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Classical Singing

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Computer technology for Singers

Computer software has been used for a number of years for speech analysis (Elmer & Elmer, 2000) although vocal... More »
Classical Singing

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A Personal and Tailored Approach to Teaching

An important  aspect of my approach to teaching is that every lesson should be tailored to the individual. I... More »

Fresh Articles

  • The Joy Of Singing

    Gillian Rae-Walker Classical Singing Teacher (Walsall) Picture
    Singing using the whole of your body, mind and emotions is a glorious and freeing experience. Think of all your outrage at some injustice, all your sadness about a loss or all your joy in seeing an old friend or a beautiful view, and imagine releasing those feelings. Singing beautiful or...
  • Enunciation in choral singing

    Colin David Reed Classical Singing Teacher (Nottingham) Picture
    “Over-pronunciate your continents!” I'm sure that's a phrase that many a church or cathedral chorister has heard from many a well-meaning choirmaster. The reasoning seems to be that absolute clarity of the text is paramount. That may or may not be a good thing, but my main issue with this...
  • The Importance of using 'Thin Fold'

    Matt Buswell Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture
    My work with singers always reiterates the importance of accessing the light vocal mechanism (known as 'thin fold'). This has become more apparent in my work with more dramatic voices (which have a tendency to retain the heavy mechanism when rising in pitch) and young voices, both male and...
  • Must-Read books for Classical Singers for FREE!

    Wendy Silvester Classical Singing Teacher (Leicester) Picture
    The following is a list of books which are available for free online, on sites like Google Books or Project Gutenberg (I even got my copies of Amazon for Kindle for free!). Some of these are written by masters of singing and teachers of Bel Canto technique, others are from a more scientific or...
  • How to Sing and How to Practice

    W Summers-Taylor Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture
    I would like to recommend two books. Firstly i would recommend “How to Sing" by Lille Lehmann Written by one of opera's first international superstars and a true 'Bel canto' singer. Lille Lehmann offers inspiration and good advice on all aspects of singing, including correct breathing...
  • A Creative Child Of Academic Parents

    Angharad Lewis Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    What to do with a creative child of academic parents? There are many parents who will send their children to music classes just for the status of having their child learn the typically Victorian, middle class activities of singing or piano, but with the idea that it is an academic pursuit...
  • Unlocking Your Voice - Esther Salaman

    Rachel Crisp Classical Singing Teacher (Birmingham) Picture
    I would greatly recommend this book by Esther Salaman 'Unlocking Your Voice'- Salamon, E (1999) Unlocking Your Voice. Kahn & Averill, London. This book explores basic developments for singers: support, posture, techniques, mouth shapes, relaxation strategies etc. Salaman manages to cover all...
  • Opera: An Art-Form For All Time

    Piran Legg Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    Accessibility is the key. Get people to see Opera on the stage and big things will happen. Millions of people don't know what they're missing!
  • Voice Projection Editor's Pick

    Lottie Greenhow Classical Singing Teacher (Milton Keynes) Picture
    Projection is one of the things I am asked about most frequently as a singing teacher. Pupils often come to me wanting to know how they can sing louder, or how to vary their use of dynamics without compromising their ability to pitch the notes correctly. Sometimes pupils come to me not realising...
  • Some Interesting Books About Singing

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    Here are 7 books, in no particular order, that I would recommend as good points of reference for performers, singers and singing teachers: 1. 'Try Humming It - Agreeable Notes' by Coral Gould.2. 'Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice' by Janice Chapman.3....

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Jeni Bern

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    I'm an experienced Opera singer, with many years performing and teaching. I teach vocal technique, Classical and Music Theatre styles & all abilities from beg to adv.
  • Irina Vorobjova

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    I am a fully qualified singing teacher and ex opera singer. After a career in opera, I have been teaching vocal singing in different institutions. Several of my students are...
  • Sarah G. Saavedra

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    Hi, I’m a Spanish native fully qualified secondary teacher working in a school willing to help any GCSE, A level or Uni students to get higher grades. I have years of...
  • Tiffani Vinyard

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    I am a patient and caring tutor with over ten years teaching experience. I teach singing for fun, for examinations and also tutor many professionals in the industry. I am also...
  • CMcKechnie

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    Music education should not be elitist and I believe that every student has some form of musical skill.
  • Daniel Benisty

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    I am a teacher and performer who is passionate about the teaching process as well as the challenge and exhilaration of live music performance. As a manager of 2 weekly live...
  • Melissa D'Arcy

    Rosie Williamson Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    Build your confidence; learn to explore & play with your singing & acting in a safe & experienced environment. I am a professional working Singer & Actress & enjoy working with...
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  • Singing & musical theatre Surrey near Woking Teaching Sats and Fridays 6 to 16 yrs
  • LAMDA Teacher Surrey (Cobham/Esher area) LAMDA Teacher for School
  • Piano teacher Hendon London NW9 for beginner
  • Trumpet teacher for Adult London beginner
  • Gymnastics tutor Telford Beginner
  • Cello teacher for one year 2 schools in London (Lambeth) Request for details
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