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Tutor Testimonials

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the professional presentation of the website, and also because I am receiving a consistent supply of enquiries for my dissertation assistance services throughout the year. The enquiries I receive from The Tutor Pages website are more likely to lead to bookings for my dissertation help and thesis help services than from any other tutor website and indeed from any other system of advertising."
Dissertation Tutor (Brockley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is run very professionally, is easy to use, and offers sound advice to people like myself who just want to get on with teaching and not spend hours on administration. I have been very pleased with the response generated by my advertisement."
Joanne Barry (Godalming)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get a steady flow of enquiries for a modest outlay."
Stephen Miller (Northfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are a reputable company promoting excellent teachers."
Natalie Welby (Harrow Weald)

"I would highly recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great platform for private tuition; reliable and effective."
Helen Skarpari (Charlton Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because if you are someone that wants to get some enquiries then this gives you the opportunity to convert them into something that might work for you and at the same time benefit the pupil."
Ian G (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives quick access to trusted professionals. Enquiries are dealt with quickly. It is very good value and the best site I have worked with during many years as a tutor."
Gerard A Specialist 11+ Tutor (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well respected method for serious students to find excellent, dedicated tutors."
Laura Pasternack (Ealing Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as I have had an amazing first year with the site. Such a wide range of abilities, requirements and backgrounds, often challenging but always interesting. I am with 3 sites but this is my main source for new students."
Val Wolstenholme Clay (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, quite simply, it does what it says on the tin - it works!"
Steven French (Caddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an amazing information portal. It adds security, reassurance and access to information to the process of finding a suitable tutor / student."
Simon Bucknor (Lower Nazeing)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows parents to contact me straight away without paying a fee. We can easily arrange an initial lesson as a consultation session, and the parents and students have no commitment to carry on having lessons after that. Meeting potential student in person allows me to tell parents or students whether or not they are suitable to start learning to play the piano. This process is very important, especially for young beginners. Sometimes we just cannot tell whether the little ones are ready to start just by knowing their age. The way The Tutor Pages works really helps me in this process."
Yan Wong (Romford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a simple and easy way to get your details out there and has proven very successful for me."
Helen Knight (Partick West)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it seems to be well-known and well-thought-of by students and teachers alike. It is also nicely stable and unobtrusive - so fairly low maintenance. I like the fact that articles are posted by tutors. I have received mostly serious and fruitful enquiries via the site."
Sophie Yates (Bradford-on-Avon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides an excellent service. The Tutor Pages matches my abilities as a teacher accurately with potential students. The service is easy to use and is safe and reliable,"
Jill Hooper (Gillingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have provided me with a number of steady enquiries and the website is easy to use and provides potential students with lots of information."
Eleanor Nichol (Windmill Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is well laid out and informative. It gives the prospective customer lots of information and allows the tutor to really sell their skills. It has brought me many pupils and allowed me to expand my teaching business. Thank you very much to the Tutor Pages. Linda Gerrard GRNCM"
Linda Gerrard -BelCanto Studio (Cirencester)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because The Tutor Pages do not charge students so this gives students the possibility to contact as many tutors as they wish with no charge. Tutor Pages offers a communication system between students and tutors which is direct and safe. The Tutor Pages is a professional website. It offers free advice and support to tutors."
Annie Marrec (Glastonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages (and actually I did recommend TTP to a number of my colleagues) because it is run by a friendly and very helpful team who have helped me to get in contact with people who need me and whom I need. It's not only an opportunity to earn some money it is also an opportunity to meet interesting people who are keen on the Russian language and culture and with whom I can share my knowledge and experience. Great!"
Maria Rumney (Great Malvern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I always get new students through them and I think the subscription price is quite reasonable."
Enrique Galassi (Canonbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the website is very user friendly. Tutor Pages has brought me many new pupils this year."
Sue Smith (Swallowfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have been approached by prospective clients via this site."
Liz Boothman (Kendal)

"I genuinely think that the website is straightforwards to use. Its clean layout and presentation of tutee information in emails is especially helpful - particularly the way that enquiry messages can be answered directly. Its efficient and sharp mechanics make it exactly what a tutor wants - simple, easy and good value!"
Graham James (Chelsea)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a very reasonable yearly fee the page advertises your services on the internet. You are able to be seen by a larger demographic. Money well spent!"
Ashleigh Fleming (Oxhey)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it generates very positive interest most effectively."
Dr Janet Lewison (Horwich)

"The Tutor Pages is a fantastic resource. Efficient, easy to use and has a high degree of credibility."
Dominic Sewell (Raynes Park)

"Just to let you know that I am very impressed with your site. I have so far taken on two students who contacted me through it and I am enjoying teaching (it could have been more but I was away for a while). I also receive regular enquiries."
Jeffrey Whitton (Balham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had lots of student enquiries and most of them have become permanent pupils."
Sofya Fotiyadi (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a fantastic way for students to find tutors and tutors to find students. I have found the Tutor Pages a far more effective way of finding new students than either putting up cards and posters locally, or posting on local websites, events listings etc. Because I pay a subscription potential students are able to contact me easily and for free, and for me signing up has been a very worthwhile investment."
Eleanor Levin (Lancaster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they always notify me of new clients in a very timely and professional manner. They prompt me to communicate with clients if I have not been in touch for a while. The fact that Tutor Pages do not take commission makes them far superior to other commission- based agents and is much more cost-effective for my tutees."
Mary Fox (Epsom)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you are guaranteed quality and choice from the most appropriately qualified and professional tutors. There are tutors available in an area suitable for you and your budget."
Leigh Stevenson (Camden Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I regularly get enquiries from potential clients, many of whom do take me on. It helps that I have a lot of experience and a doctorate but I get a lot of work from this site, much of which would not have arisen from other sources. I have been allocated a website page which comes up easily when appropriate words are used in the search engines."
Dr Gordon Braddock (Emsworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had several reliable students come to me via the site, and this has significantly helped me to grow my private teaching studio since joining."
Rosie Williamson (Turnham Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the large number of enquiries I have received from prospective clients! The site is very thorough and informative, certainly one of the better ones out there!"
CT Tuition (Oval)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it attracts tutees from around the country and overseas. I have acquired a fascinating range of students since becoming a member."
Martin Thomasson (Whittle-le-Woods)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an extremely useful tool for students looking for tuition in a wide range of subjects and disciplines."
Camilo Tirado (Dalston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have an outstanding reputation and I receive a high volume of genuine enquiries."
Jane Harris (Langport)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide a good service for introducing tutors to potential students in an easy, professional manner."
Jamie Rock (Deptford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of the student lead generation it has produced for me. Also the Engine Room advice is most useful."
Philip Singleton (Cobham and Downside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it encourages tutors and students who are genuinely committed to teaching and studying."
Lynne Bulmer (Southside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is simple and straight-forward to use. In addition it is full of useful information and support."
Fort (Southam)

"The Tutor Pages is a great system because it links tutors with potential students. I've had so many students through the Tutor Pages and the membership is good value for money, because once you've joined, lesson requests come to you. You make the money back in no time and you receive emails from potential students throughout the year."
Binisa Bonner (Tulse Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do well matching customers that suit your talents."
Susan Sale (Arbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to publicise your work as a tutor and to increase the number of students you teach."
Emily Askew (Wandsworth Town)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a well run established go-between between the professional teacher and student. Easy to use and highly accessible."
Patrick Dodds (Muswell Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a community of professionals who are committed to education. There are lots of useful tips for the tutors and the profiles seem to maintain good Google rankings, meaning more business!"
Helena Ruinard (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because over the years I have received many wonderful and committed pupils of all ages and abilities."
Cassandra Hutchings (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given me a lot of contacts."
Linda Maria McGuin (Huddersfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a secure and respected site which is clearly trusted by those seeking tutorial help. It effectively combines the personal and the professional."
Dr Judith Rowbotham (Holland Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I'm really impressed by their professional and efficient service."
Ning Chen (Bitterne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives an excellent online resource linking potential students with tutors, enabling tuturs to connect with potential students and enabling potential students to find the right tutor for them."
Denise Marleyn (Leighton Buzzard)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get genuine and regular enquiries. I have been introduced to a large number of students."
Mrs Puri (Wembley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows me to advertise to clients which I would never have time to advertise to with my freelance career."
Ed Roberts (Chapel Allerton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because prospective clients can view a wide range of tutors whilst receiving a lot of information and a real insight into the nature of the tutor's teaching. At the same time, as a tutor many more people view your profile with much more depth than in normal ways of advertising, therefore increasing the number of potential pupils."
Marielle Way (Central Brighton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it regularly comes up at the top of Google. The questions are thorough and give a friendly impression. I have had enormous interest in my ad and lots of new pupils!"
Kate White (Central York)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it enables tutees to find high quality help quickly and safely."
Angela Jordan (Newbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the only directory that I have come across with a wide choice of tutors in different fields of study. I also find that I get serious enquiries from potential students. Furthermore, it is a great resource for students looking for EFL teachers."
Shahriar (Southfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you can easily find your own ideal personal tutor."
Landy Tong (Central Guildford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you do get regular inquiries from parents and prospective pupils, it is a very good site for piano teachers and a good forum for all things educational, in learning more about piano teaching etc"
Stephen Daltry (Mortlake and Barnes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it promotes quality tuition for students whilst protecting the interests of skilled and qualified teachers."
Owen Leech (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I strongly agree with its ethos that parents and students should be able to find tutors free of charge. By paying only for the lessons themselves, parents have considerable freedom and flexibility in finding the right person."
Joe Hytner (West Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it ranks well in Google, is great value and easy to use."
Debbie Wood (Tolworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have gained a large number of students from the site. Unlike the majority of other sites, students are not required to pay commission fees, which seems to put off a number of people, when selecting a tutor. Once you are registered as a tutor, you generally attract a large number of enquiries, and the procedure for students to contact tutors is very straightforward as they can contact you directly after the first contact has been made rather than having to go via the website. This has the advantage of both parties being aware of where the other lives, something that a number of sites deliberately conceal. The Tutor Pages is one of the few sites to treat both tutors and tutees like adults rather than money-making machines, and for that it is worth the membership fee, which also makes it more likely to attract credible tutors who are committed to teaching."
Sam Sanders (Twickenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has produced more results that any other form of advertising I have tried."
David S Pearson (Witham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is designed to support teaching professionals who are dedicated to education, not to making easy money."
Diane Kirk (Central York)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they do not take hourly commissions as other sites do, making it better for both students and tutors!"
Daryl Rugless (Knightsbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they always find me lovely clients."
F Gordon-Smith (South Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the quality of students is fantastic! No time wasters here and the site is well known and reputable. Comes high up in google searches and matches you very well to potential students. I have had several long term pupils through this site. Thank you Tutor Pages!"
Becky Pepper (Ling Forest)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is great resource which enables the connection between tutors and students."
Krzysztof Moskalewicz (Angel)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get work from it."
Pete Salt (Kensal Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a safe, reliable and easy way to contact a tutor and arrange lessons."
Amy Welch (Didsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are very good at linking the needs of the student with the correct tutor. This means that the tuition is very successful for both, and ultimately leads to less time being spent on tuition and so less financial commitment for the student or parents. A big thank you to The Tutor Pages for your continued support to both my students and I."
Viv (Chelsea)

"I would definitely recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a daunting process as a student to find a properly qualified tutor who would really benefit their learning process, and The Tutor Pages allows tutors to easily promote themselves with attention to detail, to ensure the student meets the right tutor for them. It's great!"
Esther Beard Piano/Vocal Tutor (Soho)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great way to meet teachers that will suit you."
Fran Barsby (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I am able to promote my work in a way I am not able to do when advertising on other sites. Potential students get much more of an idea of what you can offer as a teacher and indeed your style of teaching from the interview and the article. I have had many teaching enquiries since joining The Tutor Pages, often leading to some fantastic students!"
Elise Harper (Central Bedford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great website for finding you work. It's easy to use and relatively good value."
James Atashroo (Central Sheffield)

"I recommend The Tutor Pages because it is both a shop window for potential students and a record of what I have done and can do."
Justin Potter (Salisbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it was easy to set up, it is easy to use and the profile ensures that I only get enquiries from the people I am hoping to reach."
Miss Diane (Seven Sisters)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's one of the best ways to attract the right type of pupil online. They are interested in your views methods and quality of teaching."
Denise Alonzo (St. Albans)

"This is the most professional looking as well as user friendly web site for tutors that I have come across. I love the layout and the ease with which I have been able to present myself and my school. It is a pleasure to be listed on these pages."
Dominique Pizzinat (Penge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has given my a steady stream of students over the past year."
Laurence Pritchard (Clifton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it really does work and help you to obtain clients."
Graham Prior (Whitley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages due to the variety and number of clients that have come through to me, many of which I am still teaching today."
Roger Barker (Sutton Coldfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good website and helps tutors to network."
Sathi (Heston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a great platform for any beginning or established music tutor. I have picked up a few students in the past through The Tutor Pages and a couple turned into long term students of mine."
James Boyle (Surbiton)

"I just wanted to pass on feedback of how excellent your site has been for me. As a private piano teacher I have advertised all over the web, but subscription to your site has been by far the best investment ever. I have had numerous pupils come as a result of Tutor Pages and am also located at the top of Google search in my area as a result of your work which I'm really pleased about. Just wanted to pass my congratulations onto your team, I hope Tutor Pages continues to grow because for my line of work it's the best tool going. I won't hesitate to renew my subscription again!"
Martin Rowberry (Sutton Coldfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because since I joined last year, I have received and continue to receive, a steady flow of enquiries for my tutoring services. In fact, the cost of my membership had more than paid for itself within two weeks of joining up. I like the link to my website which is embedded in my entry, and the statistics provided by The Tutor Pages allow me to monitor how many times my entry is being viewed by prospective clients. If you want to grow your tutoring business, subscribe to this site !"
Nick Rawson (Shirley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very easy-to-use, trustworthy and efficient website."
Letizia Parisi (Northfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it carefully vets tutors and only approves them if they meet their exacting standards. A rapport with your tutor can never be guaranteed but the system The Tutor Pages uses is the best I have come across in all my experience of working with various agencies."
Michael Niman (Finchley Central)

"Tutor Pages has connected me with a wide variety of lovely students, who it's been a pleasure to help."
Michele Carruthers (Aston Cantlow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it appears high on Google Search Engine pages."
Jon Woodhouse (Charvil)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is reliable"
Dr Dimitri Scarlato (Golders Green)

"You have been very helpful. Thank you so much. I'm very impressed with the quality of service as well as referrals that I've received from thetutorpages.com. I have registered myself as a tutor on over 8 different sites, of which thetutorpages.com has provided me with the greatest number of student leads being converted into regular clients. Your site has been a lifesaver for me and I would gladly recommend it for tutors and students alike."
Bipin (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because your clients search for you according to their needs. It is affordable, quick, and very easy. Creating a page takes only a few minutes!"
Sylvia Yee, Piano Tutor (St. Albans)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great platform to get new students through, both locally and regionally for online tuition."
Imogen Clarke (Fulford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an invaluable tool for professionals for developing a portfolio of private pupils!"
Gareth Humphreys BMus MMus (Camberwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the easiest way of getting clients who are hungry for tuition fast. I really had lots of enquiries in the last 12 months which is why I am renewing my membership, and I will definitely recommend it to any aspiring tutor who is confident in their service. Let The Tutor Pages showcase you to the right students for you. Thank you, Tutorpages, you're worth every penny!"
Kenny Olowu (Catford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had more work from them than from other tutor agencies."
Phyllis Bischoff (Marden and Yalding)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide a no nonsense, professional service."
Karon Rickatson (Derwent)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the website that I received most of my enquiries from."
Yan Lee (Willesden Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me to get students of all ages and standards. Without being able to advertise on here I don't know how I could have got students, other than from word of mouth."
Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip (Godalming)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided me with several tuition leads over the last 12 months for a modest annual outlay."
Don Nicolson (Eckington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is the most professional resource of its kind on the web. It is supportive to tutors. I can update my profile easily and have received a good response from potential students."
Dr Helen Mathers (Hillsborough)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are efficient."
Viki (Polesworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows you to exchange contact details with potential clients. The membership fee is very reasonable and definitely worth the investment."
Ollie (Westbourne)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because students can really see what a teacher is like from their profile."
Angela Durrant (Trowbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is well set out, simple to use and effective."
Nicholas Christiaan (Beaminster)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you´ll find tutors in your area."
Nora (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has a well-designed web site with very useful features at a reasonable cost to both tutor and client."
Graham Richardson (Plaistow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best way to discover great pupils!"
Nick Jones (Hampstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are reliable and have provided me with several students across the years.."
Emilia Martensson (Shoreditch)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its well-designed site, clear information for both parents, students and tutors. The Tutor Pages has an extensive reach to web users helping parents find the best quality of tutors for their children."
Stathis Stefanidis, Director (Chiswick)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, in the absence of a personal recommendation, it gives the student enough basic information to make a decision on a tutor."
Dr Deepak Shah (Wealdstone)

"Simple to use, good value for tutors and inquiries are frequently positive."
Chris Williams (Mossley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because students who are serious about learning a musical instrument will search the internet until they find the best site where most of the finest tutors in the UK promote themselves."
Mark J (Rossington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they are well organised, serious and efficient."
Claire Doucet (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had a good response from students through it."
Salma Siddiqui (Streatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I receive helpful information on tutoring and regular enquiries from clients."
Mrs Moya Kirton (Cheylesmore)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, not only does The Tutor Pages website have a highly respected reputation - it offers invaluable help, advice and support to all the tutors it represents."
Jocelyn Abbott (Clapham Common)

"The Tutor Pages has helped me find a lot of good quality work. They take no commission at all and the system is very easy and intuitive to use. Their ebook and extra tips for tutors has been truly invaluable to me in how I can best present and market myself as a tutor. Thanks for such a great service, and it is worth every penny to subscribe as a Gold Member."
Dr. Atul Rana (Hoxton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use and provides a huge amount of tuition requests and work. It is very good value for money."
Dr Arjun Malhotra (Carshalton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives any tutor the possibility to find additional students. Very useful web-site. Thank you!"
Olga Hornett (Abbots Langley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had lots of clients from it. In addition, it is very easy to use and you can create your own page with lots of information which looks superb. It is an excellent way to promote your tuition service."
Darren John (Helmshore)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they attract serious students and parents. I have met many delightful individual students and families through The Tutor Pages."
Rosalind (Mayford)

"This has been by far the best website for providing high quality students."
Ellie Dennis (Knowle)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service is user friendly, flexible and effective."
Trevor Barnett (Blean Forest)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows people to find you easily. Many customers choose The Tutor Pages as they know that all tutors are committed."
Jacob Matthews (Wednesfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because you will most likely find jobs here. Even if you go for one of the enhanced options like Silver and Gold Membership, you will earn back what you spend within 1 - 2 lessons with a student."
Sabreena (New Malden)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has offered me lots of work."
Aisling Palmer (Horwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient way for parents and students to find suitable tutors in their areas, and check their details and costs."
Evie Bentley (Hurstpierpoint)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they come up with a large number of pupils."
Michael Drayton (Chislehurst)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the easiest way to find pupils with very minimal effort on your part. It's easy to update your profile and you don't get junk email, only real enquiries."
Gwenllian Llyr (Orpington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because, unlike so many tutoring websites, it doesn't charge students a hefty fee to get the contact details of their chosen tutor. I would also recommend The Tutor Pages because it allows tutors to create a really in depth profile, which gives potential students lots of information and allows them to get a sense of which tutor will suit them best."
Gemma Shearer (Thornton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have been able to build my teaching base in Birmingham at a much faster rate thanks to the simplicity and usability of the site!"
Ashley Bonfante (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages as it is user friendly for both Tutor & Students, as well as offering reasonable membership charges with great results!"
Marika Rauscher (Central London)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is very efficient and convenient way to find tutees."
Anna Pisminetska (Golders Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a global focus for tutoring roles worldwide which is both professional and totally committed to maintaining high tutoring standards."
Monica Janssens (Rye)

"The Tutor Pages because is a very good and efficient website for students looking for a suitable tutor for their learning requirements. The website is informative, easy to navigate and establishes contact between students and tutors successfully and promptly."
Inga Lincke (Tonbridge)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a very good advertising medium for all tutors no matter which subject, and with easy contactability."
Francoise Massey (Central Bromley)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I trust Henry (the director) and he is very helpful."
Megumi Rolfe (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has an attractive, easy to navigate user interface for both tutors and prospective students. The layout allows me as a tutor to customise my profile to some degree, and provides me with enough space and specificity to give both an overview and more detailed information about the services I offer. As a brand it seems to have good exposure and prominence on the internet, and I receive a substantial proportion of new students through The Tutor Pages."
Steve Pringle (East Dulwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received innumerable enquiries through this site."
Sudeep Ghosh, PhD (Oxhey)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a clear and simple way to find a tutor who suits your needs!"
Sam Yates (Rainhill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I am now working full time as a piano teacher and almost all of my students have found me using the Tutor Pages!"
Daisy Dicker (Hove Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's been really helpful. I have wonderful results."
Sebastian Embrel (Wimbledon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the service is efficient and straightforward. I regularly receive good contacts which have worked out well for the pupils, families and myself."
Anne Rockley (Broughton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have met such lovely people.....this site attracts committed people."
Estelle Makin (Beeston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because not only have I acquired some interesting students through the site, but I have also found it a very supportive organisation: if I have any doubts or queries, I can always ask for advice, and have always had swift and courteous feedback."
Cordelia Monsey (Woodside)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I receive regular enquiries for tuition from students who visit the site. It's also easy to use and update."
Tim Farnhill (Acomb)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it connects parents and teachers, and can make the dreams of hard working children come true."
Mr.Tyley (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a popular and sufficient website."
Svetlana Furlong (Virginia Water)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the inquiries I have received though their website have always been serious, relevant and more than 90% successful !"
Stephen Price (Leatherhead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received a steady supply of student enquiries throughout my membership. I receive enquiries directly from parents which provides means of contacting them immediately to answer their queries and arrange lessons."
Mrs. Sheila Searle (Leek Wootton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because clients can find the same tutors agencies provide, for better value."
Dr Kiran Kamat (Northfields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had quite a few new students this year form this website, and many more than from any other that I am registered with."
Sue Klein (East Dulwich)

"Easy to create a profile, and suggested questions help to explain more about the tutor and the subject."
Ana D (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good online resource."
Roberta Noble (Wembley Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have helped me secure several Tutees. They are a well organised and professional organisation who look after their Tutors and who care about the quality of the tuition they recommend to students."
Ken Landsbury (South Shields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has provided me with a wide range of teaching opportunities, and the system works well."
Andrea Lechner (Didcot)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you a really good online presence and lovely students."
Rosemary Hector (Manor)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I found 16 new pupils in 2014 and I found that most of the enquiries have come from people who are genuinely interested in music and whose children are motivated to learn. This has helped me create a more rewarding teaching practice"
Ann Hubble (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because there is a great range of tutors and information is well presented and easy to access."
Richard Mulhearn (Johnstone)

"The Tutor Pages has a large base of tutee enquiries and can provide a steady stream of work for inspiring and mature tutors. With just a one off subscription - the price of a couple of lessons - you are sure to recoup this cost within a few weeks.- I thoroughly recommend TTP which offers good impartial professional advice too."
Tom C (Livingston)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the process of finding prospective students is very clear and straightforward."
Howard Stephens (Llanwern)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in my experience it seems to attract tutors who are serious about doing a good job and students who are serious about learning and sticking with it."
Andres Razzini (Highbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have met a lot of very interesting student who are passionate about my subjects."
Esmee CSM (Sloane Square)

"Tutor pages has helped my private flute teaching practice by referring regular enquiries from prospective students to me and also keeping my name on search engine pages for associated internet searches. It provides a very good platform for me to advertise my private flute and piano teaching services."
Jonathan Booty (Didsbury)

"The Tutor Pages has proved to be the best website at providing a steady flow of students and I have enjoyed working with all those I have met through The Tutor Pages."
Mr Rugless (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have had many families contact me. Very easy website to use."
Rachel deG (Wandsworth Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide an excellent conection between the specific needs of students and appropriate tutors"
Saran Feldman (London Fields)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professionally run page, full of useful information and good links which furthermore gives a continuous support to really get new students. It has been extremely useful for me."
Johannes Kramer (Sloane Square)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has brought me more clients then any other means of publicity"
Daniel Hart (Central London)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have gained lots of new students. Even if you only find one new student per year it pays for itself. Prospective students can read your profile and find out about your experience and teaching approach so you only get serious enquiries."
Susan Clark (Edgware)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I can adapt the url and use it as my web address, directing online traffic to it from other sites and other marketing materials such as the magnetic signage on my car."
3 Degrees Tutoring (Sutton in Ashfield)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many enquiries and pupils through this site. There is excellent support and knowledgeable articles to support tutors, students and parents."
Tricia (Stamford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I find it generates the type of client I like to work with. The site is clean and clear and easy for parents and students to read and use compared to other sites I have worked with."
Clem (Palmers Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the quality of applicants I received exceeded that of some other websites."
Clare Corcoran, MA (Clapham Common)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages for many reasons! The website has a clean, appealing design, it's user friendly for the tutors, parents and students and most importantly, it may do a simple job but it does it very very well so everyone benefits."
Annisha (Earl's Court)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the customers don't have to pay to get your details and you don't have to pay commission per lesson."
Jonathan Bell (Wadhurst)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they have connected me with many great students and clients. The Tutor Pages have provided a reliable and successful service."
Marianne Samuels (Bramcote)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers an excellent professional service for tutors and students can have confidence in being able to choose experienced tutors to suit their needs."
Kate Ainsworth (Comeytrowe)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide a professional enquiry site for tutors local to your area."
Rosalind Ebbrell (Leatherhead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because for a simple annual fee my profile and contact details are available at no extra costs to potential clients."
Michael Steele (Knebworth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's so easy to use and it takes the stress out of finding prospective students!"
Teodora Ilieva (West Greenwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received several enquiries through them, as a result of the full and detailed profile possible on this site."
Heather T (Parkwall)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a really good site to connect with potential pupils. The Tutor Pages allows for quite a lot of content, unlike other websites and agencies. Therefore, parents and pupils get a real sense of what you're about as a teacher. Furthermore, you can really explain what you teach, your rates and also, your experience, as well as uploading articles and detailed information about how you teach."
Vanessa Gardiner (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the site has enabled me to help so many reach their potential - and beyond!"
T Blaukopf (Hendon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides a great platform to learn about various tutors and find the most suitable teacher for your needs,"
Ismail (Bloomsbury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they provide great advice on how to increase your client base."
Miss Catherine Norris (Southport)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I get many enquiries for a very reasonable annual fee."
Matthew Brown (Mill Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an extremely convenient and effective way for pupils/students and/or their parents to get to know tutors, their expertise, qualifications, experience, and other attributes in great depth. This allows them to contact a tutor who they feel they already know before making contact. It is also a fantastic means for tutors to get relevant and focussed enquiries from interested parties. In other words, more informed contact between students/parents and their prospective tutors. This website is of great benefit to students whose lives are to be shaped and enriched and to tutors who wish to assistance in this endeavour. Best of luck to all students out there, for whom I will always be here to help in every way I can."
MR S A Y ALI Private Tuition (Central Birmingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is ranked high by Google and tends to appear on the first page, near the top, following search requests."
Mike Lal (Chatham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes it easier to find tutors than many other websites."
Robert Edwards (Hornchurch)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's great in helping students find tutors who perfectly match their criteria and vice versa. Since I first signed up to the site with a gold membership, I've received numerous enquiries from students, most of whom I am still teaching today. It's a wonderful system!"
Anmol Patel (Beckenham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works for you round the clock to find new clients! It is wonderfully clear and easy to use."
Catherine Paver (Teddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because in only the first few lessons it pays for itself. I have gained many students through The Tutor Pages. It is very safe as The Tutor Pages doesn't give any personal details out either."
Jessica Friend (Stratford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent resource for students to find high quality tutors. Unlike other tutoring websites students can get direct access to tutors' details without have to pay anything. This is a simple and transparent system for the satisfaction of students and parents."
Dr Sheikh (Westcotes)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because as well as successfully providing their members with work, they are efficiently and helpfully run."
Amelia Grandidier (Balham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's a fantastic way to promote yourself online. My profile is viewed on a regular basis, and I've had an amazing amount of enquiries through the site. It's also an excellent way of maintaining an online presence if you don't have your own website."
Daniel Thurston (Horsell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it ranks highly when one Googles 'tutors'."
Abi Mogul (Northwick Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a cost effective method of increasing your client base."
Susan Craxton (pianolady) (Blandford Forum)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has worked exactly as it should and generated plenty of interest in my teaching. A great resource for any tutor."
Colin Openshaw (New Headington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides tutors with exceptional back-room support and is well placed in search engines. I get more enquiries through them than any other source."
Gordon Robb (Buckingham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I have received many clicks through to my website, as well as personal introductions."
Maureen Fivash (Tavistock)

"Out of the many online tutoring portals I have come across, I by far prefer The Tutor Pages. It is run by people who are obviously passionate and caring about the field and this shows in the website's professional, friendly and comprehensive format. Despite tutoring a none core subject, I have gained quite a few students through The Tutor Pages, all of whom have been a pleasure to tutor."
Sonny Williams (East Grinstead)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I've had a lot of good enquiries for my violin and piano teaching service."
Francesca Gambaro (Notting Hill)

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Gabrielle Jourdan (Chalk Farm)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has been effective in helping me contact students - it has always paid for itself."
Mr Paul Reay BA (Greenbank)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you autonomy over your own tutoring business and takes no commission, whilst providing a platform from which clients can easily find you. At the same time, The Tutor Pages brand gives clients confidence in you and your services, making them far more likely to get in touch compared to an independent ad."
Emma Murray (Crouch End)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it works - and so do you !"
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a professional and effective service which provides easy access to qualified teachers in your area."
Andrew Nesbitt (Northwich)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because is a professional way to get new students easily. I am happy with the service so that's why i have decided to renew my subscrption. Thanks for your help."
Qualified Spanish NATIVE Tutor (Street)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has helped me immensely to gain new students and to support students at different levels. The Tutor Pages also enabled my profile to appear on the first page of Google which again is excellent."
Yasmeen Ahmed (Bordesley Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has really helped me to build up my tuition business. I make contact with most of my potential students through the Tutor Pages. Thank you."
Teresa Hoy (South Croydon)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way of reaching out to pupils who may not have heard of you otherwise. The Tutor Pages is a known site for finding tuition. I have had at least one pupil a month who has contacted me and continued tuition."
Helen Littlewood (Broadstairs)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gives you the chance to build your online reputation. It gives you the opportunity to increase your income if you put the work in."
Michael Clowes (Grove Park)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is easy to use for both tutors and people looking for a tutor and the system used works very well indeed for putting appropriate people in contact with each other. I have developed a lot of successful working relationships through The Tutor Pages."
Mr Dalton (Chasetown)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it gets you in touch with students very easily. I have had a steady stream of business. It's easy, no-fuss and reliable and I think value for money. I am very satisfied with the service."
Amber Armitage (Stoke Newington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's the best way to connect to students looking for tutors."
Rafael (Central Birmingham)

"Tutor Pages is widely considered by freelance music teachers in London and beyond to be the most successful means of connecting with potential students. It is almost entirely responsible for the teaching element of my career and I recommend it very highly!"
Sean Webster (Brixton Hill)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a good advertisment and I now have many students from enquiries from parents. It is so easy to deal with. There are no complicated agents fees to pay."
Debbie Quinn (Bridgwater)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers an efficient yet unintrusive service."
Tonya (Central Hereford)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an easy and clear website for prospective students to use that I have found to be very successful."
Emma Barr (High Wycombe)

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K Heardman (Wembury and Brixton)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it offers everything you need to know about becoming a tutor, as well as getting your profile high up the Google rankings. Through The Tutor Pages I have found like-minded experienced tutors to whom I can refer my students for tuition in other subjects."
Nigel Straney (Evesham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an efficient way to present yourself and find new students. Your profile is very versatile and can be tailored to showcase your strengths as a professional tutor."
Ignaty Dyakov (Central London)

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Jean the teacher (Eastcote)

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Alam Khan (Earlsfield)

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Jeel Shah (Wembley Central)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it's popular and has a good reputation."
Mr Dhir MathsTeacher (Central Hounslow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is simply excellent and it works."
Mohammad Bari (Forest Gate)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because they offer a professional service to Tutors with regular email updates and correspondence."
Leo Crossfield (Ramsey)

"I would recommend the Tutor Pages because teachers are able to write a comprehensive page about themselves, their experience and qualifications - so that potential students already have an idea of what to expect. It is an easy and efficient way of pupils finding the right teacher in their area without having to make endless phonecalls. A great service!"
Vaughan Jones (Cheddington)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it provides good professional profiles, is easy to use, and performs well in search engines."
Michelle C Gibson (Tettenhall)

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David Weber (Isleworth)

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Jamie France (Sidcup)

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James Burns (Stoke Newington)

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Monique Cullen (Mapledurham)

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John Macnaughton (Dulwich Village)

"I would like to recommend Tutor Pages to all the other tutors because this is one of the most visited tutor websites by students and parents."
M S Rahman (Palmers Green)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it has introduced me to many new students."
Dr. Alison Hennessy (Linlithgow)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because of its easy to use format."
Michelle Falcon (Bathwick)

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Laura Evans (Central Worthing)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a great way to advertise your services as a private tutor and the site is full of useful information. I have been a member for 1 year and am very happy !"
Isabelle Leroy (Pembury)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is a useful way of advertising one's expertise online. It has a clear and well organised display and gives a trustworthy impression."
Flavia Hirte (Fulham)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because I've had more referrals from them than from any other tuition website. I even gained a new permanent teaching job!"
Vicki-Marie (Teignmouth)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it makes it very easy to connect to potential clients."
Sarita Masson (Britwell)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because the tutees that I have gained through the website have always been nice and eager to learn. The website looks professional and sounds credible, allowing people to pick the most suitable candidate rather than having to rely on an agency. Also, not having to spend time paying regular commission for tutorials as well as losing that money is a bonus. The best online area for finding tutees that I've encountered."
Karolina Szymon (Blackheath)

"I would recommend The Tutor Pages because it is an excellent platform for tutors and tutees alike to communicate without having to pay a fee first, as is the case on other tutoring websites. Tutees are more reassured by this opportunity to communicate freely and establish if we are the right 'match' for each other, without making any initial commitments. Also, I have become a member of The Tutors' Association last year, a regulating body for which the expertise behind The Tutor Pages played a huge role. I feel very supported by this site, and am grateful that it provides a platform for me to advertise my tutoring role as a professional service. Sign up, it can only ever be a positive move for your career as a tutor! Best of luck, Nicole."
Nicole O'Driscoll (Heaton)

"Good search engine results, lots of help and advice for new tutors on The Tutor Pages Website. Many of my clients come via TTP."
Julia Underwood (Tattenhoe)

Student Testimonials

"I didn't think Jack would take well to being home tutored by anyone, but Carl obviously adapted the way he spoke to Jack to ensure that the tutoring would work well and it did. At the outset, Jack often forgot to do his homework, but Carl was keen at an early stage to explain to Jack, in a friendly, but serious manner, the importance of completing tasks between sessions, since a minimum 'C' grade in maths in necessary when being considered for most jobs."
Caroline Bell [mother of Jack Bell (b. 1995)], Oxspring, Sheffield, tutored by
Lingua Genesis Ltd (Central Barnsley)

"Dr Carl is an exceptionally knowledgeable and encouraging teacher. My son enjoys the lessons and after a bit of a shaky start his confidence at A Level Chemistry is now restored and he is averaging an A in his tests."
Mrs JS, son Jack achieved A in his A2 resit (AQA A level chemistry), tutored by
Dr Carl Thirsk (Seaham)

"Brian is an excellent tutor. He understands a child's reticence at asking awkward questions, the ones that hate to be asked. He explains all problems, calmly and patiently and is always reassuring in his manner. This approach is ideal for anyone feeling wobbly about maths - he helps to create confidence in the subject and this of course, always contributes towards future success for his students."
Mrs B, Maidstone, Kent, tutored by
Brian Cairnie (Otford and Shoreham)

"Mischa tutored my son for a more then a year on a weekly basis and we remained in touch for occassional one-off sessions. My son has made great progress, both in his literacy skills and in his general confidence. It was a great to find someone so patient and calm with a great approach which gained my son's respect and trust in short period of time. Mischa is also very good at giving constructive feedback and detailed reports if requested."
Pavla, tutored by
Mischa Foster Poole (East Dulwich)

"On elocution: 'I am a deputy head in a small school dealing with parents and teachers on a daily basis and I’ve always felt unconfortable during speaches due to my accent. Jo is very patient and has made my lessons interesting and fun. I was a bit worried when I started, but Jo was so encouraging and positive, she gave me the confidence to persevere. The lessons are a mixture of repetitive pronunciation work, reading together and acting out passages from plays and other texts. Thank you Jo!'"
Maria from Italy, Deputy Head, tutored by
Joanna Lucie (Gipsy Hill)

"When I first went for saxophone lessons I was apprehensive as I couldn't play at all. However, Saira was so welcoming and friendly that she put me to ease straight away. Her love of music is infectious and that shines through in her teaching. She has been very patient and kind and her motivational approach has definitely helped me to play. The more I play the saxophone the more I love it and I couldn't have done that without Saira's expertise. I would definitely recommend her as she is a great teacher!"
Suzanne, tutored by
Saira Clegg (Cheadle Hulme)

"At first I was looking for someone to proofread my dissertation. When I found June, I knew I had found what I wanted. But more than proofreading, I got coaching. June was for me what sunshine is for people in winter. Thanks to her, my mark was greatly improved and I got my master degree with merit. I am so Thankful to June and her expertise. Don't look any further; you have arrived at what you are looking for"
Sia Journalism Master’s Student 68 % March 2015, tutored by
Dissertation Tutor (Brockley)

"My 13 year old's confidence and speech has really improved. Thank you Linda."
Elaine (Grandmother), tutored by
Linda Maria McGuin (Huddersfield)

"Having employed Jacqui's services as a specialist tutor I found her enthusiastic, energetic, skilled and highly personable. I would recommend her for this type of work to anyone."
September 11, 2013, Matthew was Jacqueline's client, tutored by
Jacqueline Anderson (Oscott)

"From Samantha (5/5): (Primary English) Susan has really helped me with some super ideas to help my son, who has been very reluctant to practice his reading and letter formation. She has also provided sensible and achievable learning materials, which have held his interest, which has been pivotal in changing his attitude to literacy. I have definitely seen an improvement in his confidence, even in the short time we have been working together."
Samantha, tutored by
English and Maths Tuition (Ledbury)

"I taught A B since his As Maths and developed his interest in Maths. He is now studying further maths at A Levels after completing his As and A2. Maths tutoring has completely changed his interest in the subject and his parents are very happy."
kamal, tutored by
Kamal Patel (Harrow on the Hill)

"Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for teaching me for almost eleven years! I never imagined I would be able to reach Grade 8 and without all your help I know it wouldn't have been possible. Playing the flute is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can't thank you enough for making my lessons such an enjoyable experience (other than all the scales!) I really hope we can stay in touch and I'll definitely make an effort to keep up my playing. Best wishes for the future. Love Katie x"
Katie Parsloe, tutored by
Andrew Littlewood (Roundhay)

"Leo has been a Music tutor with a variety of our groups over many years. He has led Samba bands, Special Needs groups and choirs, as well as acting as workshop leader. I would highly recommend his energy and professionalism."
Peter Moser. More Music (Morecombe), tutored by
Leo Nolan-Evans (Claremont)

"Rating: 5/5 I was struggling so much with biology having missed lessons and just never feeling I really understood what the teacher was going on about. Photosynthesis was something I had just accepted I would never understand with one session with Paul I knew it so well that I could recite the Calvin cycle and explain exactly what happens in each photosystem. The only way I can describe him is an utter miracle worker! If you are looking for someone to help you get your full potential then Paul is the one!"
Lulu, tutored by
Dr Paul Kilkenny (Central Bromley)

"We were looking for a specialist children’s music teacher and were lucky enough to find Karen – she’s been teaching our daughter (6) piano and violin for a couple of years and she absolutely loves it. She is very patient and makes the lessons fun and pitched at just the right level for them to progress. She’s recently started teaching our son (4) as well and has a fantastic relationship with them both."
Andrew, 2015, tutored by
Karen Jolliffe (Central Canterbury)

"My daughter Connie cried when she had to move up a year and leave Becky's class. The difference in Connie was amazing and without Becky's care, support and way of teaching I really believe she would not have been ready to move up"
Anna Heap, tutored by
Rebecca Dack (Yapton)

"Mr Spillane helped me on my road to success and that he recognised my ability and work ethic, even when others doubted me Mark stood right beside me. In getting to know Mark I have found that it has not only been me that he has helped to achieve success but also others that have been under his tutelage."
Delroy Ogiste, tutored by
Mark Spillane (Chingford)

"Alex worked with me to improve my accent over a period of several months. I though his lessons were lively, interesting and effective. My French accent has definitely softened and I feel more confident pronouncing certain words in English. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex to any foreigner looking to improve the way they sound when speaking English"
Cecile, 2016, tutored by
Alex Wingfield (Clapton)

"I have had 10 lessons with Romina. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Those lessons have given me the basics of Italian. Most of all I liked Romina's approach and her enjoyment of teaching. It made me always look forward to every lesson and work hard."
Martina, Beautician, tutored by
Romina Oliveto (Rotherhithe)

"While teaching my son to play violin for a year now, Irma has shown to be an exceptional teacher. Her professionalism, knowledge and deep understanding of my sons’ skills and aims helped him make an immaculate improvement. I would very highly recommend Irma."
Rebecca, tutored by
Irma Vastakaite (Carfax)

"I wanted to thank you for the additional help you gave me at the beginning of the year; i got 3 A*S and 1 A yesterday; with an A* in Classics."
Alice A Level Classical Civilisation, tutored by
A Bell (Twickenham)

"Apart from teaching German itself, he also taught the right way to learn it. He has a great sense of humour that reduces barriers, and lightens the atmosphere, especially in a difficult topic in the class. He has the ability to carry his students far and gain more respect."
Mrs Patel, Newham, London, tutored by
Andrew Cremer (Goodmayes)

"Thought we should let you know how J got on with his GCSE English paper [after 7 sessions]. He received a grade 'B' up from a 'C', which is what we hoped! He also recently had some more course work marked just shy of a grade A, He says his thought process in English has changed for the better, which is down to the time you spent with him, so maybe in hindsight we should have contacted you 12 months sooner."
AW [father of GCSE English Student], tutored by
Louise Armstrong (Colne)

"We can choose the subjects of the lessons!"
Lisa (Belgium; 11/04/14), tutored by
Richard Brassington (Acomb)

"Melanie is the kind of teacher who makes learning to play the Cello rewarding and fun, her teaching skills and her personality give her the ability to adapt her teaching style to suit her students individual learning needs. All in all Melanie is a fantastic teacher and a lovely, understanding and inspirational person. I look forward to many years under her excellent tuition."
John (adult student), tutored by
Melanie Jones (Mossley)

"Dr Choudhry Thank you 4 asking. Sofia got A*. Thank you 4 your help in her success. BW"
Mrs Alves, tutored by
Dr M A Choudhry (Hammersmith)

"Hi Maureen, I’m hoping you remember me! I’m Erica Davis. You used to tutor me around 20 years ago – at your house in Jeffcock Rd. I really just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. I’ve had an amazing life and fantastic opportunities that I think you were a part of, due to your great teaching skills and also giving me so much confidence in myself and abilities."
Erica Myers-Davis and DJ Lady Erica, tutored by
Maureen Theaker (Newport)

"Just to let you know Callum passed his eleven plus!!!! A big thank you for all your help. You were amazing x"
Mrs Fitzgerald, tutored by
Geoffrey Parfitt (Dorridge and Hockley)

"(...) Danusia is gifted when it comes to problem solving. When she highlights a problem, she would provide a unique method of exercising (solutions) so that you won’t waste hours practising and repeating the same errors. (...) PLEASE SEE THE WHOLE TESTIMONIAL IN 'MY MEDIA' SECTION"
Phoebe, tutored by
Danusia Adamska (Woolwich)

"Ben tutors my two children. He is extremely patient, dedicated and enthusiastic. My children have very different personalities which Ben has managed to assess and incorporate in his tutorials. Ben has brought to my children a new positive inclination for reading as well as a development in writing, grammar and vocabulary. His calm nature has helped to establish a well-respected but also happy working environment. I strongly recommend him."
Adriatik B., NW3, tutored by
Benjamin Noakes (Swiss Cottage)

"Hi Sir...I got 98%, which means that overall I got an A* in A level Economics! I would also like to thank you deeply for the support you have given me during the Global Economy unit, you were a fantastic tutor, and you never know - we may meet again someday!"
Stefan, tutored by
Kevin Foley (Matlock)

"Kate is an excellent singing teacher. Her vast knowledge of music and singing technique, combined with her ability to identify patterns or habits in my delivery, have enabled me to improve my performance, exponentially. She's also patient, thoughtful and supportive. I'd happily recommend her to anyone who's keen to learn to sing, or wanting to take their talent to the next level."
Nell Greco - (who's just quit her day job to become a brilliant and full time jazz vocalist). Yessss, tutored by
Kate Mullins (Victoria Park)

"We learnt Spanish with Paul in preparation for our holiday to Ibiza. In only six months we managed to get ourselves ready for ordering food and drink, shopping for ourselves and asking directions. We just learnt the phrases we knew we would use and it worked. Paul was very patient with us and very good at helping us get into the habit of listening to conversation material between lessons. Great stuff!"
Peter and Jo, tutored by
Paul Grace (Chorlton)

"I am really enjoying my lessons with Dorothee. I started my lessons in order to improve my spoken French but wanted it to be enjoyable at the end of a day's work rather than an additional stress to an already busy life. She is always well prepared for the lessons and also willing to be flexible. If you get talking about something of interest she will be happy to continue with the conversation and not be concerned about the lesson plan. I look forward to my lessons and I have certainly gained in confidence."
Amanda, from Purley, tutored by
Dorothee (Purley)

"He achieved all As and A*s, thanks very much for your help, it was much appreciated. Can you please tutor his sister this year?"
Claire A. Aug 2015, tutored by
Martyn Everitt (Crowborough)

"Catherine tutored my daughter, Rose, for her AS and A2 English Literature. She provided expert guidance on all aspects of the curriculum, always informed by her formidable knowledge of the texts. Catherine encouraged Rose to develop her own ideas, and Rose's understanding and confidence increased enormously as a result. Her marking of written work was particularly helpful in supporting Rose to express her ideas fluently."
Ms Charlotte R., tutored by
Catherine Paver (Teddington)

"Matt is a very professional, patient and friendly tutor. 
He teaches me a lot about English, useful phrasal verbs, British
 culture and life.
 I always enjoy talking with him on Skype. 
His lessons are always well-organized and specially prepared for me.
 They improve my English skill for sure.
 Thank you so much Matt."
Ras - Japan, tutored by
Matthew Thompson (Central Bristol)

"Each lesson provided me a lot in Maths. Maths is not too difficult because my tutor is good at teaching and communicating."
Suede (GCSE Maths student), tutored by
Ash Haleem (Thornton Heath)

"'My sister was more happy with your sessions than two years of history at school, thank you so much for your help'"
Shamshed, Hackney, sister doing GCSE History, tutored by
Eleanor Morton MA (Tooting)

"Carrie is very patient and helpful, as a result, I am now aware when I pronounce words incorrectly. Her lessons are excellent value for money."
Jonathan B, Preacher, tutored by
Carrie Terry (Leamington Spa)

"I felt the lessons were truly tailored just for me. I would recommend Landy to anyone looking for a Mandarin teacher."
Daisy Newton Dunn - a China specialist http://www.daisynewtondunn.com/, tutored by
Landy Tong (Central Guildford)

"‘Vaughan has taught my daughter Tara for the past 7 years. Over this time he has helped her move towards Grade 8 standard as well as developing an overall appreciation of music. Tara has always looked forward to the lessons and Vaughan has been patient and really encouraging over that time. We would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for music tuition. He’s brilliant!’"
Gena S. (parent of violin pupil), tutored by
Vaughan Jones (Cheddington)

"When Jak started with Mrs Kirton he would not put pen to paper or read and his confidence was very low. Since having all the extra tuition he now has perfect hand writing (the best in his class) and his reading has improved considerably and most of all his confidence is growing and growing. So to us as parents the money that we have spent has been worth every penny and we would always highly recommend Mrs Kirton if you have a son/daughter with dyslexia needs."
Fiona Eyre, tutored by
Mrs Moya Kirton (Cheylesmore)

"Luisa is a fantastic Italian teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed developing my Italian with her. Lessons are structured, well thought out and tailored to individual needs. I have managed to learn an awful lot in a relatively short period of time but above all it has been an enjoyable experience thanks to Luisa's enthusiasm and sense of humour. I would recommend her as a teacher, unreservedly."
Amanda from Edenbridge - Nov 2010, tutored by
Luisa Romano (Warlingham)

"Liwen, has been a great teacher. I enjoyed my fortnightly lessons with her over the last six months... Each session usually had a theme. I would prepare for the theme usually by studying every day before the lesson. I was then able to talk about the theme during the session. Liwen is professional, organised, and patient. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who would like to learn or improve their Chinese. "
Dr Faith Carter, tutored by
Liwen (Hall Green)

"Mrs. Suri is a really an enthusiastic teacher and singer, so her lessons are always full of energy. She is a great teacher that cares deeply about her students’ well-being and health, and that is why she always corrects her students even for the smallest mistake. She always finds extremely helpful and easy to understand examples, to explain the various techniques around classical singing. Professor Marianna is always happy to help, and she is pleased with her students’ achievements and accomplishments."
Anastasia M., tutored by
Marianna Suri (Blackheath)

"As parents we were impressed with Michael's experienced calm and professional manner. Communication was excellent, timekeeping exemplary and he was always happy to respond to our enquiries as to our son's progress. Our son, who was initially not over-keen to accept tutoring, soon realised the benefit of the sessions and was able to prepare for and face the exams with more confidence."
Jackie (parent of A-level student), tutored by
Michael Clarke (Cranleigh)

"Thank you so much for all your help Simon, I couldn't have done it without you! If you need me to do any recommendations or anything for your (lucky) future students I would be more than happy to help"
Hannah Gibbs, tutored by
Simon Smith (Central Dartford)

"How are you? I hope you are enjoying the holidays. As you know the GCSE results came out last Thursday, and I am pleased to tell you I got an A* in Maths!! I got a total of 8A*s and 4As, so I am very pleased with my results. Thank you very much for helping me with maths throughout this year, I feel much more confident in maths now!!... Once again thank you very much for all your help!!"
C., tutored by
Tonya (Central Hereford)

"David Winstanley is an excellent maths teacher who makes every effort to help and support his students at every level. Highly recommended."
Nick Osborne, tutored by
David J Winstanley (Gloucester Road)

"Matthew tutored my son in French for his IGCSE, Matthew is thorough, very organised and clear in his teaching.He was a great support for my son who gained an A*. I would highly recommend him."
Sharon Seagle. A* achieved., tutored by
Matthew Brown (Mill Hill)

"Sometimes, the main problem in learning is language skills, and for a student in creative writing and literature, getting good tutoring is really important as there is so much to learn and write in good academic English. Dr Seraphin was the right person at the right time for me, and was always very patient and really so good in his subjects. Thank you so much for tutoring me!"
Michael Tama, BA Creative Writing and English Lit., Middlesex University, Hendon, London (U.K.), tutored by
Dr Seraphin (Bloomsbury)

"I recently worked with Ian for 2 hours of professional coaching. He is helping me tighten up on my interview technique, hone my presentation skills & rethink my approach to professional communication. Ian is very friendly & provides a relaxed atmosphere perfect for coaching; yet he does not shy away from posing challenging questions & giving honest direction. Ian is clearly an experienced professional."
Steven Atkinson, tutored by
Ian Sanders (Glemsford)

"Thank you so much for all the years and hard work you've put into teaching me the violin. It has been a great experience and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Your lessons have helped me to develop my skill, confidence and wider musical knowledge. I will continue playing and I won't let the skills you've taught me go to waste. Thank you again and best wishes for the future!"
Ed Nock- Taught him 9 years and he got to Grade 7 before leaving to go to University., tutored by
Michelle C Gibson (Tettenhall)

"I have, and indeed do, thoroughly enjoy my hours lesson with Howard. He put me at ease from the outset and is, without double, a good teacher. He goes above and beyond trying to fit his schedule around me and that is something I really appreciate. I would recommend learning French on-line to anyone, and would highly recommend Howard to be the teacher. Christine K"
Christine K. South-West France., tutored by
Howard Stephens (Llanwern)

"Peter and Alexandra do not think they would have got the grades they did without your help and guidance. Alex commented that you really helped her with how to answer the questions to time more effectively and how to interpret the poetry in particular. Peter really benefited from you teaching him how to look at things in a different way, You gave him the confidence to write which he didn't have before. Thank you so much for your help at the last minute. Michael got A for Literature and A for language"
Emma V, mother of Peter and Alex August 2013; Michael Aug 2015, tutored by
Laura Pasternack (Ealing Common)

"My daughter was struggling in Math and we decided she needed tutorials to help her for GCSE . We contacted Daryl and he was very helpful,. Responsive, punctual and dedicated. His method of communication helped my daughter not only to understand better but also actually like Math. She ended up with an A in Math GCSE and is actually taking Math in A levels"
Imellda Courtney, tutored by
Mr Rugless (Beckenham)

"...Hollie’s undeniable passion for the flute is very clear through her teaching and she has certainly inspired me to work hard and, more importantly to enjoy playing the flute.’’ - Elana, adult student"
Elana (adult student), tutored by
Hollie Macdonald MMus ABRSMDip (Godalming)

"Philippa helped to restore my daughter`s confidence in subjects she was struggling with, and she achieved her best grades in these subjects at GCSE. Recommended 5/5"
Dawn, mother of Molly, tutored by
Philippa Rumsey (Ponders End)

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the help and advice you gave me. We've sent our personal recommendation to others we know. Thanks again!"
Miss Dakzi, tutored by
Dr Steven Naylor (Disley)

"We do a lot of exercises during class, we read and discussed the works of Russian writers. The lessons are very interesting and informative. I recommend Valentina as a professional tutor"
Aleksi, tutored by
Valentina Ross (Arnos Grove)

"I’ve worked with Sarah for >1year. My clients are authors who need research material on historical medical problems. My goals were to gain confidence speaking & to work on my accent.She quickly identified how to help me & hand-tailored a plan. My confidence when talking to native speakers has increased rapidly. Her medical knowledge & ability to explain complex things in an easy way are remarkable.She is reliable in meeting proofreading deadlines & has never postponed a session.I definitely recommend her."
Barbara (general & medicial English, pronunciation, proofreading), tutored by
Dr Sarah Paul (Kentish Town)

"Laura is a very well prepared and organised teacher, who manages to set exacting standards without inhibiting inspiration and natural spirit. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed their sessions together, and Laura managed to build her confidence whilst maintaining rigorous standards."
Ben Morris, tutored by
LHanna (Finchley Central)

"Our family found Michael very professional and supportive. He engaged with our son and was reliable and prompt with his tutorials and feedback. Now awaiting exam results!"
Clare Coyle, tutored by
Michael Ball (Blakelaw)

"Ruairidh was extremely understanding during our time together. He was flexible with the times we tutored and made sure to work around my schedule with emergency essay writing sessions when I needed it. He always went out of his way to make sure I felt confident with my work and even answered the phone late at night when I was panicking about my exams and needed some last minute advice!"
Olivia Qasir, tutored by
Ruairidh George (Marylebone)

"Eva Kertesz helped me to prepare for the French GCSE exam. She helped me a lot to successfully sit the exam. Owing to her knowledge and expertise in teaching I got an A at my exam. She has a thorough knowledge of the GCSE exam. she helped me a lot especially with grammar and ortograph which were my weak points. I can recommend her work to anybody who needs to study French."
Dombi Petra, tutored by
Elizabeth (Central Westminster)

"Dear Peter, You have made such a difference already. I can see a huge difference in Em's approach to maths. It is lovely to see her gaining confidence."
Hilary, tutored by
AA Tuition (Milton Keynes Centre)

"Going into his 2 papers his had already improved his results from a D in his mock to achieving A’s in the past papers. Our son recently received his formal GCSE marks and achieved A* on both papers (with 91% & 96% respectively). He is delighted with his results, and is very grateful to Phil for his help and support."
Dave (dad), tutored by
Phil CloudTutoring (Barby and Kilsby)

"Fiona, as for your tuition service, I cannot begin to thank you! At first I was sceptical of how much I would benefit, but in just four lessons I could see visible progress and more importantly it made me like the language! It reminded me that speaking a language is fun and for the first time ever I could be relaxed speaking it without having total blanks. As soon as I finish my exams, I will be keeping up weekly Skype tuition with you!"
Megan Morgan-Harris, tutored by
Fiona (Werrington)

"Julian provided excellent long distance training which helped my daughter achieve an ‘A’ grade in Sociology and be accepted to her first choice University. I would strongly recommend him to anyone sitting ‘A’ level Sociology."
Robert Eastham, tutored by
Julian Salisbury (Crewe)

"“The tutoring sessions I had with Charlie leading up to my A2 exams firstly helped to simply calm me down about the looming pressure I was about to face. He helped me to apply my knowledge in a way that would showcase it best to examiners. In particular the way in which he helped me structure essays in timed conditions certainly helped to boost my grade in English.”"
Catherine F, A2 English Literature, tutored by
Charlie Field (Parsons Green)

"Kate just received her offer for Cambridge University. Thanks again for you help in her personal statement and all your hard work tutoring her to an A in A Level."
Janet Siddell GP , Liverpool, tutored by
Sue Pardo (Cressington)

"(From the parent of a teenage piano student) Thank you so much for teaching Daisy to play the piano. I can't believe all those years have passed! Congratulations on your skilful handling of such a strong-minded pupil. Your encouragement, support and above all, patience, have ensured that Daisy has a great love and knowledge of the piano, that she will always carry."
Brenda, tutored by
Jeffrey Whitton (Balham)

"Tom helped me prepare for my Oxford entrance interview. He was always well prepared, and taught with the utmost commitment and verve. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. He was tremendous at honing textual analysis and essay writing skills, and encouraged an expansive and imaginative engagement with literature. Aside from his intellectual rigour, he was professional, punctual and flexible; during the stressful period of entrance preparation these qualities were very much appreciated!"
Na'ama T, tutored by
Tom Secretan (Oval)

"Since I take lessons with Meta, my vocal confidence has improved very much. I have struggled for many years trying to overcome vocal issues that only Meta has helped me with. Now I feel more in control of my voice, is like now I really know what I am doing. She is very patient but consistent. She is very clear and answers all my questions. She encourages me to do my best and I always feel inspired after my lesson. I know I'm improving and learning something new every time."
Alma Alvarez, London, tutored by
Meta Powell (Acton)

"Annie has a natural talent for teaching her native tongue. She backs this up with a useful knowledge of grammatical terms and rules, whilst ensuring that the student is 'au fait' with colloquial French, spoken and written. She has a knack of emphasizing the positive and endless patience when it comes to ensuring that student have fully understood the point. Annie is reasonable and flexible with a warm personality and a nice sense of humour. I have not a moment's hesitation in recommending Annie."
Kate,Blagdon, Somerset, tutored by
Annie Marrec (Glastonbury)

"Rhea is an excellent, caring and enthusiastic Spanish and Maths tutor. She taught my daughter confidence as well as the course material for AS and A level. My daughter achieved an A* in both subjects and an offer to her top university choices."
Nyomi Marshe, tutored by
Rhea Ranjan (Clerkenwell)

"Subject: Cosimo is in! Dear Monica, Good News! We just heard that Cosimo passed the Winchester papers and his place from this September is confirmed! I do not have any details re:Grades yet and I will let you know as soon as I get those, but I thought I should give you the news. Thank you so much for all your help and we are all very grateful to you. Best wishes, Madoka"
Madoka [mailto:marimadoka@gmail.com], tutored by
Monica Janssens (Rye)

"Zinajda is an excellent teacher. I’ve been working with her for few months, during my temporary 3 months stay in London and I was more than happy. She has a big sense for musicality and an excellent technique of flute playing which makes her a very good musician, but she is also able to clearly explain and split every, even the most complicated technical problem, in a logical sequence of simple steps, easy to execute and put together afterwords. Part 1/2"
Eva, tutored by
Zinajda Kodrič (Wandsworth Common)

"I decided to learn Italian purely because of a love for the country, the food and the romanticism of the language. I contacted Elisa mainly based on the fact that she was local. I chose well, as Elisa is professional, thorough and well prepared for each lesson - and most of all fun and enthusiastic! Whether the lessons were held at my home or hers, Elisa was always punctual and always seemed genuinely pleased to be teaching each lesson. I can highly recommend Elisa Cavaliere as your Italian tutor!"
Ms R Dartnell, Blackheath, tutored by
Elisa Cavaliere (Blackheath)

"I was delighted with the tutoring from Val.In a relaxed environment,my daughter enjoyed producing a sketchbook for the first time.She was introduced to new mediums and techniques to also create pieces for a portfolio.Under Val's gentle guidance she gained confidence and improved her skill level,encouraging her to explore art.The lessons were well planned and my daughter looked forward to them ,always leaving with a sense of achievement."
Alison Marr(parent), tutored by
Val Wolstenholme Clay (Wimbledon)

"“I enjoy being taught Spanish by Alex in the comfort of my own home, in a relaxed, fun and friendly way. I am able to learn at my own pace. Alex is always supportive and will recap on previous lessons to keep things fresh in my mind. He is always on time for my lessons, enthusiastic and polite.”"
Jacky: adult beginner, tutored by
Alex Morgan (Tooting)

"London Art Portfolio’s workspace is welcoming and comfortable which provides a great atmosphere where you can develop your work. (…) I would just like to say I’m really grateful for Julia’s time and experience and I’m so pleased to say that I’ve been accepted by more than one University including my first choice. This would not have been possible without the help of Julia."
Marcos Ronquim, Brazil, Studying MA Textiles Design at Winchester School of Art, part of University, tutored by
London Art Portfolio (London Bridge)

"Andy is an inspiring tutor, full of enthusiasm and knowledge. I always felt that Andy's lessons were personalised and tailored specifically to my needs. He made me feel at ease and increasingly confident with every lesson. Dedicated, professional, reliable - what more could you ask for! I would highly recommend him without hesitation"
Anna from Durham, tutored by
Andy Collins (Deerness)

"My 5 year old son has recently started piano lessons with Rebecca. Rebecca is very encouraging and is amazing at being able hold my son’s concentration and reign him back in when he becomes distracted by something. I am really delighted to have found a piano teacher who can give fun and inspiring lessons for young children and who my son is very happy is with!"
Mother of 2 young children, tutored by
Rebecca Singerman-Knight (Teddington)

"Danny has been tutoring my daughter Tabitha for a number of weeks now on the Piano and I have been amazed how quickly she has learnt to play,I can only attribute this to his Teaching skills. Danny has a good structured lesson and leaves Tabitha homework at the end so that she can practice in between lessons. He adopts a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure put on Tabitha, and allows her to play at her own pace. He has been very flexible with us and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him as a piano teacher."
Jason Jeavons, tutored by
Danny Gamble (Pudsey)

"I have known Judith since my son was nine. He was brought up in Spain from the age of three to seven, and on coming to England was behind with his English grammar. Judith took the task on and today, at the age of 14, he is a confident young man ready to do his GCSE's next term. I find Judith a breath of fresh air when she comes into our house. We would not have got through these difficult times without her being so patient, kind and caring."
Mrs Bruce, tutored by
Judith Brennan (Annfield Plain)

"Thomas, thank you for the help you gave D. over the last 18 months. He trusted you and liked you. You not only helped him with his GCSEs but gave him confidence and self belief. He has matured as a result of your help. LH"
Linda, tutored by
Thomas Hillas (Central Cambridge)

"I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the help and support that you and your team provided to my son throughout his secondary school, leading up to his GCSE exams. The regular maths tuition along with the extra tuition in the sciences and English helped him to be well prepared for his GCSE's and, as you know, he far exceeded his target grades in most subjects. He received A*grade in Maths and by taking your advice to start tuition early, he was confident going into his maths exams."
Mrs Smith - 6 September 2016, tutored by
Mr N Darr (Potters Bar)

"Many many thanks for your kind support. You are a genuine teacher. Thanks a lot for your dedication to your students. People like you make the life brighter. We both wish you all you would wish for yourself and more."
Mrs H Procopiou, tutored by
Susan Hamlyn (Ealing Common)

"Thanks Laurence for your help and patience! I shall recommend you to all my friends."
Jane Miller, tutored by
Laurence Collin (Angel)

"I have been having intensive lessons with Catherine, and I am totally satisfied with every single second. My pronunciation improved a lot, and also I felt more confident in the Speaking section. Catherine also provided me with a wide range of practices in order to improve my writing skills as well. I am definitely pleased with high-quality exercises and sincere effort from Catherine."
Quang-Thinh Ha, tutored by
Catherine Tienhoven (Hove)

"I am not the greatest guitar player in the world but having D as my teacher has given me more confidence to try new chords and learn the basics of understanding music. He is very patient, friendly and most of all a fantastic guitarist! I have a lesson once a month and even when I don't have time to practice between lessons, I always learn something new and manageable to take on board to become a better player! Looking forward to my next lesson!!!"
Nardus B., tutored by
Dimitris Panagiotou (Tooting)

"Joseph tutored my daughter Megan a few months before her A Level English Lit exam.She found Joseph to be extremely patient, professional, caring, knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic but most of all he gave Megan the confidence and encouragement to fully understand the context of the texts by fully testing her knowledge and overall views at all times. Joseph is one of the best Tutors that I have ever come across,his knowledge on the subject was outstanding and I would highly recommend Joseph as a tutor."
Mrs M Phelan, tutored by
Joseph W (Southfields)

"Mary taught all 3 of our children at the RCM JD. Her teaching was of such high quality and inspiring that two of them achieved Grade 8 with distinctions and one Grade 7 with merit. Mary developed their love of the piano to such an extent that they achieved very high standards and accolades. Our youngest at the age of 11 won the Sheila Mossman prize for the highest mark in the country at Grade 6. It was a pleasure to know Mary and we consider our children were very privileged to have been taught by her."
Stephen and Elizabeth Farrant, tutored by
Mary Woolmer (Coombe Wood)

"My Daughter was finding chemistry difficult at school and was getting D grades. I asked my daughter how she found the first lesson with Mandy and she said that chemistry was finally making sense and her recent tests have been A's. We are continuing with a weekly lesson until she does her GCSE's in 2016. My daughter enjoys her weekly lessons and I would recommend Mandy to any parent who has a child struggling in Chemistry"
IGCSE Chemistry, tutored by
Dr Amanda Wathey (Central Canterbury)

"We would just like to give you some feed back re Mr John Newman of Letchworth Hertfordshire. We found Mr Newman to be both charming and reliable. He is a very able gentleman and can explain any part of the chemistry A2 syllabus. My daughter found that subjects she had struggled with at school made complete sense and after only a few sessions felt confident enough to be working out her own solutions. Many thanks to Mr Newman for all his help - we would certainly recommend his services."
J.T. Hitchin, Herts, tutored by
John J Newman (Letchworth Garden City)

"My daughter has been learning to play the piano for a little over 2 years and absolutely loves playhing. Hilary's committment to technique and attention to detail are paramount in her teaching. She shares a great relationship with my daughter whilst mentoring her. Kaysheia always has fun in her lessons whilst being stretched to her limits. Above all she has encouraged in her a genuine eagerness to learn music and the enjoyment of performing a piece."
Prashanti Ratnasamy, tutored by
Hilary Michel (North Finchley)

"Mr Lock always taught chemistry in a memorable, relevant way, and it felt like we didn't just do everything for the exam. I had a great time with him as my teacher."
anon ( see rate my teacher.com), tutored by
Dave Lock (Central Bedford)

"Jennifer has been instructing my 6 year son on piano for nearly a year. I am thrilled with his progress and the relationship he has with Jennifer; there is never a battle to practice or to go to lessons. She is gentle and patient while quick to use relevant games to help refocus when attention wanes. She is well in-tune with my son's strengths and weakness to know where and when extra attention is needed and where/when she can push him to exceed even his own expectations."
Christine (mother of 6 year old piano student, Sam), tutored by
Jennifer Mu (Frognal)

"Raffaele has a tremendous musical imagination and is always eager to learn, showing a great deal of effort and responsiveness."
Josephine Knight, tutored by
Raffaele Ottonello (East Finchley)

"Because of Mr. Williams, I can still pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. Maths was the only one of my A-levels that was holding me back, but Mr. Williams taught me some brilliant exam techniques which pushed me up a grade immediately."
Denzel, tutored by
Mr. Williams (South Norwood)

"'Hi Jason, Just to let you know that J passed with flying colours and has received a 100% bursary! He will be attending KH school from September. Thank you!"
Mother of 7+ Student, tutored by
Dr J Preece (Ravenscourt Park)

"Rachel is a very friendly and approachable lady,she teaches my 2 children piano lessons. She has great patience and understanding but knows how to get her point across. She always shows great professionalism and is a wonderful teacher. She comes to my home to teach my kids and we always have a natter before the lessons."
Margaret Aherne (June 2013), tutored by
Rachel Coleshill (Central Sutton)

"My son's self-confidence has definitely been boosted by what he has learnt in his classes, and he has so much fun, I would have no hesitation in recommending Act 2 Cam."
Tanya Card, tutored by
Stephen Woods (Tynemouth)

"In 2009 I began a degree in Sports Management and Coaching. My lecturer was Kiran Kamat. Kiran was very helpful and always took time to help me when I struggled, going through lecture notes and advising on ways to improve my work. Kiran knew I wanted a 1st Class degree and he put in a lot of effort to ensure I achieved this. I can honestly say it was down to Kiran’s ongoing support, patience and effort that I achieved a 1st Class degree. Anyone who is taught, tutored or mentored by Kiran is very fortunate"
Amy Elliott, tutored by
Dr Kiran Kamat (Northfields)

"David McWilliam has taught both my children Piano from the age of 6.. He is an excellent musician & a skilled teacher who is able to engage the children & make lessons fun whilst ensuring that good progress is being made. He places emphasis on theory as well as practical playing & has introduced the children to a wide variety of music. Both my children look forward to their Piano lessons - surely a testimonial in itself! I have recommended David to friends & would have no hestitation in doing so again."
Leah Prince, tutored by
David McWilliam (Brandwood)

"Sometimes it's difficult to start with a new teacher and to let go of old habits. Dan was patient and responsive and used his vast training and knowledge to hone his lessons specifically to suit my voice. Within just a few lessons my voice felt freer and stronger - his instructions were so simple but hugely effective. He's really bloody good."
Charlotte Ritchie - All Angels, and recently 'Fresh Meat' Channel 4., tutored by
Dan Keating-Roberts (King's Cross)

"My son did extremely well in his entrance exams.He got in at Latymer, QE boys, Highgate, and Habs... Thank you again for all your help,my son would not have done it without you."
Mrs U. Highgate., tutored by
Stuart Riddle (Shoreditch)

"I wanted to let you know I got a 75% in my accounting exam. I also wanted to say that I very much enjoyed my time working with you. You are a tutor of extraordinary calibre, and helped me prepare for the exam in a record amount of time! With warm greetings Tatiana"
(full name provided only on request), tutored by
Mike Lal (Chatham)

"Lorna is the most inspiring, encouraging and talented teacher I have ever had. I found that Lorna really took the time to understand me as both a person and as an actress. Not only has she encouraged my strengths, she has also challenged me in my weaknesses, finding keys to unlock any creative blocks I have in my work. Since having lessons with Lorna, I feel much more confident in my abilities.I will continue having lessons with her for many years to come!!"
Rachel stonely, tutored by
Lorna Brown (St. Pancras)

"Pamela is a refreshingly intelligent, highly experienced and talented teacher. She has successfully taught across the curriculum and is flexible in her approach. Pam always ' the extra mile'. Pam is innovative and passionate about teaching and learning: she is the consummate professional. I am privileged to have worked alongside Pamela who inspires students and staff with her abilities and methodology. . I can thoroughly recommend Pamela Wakefield as an excellent tutor."
Jane McCourt- Coordinator of English (of a school in Stockport), tutored by
Pam Wakefield (Marple)

"Ruth started with my son when he was in Year 5. He jumped from level 4c to 6a in just one year. My son made remarkable progress and without Ruth's dedication and hard work this would not have been possible in such a short period. Ruth gave my son lessons for 11+ and independent school entrance exams and he passed all the exams he took with flying colours. I really recommend Ruth as a tutor."
Anonymous, tutored by
Ruth Mitchell (Bow)

"Since working with Brendan, I have grown much more confident and certain with my acting and singing ability. This has paid off as I am now more successful with auditions."
Patrick McNair, tutored by
Brendan Weakliam PGDipRNCM BMu (Leytonstone)

"''I really feel that it made a massive difference, and helped me incredibly. I really enjoyed working with you, as it was a relaxed and calm atmosphere which enabled me to concentrate more and comprehend what you said more easily, and take in more.''"
Tiffany Mitchell, tutored by
Alexander Winter (Canonbury)

"Thank you for coming to my house, as your hard work got Prayank A* in maths."
Pryanks mom: Edexcel maths, tutored by
Waruna (Cheam)

"Catherine is a brilliant, inspiring teacher and very fine musician. She is very encouraging, kind and patient. She is also completely practical and can show me exactly how to practise to achieve the musical effect I want. My playing has improved and become freer with her help and guidance.She always has lots of interesting information to pass on about the composer or form of the music. She makes our lessons fun and interesting. I could not recommend her more highly"
Karen, tutored by
Catherine Rimer (Highbury)

"Finn is really progressing well with his Maths at school with the help of Benny. Benny has a very good rapport with Finn and is extremely patient, kind and understanding. I would definitely recommend Benny for tutoring Maths to a Year 6 pupil."
Mrs Berg, tutored by
Benny Wong (Swaythling)

"Luke is tutoring me for my maths GCSE retakes.He is very helpful and goes through everything you need to know! He is very professional and I am happy at the pace he works at, if you're stuck he goes through and explains the different steps so you understand it. I would recommend him to anyone!"
Ms Dugdale (Maths GCSE) 2016, tutored by
Luke PM Jones (Chelsea)

"Thank you for being the best piano teacher we ever had!"
Julia, tutored by
Takami Weaver (St. Albans)

"She has coached two of my children for their 11+ exams. My daughter is in Newstead and my son who recently passed his exams this month. She showed a lot of dedication and interest in his learning, working through and explaining any topics which were unclear or he showed a weakness. The result was that he passed his St Olaves, and other exams, we are now spoilt for choice! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is preparing their child for 11+ and looking for a good tutor in the area"
Akin Wuraola, tutored by
Sovereign 11+ Tutor Orpington (Orpington)

"Anyone familiar with Eleni’s writing and music would recognize her as a talented person whose creative approaches and enthusiasm are sure to reflect positively upon her students."
Kit Azzopardi (Award-winning author. Malta), tutored by
Helen Skarpari (Charlton Park)

"Jemma was my flute teacher for three years, from starting with only a basic ability to play the instrument, to becoming a competent player. I really enjoyed my lessons with her as she made them a fun experience, which made me want to practice and improve instead of it being a chore. She is very easy to get along with, and I would happily recommend her as a teacher."
Lucy Saltinstall, tutored by
Jemma Freestone (Camberwell)

"My 10 year old son Dylan has already achieved Grade 4 trumpet with a merit and is about to do his Grade 1 piano exam. Dan is a very inspiring and positive teacher. With his calm manner, Dan is a good listener and always takes an interest in what Dylan has to say. He helps him to perfect his posture while playing the trumpet and piano and has taught him breathing exercises to help concentrate on his music."
Mrs Carr, I teach trumpet and piano to her son Dylan., tutored by
Daniel Friend (Central Norwich)

"Our son had always struggled with maths and was in GCSE set 4 out of 5. We initially asked Chris to help support him to go from the Foundation maths group to the Higher maths group, as we didn't want him to only be able to get a C as his highest possible mark. (Chris also helped hugely with his progress in physics, being a physics examiner he gave really useful tips about exam technique, which was an unexpected bonus)."
a parent, tutored by
Chris Downing (Cullompton)

"I have known Sonia for 28 years, since I arrived,newly married, from France. Sonia was patient and made her lessons fun. We watched current TV programmes and read simplified stories.She helped me adapt to life in England and became a good friend.I highly recommend her to anyone learning English, not only for her skills, but also for her sense of humour!"
Ann-Marie, ESOL student, tutored by
Mrs. Sonia Jallane (Swiss Cottage)

"Alan really listened to what I wanted, even when I wanted to combine Jewish and Arabic melodic lines together as metaphor: the result was brilliant!"
Diane Reed (Director Media Arts Foundation - Community TV, USA), tutored by
Alan Moore (Malton)

"My ten year old daughter started having lessons with Annie three months ago. She was struggling with maths and we wanted her to improve before she went to secondary school. We recently went to a parents' evening and were delighted to hear that her maths had improved from 'below average' to 'average'"
Christopher, tutored by
Annie Whitehead (Central Leeds)

"Today M had his report back. I am glad to tell you about M's amazing result, he achieved 4a which made me really happy. I would like to thank you for all your help, support and patience with M during last few months. As you advised me, I keep reminding him about being tidy and more disciplined in his day to day life. I hope with your support and guidance he could finish year 6 with an outstanding result next year. Many thanks again, have a fantastic holiday and see you in September."
K D, Coombe Dingle, tutored by
Sandra Veziano (Cotham)

"“My daughter felt very at ease with Gina. They got on extremely well and as a result Bonnie wasn't embarrassed about her difficulties with singing and was able to make great progress. She really enjoyed Gina’s wide musical knowledge. This meant that they could go from studying a Bach piece for the clavichord to having fun with singing a song from The Little Mermaid. Gina's approach and personality made music lessons with her joyful, a pleasure rather than a chore.”"
Georgina, tutored by
Gina Lewis Watts (Barnes)

"“I have always been impressed by Daniel’s levels of English considering it being his second language, however, following his elocution lessons with Laura Field I have noticed a significant improvement to his pronunciation of words. More importantly is the confidence it has given him to speak to clients over the telephone, I have noticed that he has slowed down and has more assurance in his ability to be understood”."
Rachel Skelton, tutored by
Laura Field (Central Nottingham)

"Dylan thinks you're the best teacher he's ever had!"
Mother of Dylan (violin student, 13), tutored by
Peter Mallinson (Chesham)

"Unsolicited e-mail following initial lesson .“You've restored my confidence already”"
Hayley, an FE student on an Access to Nursing course., tutored by
3 Degrees Tutoring (Sutton in Ashfield)

"After failing my biology AS, I contacted Gemma. She worked with me one to one on a regular basis, taught key concepts and introduced university style study skills which helped me exam practice. I went from having an E grade at AS biology, to an astonishing A grade in one semester! Gemma is sincere, friendly and highly knowledgeable. She’s also relaxed, outgoing and completely understanding of the exam pressures. I would recommend her to everyone out there who needs the extra help."
Hansa Majid, tutored by
Gemma Shearer (Thornton)

"Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I got into Loughborough university and that I achieved a B in maths overall, which I am pleased with. Thanks for all your help over the last few years, I have enjoyed every moment in all our maths sessions and that I will definitely miss having them. Once again I would again like to reiterate how grateful I am. Thank you for all your hardwork"
Zack, tutored by
John Brennan (Pimlico)

"From my very first lesson I was met with a bright bubble of excitement and extensive musical knowledge. Each week I was met with new key facts, determination and a safe confidence in Rob’s teaching. We soon managed to erase bad habits and replace them with technical and tonal perfection. I soon found myself vastly improving, it was like taking a quick access course to professional brilliance. I am honoured to be under his tutelage, and look forward in continuing our musical journey together."
Heidi Pickett, tutored by
Rob Eyles (Vocal Coach) (Sidcup)

"Thank you so much for your help with my Maths GCSE. I'm so happy with my C. But also, you taught me to believe in myself, and for that I am very grateful."
Jono G, Exeter, tutored by
Becky (Heavitree)

"When I first came to see Tom I’d practically stopped playing the bassoon because of frustrations with tone and reeds amongst other things. I now have a corrected breathing technique, excellent reeds, a much better instrument and am back playing again."
Rob Harris, tutored by
Tom Hardy (Holland Park)

"Oliver was tutoring my 9 year old son for 5 months and has proved to be an invaluable support. Our son was transitioning from the American school system to the British school system, and the new system follows a markedly different, and more advanced, curriculum."
Silvia Lockhart - Hampstead village, North London, tutored by
Oliver J. Beckett (Wood Green)

"I have been taking lessons with Magali for over two years having met through a tutoring website. She immediately put me at ease and was most encouraging. Magali has addressed my individual weaknesses and we have worked through various topics improving my grammar, written and conversational French. Magali is an extremely competent teacher while also making the lessons enjoyable."
Alison, Dentist, London, tutored by
Magali (Balham)

"“Rachel is the most inspiring teacher I have ever worked with. Without Rachel I would never have gained my place at the Bristol Old Vic. I achieved things in my acting work I never thought possible thanks to her. She gave me confidence & skills in acting I will never forget and will carry for the rest of my life & use in all my professional acting work.”"
Matthew Simandle www.Mattsimandle.com, tutored by
Rachel Preece (Earl's Court)

"Tim has taught my son Joseph from the age of 7. Now 15 years old, Tim has taken him progressively through the grades and nurtured in him a fantastic love of music so that he happily takes himself to the piano and plays for pleasure for himself. Its wonderful to see."
Dr Karen G, tutored by
Tim Stein (East Finchley)

"Students are varied in ability and expectations and place many demands upon a teacher. Isabelle has proven to be very able in teaching French and responding to the needs of an adult group of students in a very caring way. Isabelle’s class was observed by the Modern Languages Inspector, who reported back that her teaching was excellent…. Her students like her both as a person and also see her as a very capable teacher. I am very pleased with Isabelle’s work and would recommend her without reservation."
John Herbert, Adult Education Manager, tutored by
Isabelle Leroy (Pembury)

"Zahra was a wonderful help in preparing me for my masters degree in statistics and econometrics. I found her to be highly knowledgeable, and a fantastic tutor. She was very patient and always willing to explain questions (no matter how basic!). I would thoroughly recommend her to any potential student."
Nick Worsley (University of Cambridge), tutored by
Zahra Naushad (Regent's Park)

"Katie is a brilliant teacher guiding our son through his grade III ABRSM voice exam to distinction and also helping him to secure a place in the National Children's Choir with which he sang at the Edinburgh Festival this summer. Katie is a real treasure - encouraging, enthusiastic, wonderfully musical ... A teaching star, whom we cannot recommend highly enough."
Tom and Laura L, tutored by
Katie Alder (Millbrook)

"Maria is a very punctual and organised tutor and my daughter is making good progress. She is friendly and supportive and I would definitely recommend her"
Mihaela, tutored by
Maria A. (Central Lewisham)

"Jane has the ability to get the best out of you. My written skills have improved, and my confidence has too. When marking work, Jane’s feedback is very detailed and she offers some great ideas to expand on. I can always approach her with any queries or problems and she goes the extra mile to give as much help as possible. Jane’s friendly and enthusiastic attitude is very motivating. I am so pleased that I am on my way to improving my grade and, hopefully getting into university."
Jennifer Hall, (19 ) student re-sitting A level Drama, Sheffield, tutored by
Jane Harris (Langport)

"Matt je môj súkromný učiteľ Angličtiny už viac ako rok. Pomáha mi zlepšiť gramatiku, výslovnosť, ako aj všeobecnú komunikáciu tak aj písomný prejav počas mojho štúdia na vysokej škole (Manchester Metropolitan University) v Manchestri, v Anglicku. Matt je veľmi zodpovedný, prispôsobivý a vysoko vzdelaný. Odporučila by som ho kazdému, kto má záujem o kvalitné hodiny s konštruktívnym posudkom, a teda zaručeným zlepšením"
Antonia, Slovakia, tutored by
Matt (Didsbury)

"Hi Phil, thank you for the online classes you provided on the run up to my CIMA E2 retake exam. I need to build up my confidence going into that exam and your classes provided that. I thought you had a good way of explaining frameworks and giving good up to date examples to help make it easier to understand. I now have the joy of strategic so will be looking for some help with that on the run up to November. Thanks again"
David, Manchester (Via Skype), tutored by
Phil Richardson (Lytchett Minster)

"As a University student, I struggled massively with accounting. Tracy was easy to find, very quick to respond to any quiries I had and always contactable. I was nervous for my first tutorial, but Tracy completely put me at ease."
Grace McColm, Southport (under graduate), tutored by
Tracy (Ribbleton)

"Hellen helped me achieve an A-Level C (from an AS-Level E). She was very supportive and patient with me and very good at explaining concepts."
Harry, A Level Chemistry, tutored by
Hellen Frost (Greenhill)

"Henrietta has taught our son both English and Maths and it's clear that she has a way of teaching him that simply gets results. Her open, friendly but quietly firm presence gets the best out of him. We intend to use her as he progresses through the years to give him that extra dimension in addition to school. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody looking to boost their child's knowledge and technique."
Lawson's Mum, tutored by
Hettie (Central Exeter)

"Raj is a very good tutor, makes sure you understand well and is of great help. Strongly recommend"
Asad, tutored by
Raj Jain (Stanmore)

"Jayna is a highly efficient teacher, able to promptly identify the point of progress and develop bespoke training under many formats, which is really entertaining and useful for a quick progression. I highly recommend her as personal teacher Jimmy, Alstom UK"
Jimmy Simonet, tutored by
Jayna (Stratford)

"I found Nathalie an excellent tutor to my son David. She was very patient and concise in her teaching methods and was able to pinpoint the areas in which David needed to concentrate in order to achieve the desired result. This made it easier for David to learn and participate in his lessons with her. She arrived promptly for his tutoring and I am happy to say that David passed the 11+ with a good result. I can thoroughly recommend Nathalie as an 11+ Tutor."
Christina, tutored by
Nathalie Abi-Ezzi (Tonbridge)

"Mr Guido Mallardi has given piano and composition lessons to my two children aged 11 and 16 from 9/2012 to 7/2013. Thanks to his expertise my children have grown musically. He has applied successfully the Brainarm method created by himself so that my sons have composed some pieces that have been very appreciated when played at the concerts. He stood out for his professionality, honesty, availability and punctuality. As parents we are really satisfied."
Daniele Cameli, tutored by
Guido Mallardi (Alperton)

"Lawrence was primarily assisting my children with exam preparation, in which results were highly satisfactory. His first concern was to help feel relaxed and confident with the subject, using humour and imaginative associations to break down anxieties. The greatest gift he gave to my children was to help them to share his own delight in knowledge and his excitement with the wonder of the world."
Roisin Prasad, NW11, tutored by
Lawrence Ball (Muswell Hill)

"Without your help, I have no doubt I would have been jibbering wreck, so thank you. My 2 hours were worth their weight in gold!"
Phil, tutored by
Luke Aspden (Bitterne)

"GCSE Science Pupil’s name: Lucy Mark has been very thorough and patient with Lucy as she finds science very difficult we are very pleased."
Mrs JD Roberts, tutored by
Mark the Tutor (Streatham)

"Mrs Eeckhout has been my private Spanish teacher in January and February 2010 as we were going to relocate to South Florida and I was a complete beginner. I could not recommend her more. Both her 'immersion' approach with Spanish-only conversations, the very interesting cultural insight she always introduced and her warm and bubbly personality made every lesson very enjoyable and something I looked forward to every single time."
Kareen Lafon Givenchy UK Beauty Managing Director, tutored by
Catherine99 (Surbiton)

"Ed, Sorry it's so early but I just thought I'd let you know I got my Cambridge grades! Thank you so much for everything once again!"
Naomi, A Level Latin and Greek (2013), tutored by
Ed Martineau (Herne Hill)

"Jane is an exceptional tutor, she taught my sister and I and we both found her to be approachable and encouraging with a flexible teaching style. She has a thorough knowledge of the chemistry syllabus and ensured that we covered all the material that we were not taught in school. Jane is a current A-Level teacher, she is very up to date and competent in her subject. I managed to achieve an A grade which I am thoroughly delighted with and I know that it was Jane that helped me to achieve this."
Bella, tutored by
Jane Bolton (Alderley Edge)

"Emma provided me with an understanding of singing, a technique and a repertoire that has carried me through my musical theatre training. She transformed the way I approached singing with tuition that I will undoubtedly use throughout my career."
Ross Bunting, Cambridge 2010, tutored by
Emma Barr (High Wycombe)

"Andy is an outstanding tutor who is understanding of a students need. He has excellent subject knowledge and is able to convey this in a way that is easily understandable. His particular strength is understanding the exam and preparing you in full for what is required. I would not hesitate in recommending Andy as a tutor."
Farris A, tutored by
Andrew Freer (Sutton Coldfield)

"''Stamatia has been teaching me composition with piano performance for just over two years. In this time my skills for both have improved dramatically. I have written choral and orchestral scores for the first time. These works have been commercially released and one has won an arts award...I am very happy to give her the highest recommendation possible to anyone. I promise you she will up your game!!''"
James Taylor, James Taylor Quartet, tutored by
Dr Stamatia Statherou (Central Canterbury)

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