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Personal Tutoring versus Self-Teaching

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Subject: Rock/Pop Guitar
Last updated: 18/07/2011
Tags: guitar lessons, tutoring
Rock/Pop Guitar

Music should be for everyone: the process of learning and improving on a new instrument is one the most exciting and rewarding journeys we can go through. However, with the overload of information available through the internet, books and television it is very difficult to find the best way to learn, and so finding a friendly, competent tutor is essential for your development.

Learning a new instrument should be fun and exciting not a chore! It may sound a simple idea although it is surprising how easily with the wrong tools, information and technique, the learning of a new instrument can become too difficult to enjoy. Every session should be individually tailored to the student, developing lesson plans and practice tools specifically designed around your goals, and constantly reviewed as you progress through your learning. We are all individuals, some wish simply to learn a few of their favourite songs to play and others wish to progress to advanced level playing, there may also be those already playing guitar who wish to improve, it is only through personalised lessons can you begin to get the best out of your learning experience.

While it is certainly worth browsing through the wealth of information available to us - it is always good to read around any subject - I would certainly recommend personal tutoring to guide you through this maze and help you choose your own path development.

Tim Currell Rock/Pop Guitar Teacher (Stevenage)

About The Author

Music should be for everyone, the process of learning and improving on a new instrument is one the most exciting and rewarding journeys we can go through!

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