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University Music

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Self-study for undergraduate music students

Self-study is the most important aspect of learning an instrument or academic subject. In a very...
University Music

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Is classical music in Greece facing extinction?

It’s no secret that arts and culture in Greece have suffered terribly over the past six...
University Music

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Composers And The 1848 Revolutions

In the years leading up to 1848, there was much political tension throughout Europe for various...
University Music

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Who Needs Classical Music?

Most recently, one of the more thought-provoking books I have come across is called 'Who Needs...

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  • Campbell Murray Motherwell, ML1 Gold Member

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    Professional Guitar/Saxophone Tutor with over 30 years playing experience, Mobile service available in Motherwell, Bellshill, Mossend, Law Village, Carluke, Hamilton, Airdrie, Coatbridge, Wishaw, Newarthill, Uddingston, Lanark. Lanarkshire.
  • Teodor Radu Guildhall, EC2Y Gold Member

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    I am an energetic and encouraging piano teacher, pianist and composer with lots of experience having worked with people of all ages. I teach all levels, in a holistic manner in an effort to inspire a general love for music in my students.
  • Nick Jones Guitar Eastcote, HA4 Gold Member

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    A professional and experienced guitarist and lecturer with over 15 years experience.
  • Andrew Hall Mitcham Junction, CR4 Gold Member

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    I am a professional musician with years of experience in performing, composing and arranging music of many different styles, as well as teaching in schools, universities and music services.
  • Elisabeth Bulbena West Harrow, HA1

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    from £8.00/hr View Profile
    Let's feel and enjoy music together!
  • Rupert Avis Central York, YO10

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    I attended Chetham's School of Music from 2002-2006 and hold degrees from the universities of Manchester and Cambridge. I am currently undertaking a PhD in ethnomusicology at the University of York funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.
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  • The Variable Footings Of Music & Language

    Dr James Thompson University Music Tutor (Belfast) Picture Languages are doors, accesses, corridors and conduits. They are constituted of grooves, cuts, clefts and scratches. Fenestration is a surgical procedure in which a new opening is created in the small bones of the inner ear to remedy some types of deafness. It is also an architectural term for...
  • Self-study for undergraduate music students Editor's Pick

    Rupert Avis University Music Tutor (York) Picture Self-study is the most important aspect of learning an instrument or academic subject. In a very busy world, it is important that the work that goes into self-study is efficient and effective: it is not the amount of time that you spend on instrumental or academic study, but the quality of the...
  • Black Orpheus (1959)

    Hans Hess University Music Tutor (Bristol) Picture My chapter Black Orpheus (1959) has been recently published by Bloomsbury Academic. Visit the website here: http://bloomsbury.com/uk/film-music-in-minor-national-cinemas-9781628926675/ Orfeu Negro (Camus 1959) is regarded as key for Brazilian cinema for bringing bossa nova, samba and a...


  • Is classical music in Greece facing extinction? Editor's Pick

    Matthew Bain University Music Tutor (West London) Picture It’s no secret that arts and culture in Greece have suffered terribly over the past six years. Like all public sector workers, orchestral musicians have had to take huge pay cuts since the crisis began in 2009, and these are the ones lucky enough to keep their jobs. As Antonis Sousamoglou,...
  • The Creative Process of Algorithmic Music

    Roger Barker University Music Tutor (Birmingham) Picture The development of computing technology that could tackle complex calculations, from mechanical devices, to analogue through to digital computers in the 1940s, allowed composers to implement grander mathematically-based musical systems. Serialism had introduced a step-by-step musical problem...
  • Does opera have a future? Editor's Pick

    University Music Tutor (East Central London) Picture Does opera have a future? Or is it now an art form of the past? How might we (re)define it in the twenty-first century? What sorts of ‘stories’ should it tell, by and for whom, and via what musical and theatrical means? I could see that I would contribute no more new operas, masquerades,...