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Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Effects of Hormones on the Female Singing Voice

From the time a woman hits puberty to post-menopause, hormone fluctuations are an unavoidable part of her life. It... More »
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Voice Projection

Projection is one of the things I am asked about most frequently as a singing teacher. Pupils often come to me... More »

Fresh Articles

  • A great book to help you achieve great singing!

    Marion Wyllie Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    Great Singers on Great Singing by Jerome Hines is a fantastic book if you want some tips from the world's top singers over the last century or so. The book consists of interviews with Pavarotti, Domingo and Sutherland, to name a few. Each singer discusses their career, daily routines, warm ups,...
  • Getting The Most Out Of Singing

    Toby Hunt Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    What can I gain from learning to sing? Using the voice is something human beings have done since they came into existence. It is the most natural way of communicating to another person and one of the first things we do when we are born! Learning to sing is not just about producing beautiful...
  • Repertoire Recommendations For Classical Singing

    Michael Vickers Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    If you are considering attending a consultation for singing lessons, it is advisable that you prepare a song beforehand. The song need not be long or complicated. Any of the Italian Arie Antiche for example would be suitable.
  • 1st Lesson Warm up Ideas

    Stephanie Smith Classical Singing Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    The most important thing a singing teacher needs to do in the first lesson with a new pupil or pupils is to assess how much they know with regards to breathing/technique, listen to they're voice and tone and see how quickly they pick up new ideas and aural skills. The first task I undertake is...
  • The voice is the person

    Simon Wallfisch Classical Singing Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I grew up in a hothouse of musicians. My father is a famous solo cellist, my mother, equally famous baroque and classical violinist, my grand-parents on both sides were professional musicians, and my great grandfather was the famous conductor and composer Albert Coates. My grandmother survived...
  • Book Recommendations for Singers

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    As a reading list for any aspiring professional singer, I would suggest the following: Bel Canto: A Theoretical and Practical Vocal Method (Dover Books on Music) by Mathilde Marchesi The Art of the Song Recital by Shirlee Emmons and Stanley Sonntag Great Singers on the Art of Singing...
  • The Joy Of Singing

    Gillian Rae-Walker Classical Singing Teacher (Walsall) Picture
    Singing using the whole of your body, mind and emotions is a glorious and freeing experience. Think of all your outrage at some injustice, all your sadness about a loss or all your joy in seeing an old friend or a beautiful view, and imagine releasing those feelings. Singing beautiful or...
  • Enunciation in choral singing

    Colin David Reed Classical Singing Teacher (Nottingham) Picture
    “Over-pronunciate your continents!” I'm sure that's a phrase that many a church or cathedral chorister has heard from many a well-meaning choirmaster. The reasoning seems to be that absolute clarity of the text is paramount. That may or may not be a good thing, but my main issue with this...
  • The Importance of using 'Thin Fold'

    Matt Buswell Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture
    My work with singers always reiterates the importance of accessing the light vocal mechanism (known as 'thin fold'). This has become more apparent in my work with more dramatic voices (which have a tendency to retain the heavy mechanism when rising in pitch) and young voices, both male and...
  • Must-Read books for Classical Singers for FREE!

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    The following is a list of books which are available for free online, on sites like Google Books or Project Gutenberg (I even got my copies of Amazon for Kindle for free!). Some of these are written by masters of singing and teachers of Bel Canto technique, others are from a more scientific or...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Katerina Mina

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    Originally a pianist and a music teacher, I completed my BMus (Hons) Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance (Opera) as a Soprano, at the Guildhall School of Music...
  • Katrina Sheppeard

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    I am an Australian opera singer and have been living in London for the past six years. During my time here I have performed for ENO, WNO as well as several smaller UK...
  • Gavin Cranmer-Moralee

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    I am expanding my teaching practice and currently taking on new students. Please read on to find out a little more about me. Alternatively, I would be happy to discuss...
  • Stefano Matteucci

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    Hallo! I am a professional-graduated musician. I graduated in Italy at the Conservatoire in 2003 and have been performing and teaching for over 10 years. Website:...
  • Phillipa Thomas

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    I am committed to getting the best from my students and I understand that everyone is different and that lessons need to be tailored to the individual.
  • Polly Hewett

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    The best voice & music lessons you'll ever have! Experienced, friendly teacher in Hornchurch, Essex. All styles and levels of singing .Get the voice you've always wanted. All...
  • Vita Martinenko

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    Hi, I am experienced, friendly and flexible teacher as well as performing musician based in London! Contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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  • A Level Music Listening Paper Gloucester Retake A Level Music OCR Board
  • Keyboard/Piano Tutor Bromley/Chislehurst/Dartford 4-8 yrs group classes/DBS required
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