happen! Please listen to my audio example to...
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  • lamda Grade 7 Tutor Sevenoaks/tonbridge/Orpington For 17 year old a level student
  • Harp teacher Clapham (SW London) Adult Beginner
  • Piano Tutor SE London (Jubilee Line) Dogs & birds approach for 3.5 yr old
  • Clarinet Lessons SW2 Brixton area - London Beginner
  • singing lessons romford essex 3 piece indie/rock band
  • singing/ yodeling teacher Swale, ME12 beginner
  • Dance Lessons Beith, Ayrshire Wedding Dance (beginner)
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