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Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Belt or Not to Belt?

The main problem with singing honestly is the fear of being laughed at, so most people, consciously or ... More »
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

A Personal and Tailored Approach to Teaching

An important¬† aspect of my approach to teaching is that every lesson should be tailored to the individual. I... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Contrasting views on Opera Editor's Pick

    Myria Ioannou Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Contrasting views on Opera Opinions and views on music are never the same, and this in fact is what makes it magic. Each person understands music differently and music speaks to each one of us. The way that it reaches the mind and the heart of each person is something that totally depends on...
  • Teaching singing

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    As renowned singing teacher Vera Rózsa used to say, a great singing teacher needs not be a famous singer. But she or he needs to have trodden the boards of a real theatre. She/he needs to have had the experience and understanding of the demands the profession make upon a singer, in order to...
  • How long should you have singing lessons for?

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    It is not easy to determine how long someone should take singing lessons, but it is safe to say learning to sing is a process which takes time. One can have singing lessons from one lesson to 40 years of lessons, in other words for as long as any singer wishes. However, like with any other...
  • An Overview of Singing Technique

    Victoria Mulley Classical Singing Teacher (North West London) Picture
    For a general guide to what makes good singing technique, I would thoroughly recommend reading Professor Nicholas Clapton's book 'Thoughts on Singing', published 2014. It is a concise and practical guide which includes not only helpful ways of thinking about singing and how to overcome common...
  • A great book to help you achieve great singing!

    Marion Wyllie Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    Great Singers on Great Singing by Jerome Hines is a fantastic book if you want some tips from the world's top singers over the last century or so. The book consists of interviews with Pavarotti, Domingo and Sutherland, to name a few. Each singer discusses their career, daily routines, warm ups,...
  • Getting The Most Out Of Singing

    Toby Hunt Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    What can I gain from learning to sing? Using the voice is something human beings have done since they came into existence. It is the most natural way of communicating to another person and one of the first things we do when we are born! Learning to sing is not just about producing beautiful...
  • Repertoire Recommendations For Classical Singing

    Michael Vickers Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    If you are considering attending a consultation for singing lessons, it is advisable that you prepare a song beforehand. The song need not be long or complicated. Any of the Italian Arie Antiche for example would be suitable.
  • 1st Lesson Warm up Ideas

    Stephanie Smith Classical Singing Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    The most important thing a singing teacher needs to do in the first lesson with a new pupil or pupils is to assess how much they know with regards to breathing/technique, listen to they're voice and tone and see how quickly they pick up new ideas and aural skills. The first task I undertake is...
  • The voice is the person

    Simon Wallfisch Classical Singing Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    I grew up in a hothouse of musicians. My father is a famous solo cellist, my mother, equally famous baroque and classical violinist, my grand-parents on both sides were professional musicians, and my great grandfather was the famous conductor and composer Albert Coates. My grandmother survived...
  • Book Recommendations for Singers

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    As a reading list for any aspiring professional singer, I would suggest the following: Bel Canto: A Theoretical and Practical Vocal Method (Dover Books on Music) by Mathilde Marchesi The Art of the Song Recital by Shirlee Emmons and Stanley Sonntag Great Singers on the Art of Singing...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Katherine Williamson

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I am a young professional singer who trained at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. I am...
  • Claire Habbershaw

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I am an experienced performer and teacher; I'll be very honest with you, whether you are doing the "right" or the "wrong" thing and I'll make sure my teaching environment is...
  • David Hardwick

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I am rapidly growing my teaching practice in Putney and I am currently taking on new students. I am currently available for home visits and I am happy to travel to any location...
  • Ginny Wilson

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I am a classically trained teacher and performer.
  • Jeni Bern

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I'm an experienced Opera singer, with many years performing and teaching. I teach vocal technique, Classical and Music Theatre styles & all abilities from beg to adv.
  • Vocal Ovation

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    Vocal Ovation provides professional vocal & stage performance tutoring & coaching in a completely safe, relaxed & fun environment. The lessons do follow a general structure,...
  • Myria Ioannou

    Emily Griffiths Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    Hello. I am a classically trained soprano, passionate about singing and theatre, enthusiastic about inspiring and encouraging my students to sing and get involved in Music!
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  • Harp Teacher Cambridge or London Beginner
  • Violin beginner lessons South Kensington/Fulham Beginner level teaching for 18 year olds
  • Drama and dance teachers North and South London teaching 7-10 year olds - primary schools
  • Vocal Tutor for 16 year old Swansea-Plasmarl DBS/CRB check, proof of ID, CV
  • Profess. Musician Teachers across UK Piano or Recorder, & sing with children
  • Arts and Crafts tutor Lewisham, London Teaching 6-8 year olds
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