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Biological Sciences

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Mechanical Engineering meets Biology

Over the past 15 years, research in biology, physics and engineering have created opportunities...
Biological Sciences

Book Recommendation for A-level/Degree Biology

Book name: Molecular Biology of The Cell 3rd edition Authors: Bruce Alberts, Dennis Bray, Julian...
Biological Sciences

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University Exam Revision Tips

When I was doing my revision I consulted study guides and did not find the endorsements for the...
Biological Sciences

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Doing well in exams - confidence vs understanding

I think most of us have experienced this: we study, spend weeks preparing for a test, and then,...

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  • Patricia O'Sullivan Alnwick, NE65 Gold Member

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    I have recently retired from Huddersfield University as a senior lecturer in Health/Nursing. I have over 35 years experience in the Healthcare field.
  • Maria Sharipo Central Chichester, PO19 Gold Member

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    My name is Maria and I am a qualified Science Teacher with a passion for one-to-one tutoring. I am based in Chichester and tutor students in Science, Biology and Chemistry.
  • Jon Clark Welwyn Garden City, AL7

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    I have 20 years experience as a tutor. I have helped many people get into University and College and have helped many children get into the school of their choice and get the GCSE and SATS results that they wanted. I am always punctual and reliable.
  • Amanda Burns West Finchley, N12 Gold Member

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    I am an experienced teacher. I aim to teach students to understand concepts rather than just learn facts. During lessons I look at exam techniques, preparing revision materials, homework and any concepts that the students maybe struggling with.
  • Dr M A Choudhry Hammersmith, W6 Gold Member

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    I help parents and children who are striving for good grades in GCSE/A-level or degree level exams in Science subjects.
  • Jonathan Bell Wadhurst, TN5 Gold Member

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    A specialist in A level Biology with extensive research and tutoring experience, I engage students throughout the tutorial and work intensively with past papers to tutor them in successful exam technique, and also offer intensive revision courses.
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  • Mechanical Engineering meets Biology Editor's Pick

    Raymond Sparrow Biological Sciences Tutor (Plymouth) Picture Over the past 15 years, research in biology, physics and engineering have created opportunities at the interface of these disciplines. It has also become evident that the principles of mechanical engineering can be applied to biology in the new field of “synthetic biology”. Research in this...
  • Doing well in exams - confidence vs understanding Editor's Pick

    Biological Sciences Tutor (North West London) Picture I think most of us have experienced this: we study, spend weeks preparing for a test, and then, when we are sitting at the exam, we feel off kilter, panic, can't answer the questions and are left with a poor mark. What is the problem? One thing that often takes the blame is lack of confidence....
  • The Origins Of Decision

    Biological Sciences Tutor (South East London) Picture Dopamine is one of the core modulators of behaviour in the mammalian brain. Unlike many neurotransmitters the monoamines dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin are mass produced in discrete midbrain centres. This obvious architecture has not only facilitated and inspired research but has also...


  • Beating Cardiac Myocytes: Can We Make A New Heart

    Biological Sciences Tutor (South West London) Picture Do you know who is a KILLER NUMBER ONE in our country? And other countries with the high life standards? Right, this is not starvation, neither stabbing or accidental deaths. Not even cancer or infections. This killer directly targets our hearts. If this killer reaches the target and damages...
  • On Saliva and Salivary Glands

    Biological Sciences Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Salivary glands are responsible for the production of saliva, and can be classified as either major or minor according on their size. Almost all mammals have three sets of major salivary glands: the parotid, the submandibular, and the sublingual glands, as well as a set of minor salivary glands...
  • A great book for Biology

    Biological Sciences Tutor (South West London) Picture My favourite Biology textbook is "Molecular Biology of the Cell" by Bruce Alberts. It is fantastic for learning basic cellular mecanisms such as DNA replication, gene transcription and protein synthesis. While it doesn't go very deep into biochemical details, it gives a nice overview of all...