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Classical Violin

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Developing Musicianship

When playing any musical instrument (such as the violin or viola) it is good to start developing...
Classical Violin

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I Just Can't Get Music Out Of My Head!

Little do my friends know, but all day long, music goes round and round in my head. I have my...
Classical Violin

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How to Explore Repertoire

Many people choose to play an instrument because they like the sound of learning something new...
Classical Violin

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Performance Anxiety and Violinists

Abstract:A performance task and survey was given to violin students at the UWA School of Music...

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  • Iulian T Wimbledon, SW20 Gold Member

    Iulian T Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I had the oportunity to live and teach in 4 different countries so far and to work with many different people and personalities, making me capable to be flexible and to adapt to any person I work with.
  • Olivia Skwara Molesey, KT8 Gold Member

    Olivia Skwara Picture
    from £36.00/hr View Profile
    Help foster a talent in piano and music that will last a lifetime! Experienced pianist - graduate of Moscow Conservatory seeks piano students of all ages and levels.
  • Anna Maguire Netherfield, NG4 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a very experienced violin/Viola teacher and player with over 25 years of experience
  • Stefano Matteucci Purley, CR8

    Stefano Matteucci Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Hallo! I am a professional-graduated musician. I graduated in Italy at the Conservatoire in 2003 and have been performing and teaching for over 10 years. Website:
  • Justine (St. Helen's/Harrow) Greenhill, HA1

    Justine (St. Helen's/Harrow) Picture
    from £5.00/hr View Profile
    I teach at St. Helen's School for Girls, Northwood and also I free-lance with professional orchestras in the UK.
  • Heather Bourne St. Albans, AL1 Gold Member

    Heather Bourne Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    A caring and patient teacher, my aim is for you to enjoy learning to play the violin or viola, while also learning good technique and posture to enable you to excel.
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  • Considerations on Violin Repertoire

    Marcello Deidda Classical Violin Teacher (North West London) Picture Dvorak Sonata in FDvorak composed this Sonata during two weeks in March 1880, shortly after finalising the first version of the Violin Concerto op. 53. He previously composed the Violin Sonata in A minor (lost) and the Romance in F minor. Before the publishing of the score, the Sonata in F was...
  • The Importance of Performance

    Rebecca Smith Classical Violin Teacher (Edinburgh) Picture I believe it is important to always have a goal when learning an instrument. Many students choose to work towards exams, which is fine. But I believe teachers should encourage their students to also get used to performing from an early stage. I'm not talking about standing on a lonely stage, in...
  • How To Get The Best Learning From An Instrument

    Cindy Foster Classical Violin Teacher (South East London) Picture When a young student has found their teacher, at school or privately, it's important to form a good working relationship. A good teacher will establish exactly what they expect of you regarding practice and attendance of lessons. Perhaps the teacher has outside and professional commitments which...


  • National Children's Orchestra

    Colm O'Reilly Classical Violin Teacher (North West London) Picture This is the website for the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain. It's a brilliant way of seeing future world class musicians and is inspiring for both adults and children learning an instrument. Equally if your child enjoys playing, look in to having them audition as it is a brilliant...
  • Southbank Sinfonia

    Colm O'Reilly Classical Violin Teacher (North West London) Picture Southbank Sinfonia is a wonderful orchestra that I have been lucky enough to be a member of. Setting aside the high quality of the orchestra, it provides incredible concert opportunities for both adults and children. The staple concert series of the orchestra are their "Rush Hour" concerts....
  • Creating the authentic voice

    Alexander Taylor Classical Violin Teacher (Bristol) Picture The violin is a classical instrument, invented in the 1500's and perfected in the 1700's by Antonio Stradivarius, and has been used with great skill for solo and ensemble music ever since. In the olden days people waxed poetical over the lyrical properties of the violin, calling it the closest...